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((Field Hospital, Darime Colony)) 

Time seemed to slow, then crystallize as she flew across the room. The Vulcanoid seemed to be frozen in time, his arm still outstretched after tossing Ayiana like a rag doll. Her mind flashed back, starting from moments ago, flying back through the day to the beginning of the mission. It further rewound, going back to shore leave; talking with Tan, kissing Cory, flying along the beach. 

Her mind rewound faster; entire memories condensed into momentary flashes of images. Holodeck adventures with Tan. Work on the Gorkon. Meeting Tan. Njörðr. The Dance on the hull of the Gorkon. Falling in love with Cory. Skarbek. Her parents; her sister. Leutra IV. Cory and Petra’s wedding. Over There. The Tharsis. Meeting Cory on the Victory. Academy graduation. The girl she had a crush on at the Academy. Her childhood on Trill.

Time returned to normal in an instant as her legs clipped a biobed as she flew over it. The impact added a frightful angle to her trajectory. She slammed into another biobed on her back, then bounced off onto the crates upon which their lab equipment sat, then finally rolled off onto the ground. 

The stars in her vision had turned to spots which looked very similar to her own. Maybe they were nebulae! As the vision problems diminished, so did the adrenaline masking the pain. And Gods, was there pain. It felt like every bone had shattered. Her muscles ached, and she could smell the metallic tinge of blood, probably her own.

Ayiana’s ears throbbed, and nerves burned from the pain. She carefully and painfully pulled herself up to her knees, tossing her arms on the biobed and peeking up over its edge. She could feel the slick of blood on her mouth and out of her nose. One eye felt swollen, and no doubt her hair was unkempt.

Sevo: D-did anyone get the registry number of that starship?!

A loud voice next to her boomed in her ears, enough to cause her to cover them up. Why was he yelling?! It took a moment for Ayiana to recognize it was Loxley.

Loxley: I’d suggest keeping your head down, Commander. 

sh’Qynallahr: Watch out!

That yell was much quieter, and came from a very blue person far away. They were hitting a...was that a mugato?...with what looked like a big fish, or maybe a tree trunk. A few blinks of her eyes, one of which was badly swollen, and she saw it was an Andorian with a broomstick hitting on a Vulcan. A very big Vulcan. Or a Romulan. Or a human with unusually pointed ears and a steroid problem. The name of the Andorian came back to her. Pira, her name was Pira; or at least the start of it was. The rest gave her a migraine if she thought too hard.

sh’Qynallahr: Someone grab a phaser and get ready!

The little blueberry was very good with that broom. Was she a witch? Did she practice with it in the gym? After a few blurry moments where Ayiana swore there were two or three Piras and Vulcans, they coalesced back into a single image. Pira bowed as the Vulcanish person clutched his neck, looking like he was having difficulty breathing. Ayiana couldn’t help but point and laugh.

Sevo: Hehe, lookityou! Poked by a blueberry with a broomstick! Bluuuueberry broomstick. Bluestick.! ::Why were her ears still ringing? ::

Much to Jo’s surprise, Pira bowed to the defeated foe, as if this were a battle in the Skarbek cargo bays with Valesha. 

The Vulcan man fell to the ground with a mighty crash, shaking some of the beds and equipment nearby.

Piravao: Stun him.

Marshall: Phaser won’t do much good here. We’re going to need something stronger.

Sevo: Hit ‘im with your broom again!

The ringing had started to diminish, and her vision was clearing. Her head throbbed like crazy, but the fugue was lifting, and she remembered what happened and where she was. It was then she realized she most likely had a concussion, which was probably the least of her injuries. Next to her, Loxley rummaged through the spilled medical supplies and tossed a hypospray across the room.

Loxley: Here! Axonol, dose him up and that should go some way to negating the stimulant in his system. He’ll stay down this time. ::he glanced at the Mission Specialist beside him:: It might help with your pain, too.

Sevo: Pain? :: Wincing. :: What pain? :: She cringed as a spike of pain emanated from her chest. :: Ooh. That pain.

Loxley fumbled with his equipment next to her and the next thing Ayiana knew was the soothing hiss of a hypospray delivering its precious payload. She could immediately feel her pain diminish; not completely, but enough so that she could at least stand. She clutched her abdomen with her arm; something inside was where it wasn’t supposed to be.

sh’Qynallahr/Marshall: Response

With Loxley’s help, Ayiana carefully walked back across the tent, using each bed for support along the way. The group had mingled around the unconscious Vulcan, looking down at him.

sh’Qynallahr: Response

Marshall: Nice work, both of you. Not the encounter we wanted to have tonight, but it’s the encounter we got. ::She swallowed, looking to Ayiana with concern crossing through her features.:: Ayiana, you alright in there? Got room for another Purple Heart on your ribbon rack?

What number was she up to now? Four?

Sevo: I’m fine...Doc will wave a light over me. Do let me know when the room stops spinning, though. 

Marshall: Can we get a clearer picture of who this is now? We know it’s not Lieutenant Adan. 

Ayiana leaned back against a biobed as she thought. Right. Lieutenant Adan; she remembered now. That was the person associated with the combadge this man was wearing; and probably his clothes, too. There was probably a very confused and naked Bajoran around the camp somewhere.

Sevo: Do you know who this is then? I can tell you, he’s no pure Vulcan. They have three times the strength of a Trill, and that toss felt like a ten. 

sh’Qynallahr: Response

Loxley was already ahead of her, scanning the man with his tricorder. After a moment, it beeped. Loxley gave the customary Vulcan eyebrow raise as he examined the results.

Loxley: Well, he’s not Vulcan. Not fully, anyway. He’s a hybrid, Vulcan-Arcadian, I’ve never seen one before. He’s also not exactly infected, as such.

Arcadians were also quite strong compared to many other species, so that answered part of the question, but her still fuzzy mind recalled that they were also supposed to be nearly bald. And purple. This guy was neither.

Marshall: Arcadian? ::The hooked eyebrow turned into a double of surprise.:: Would account for the sheer size of him but the skin colour? Where did that kind of hybrid spring into being?

Sevo: G-genetic modification? :: A flare of pain radiated from her arm. She quickly touched the spot, sending another wave of pain, indicating it was very tender. A bruise was probably forming there beneath her sleeve. :: And what do you mean, “not exactly infected?”

sh’Qynallahr: Response

Loxley: The scan detected the diseased cells sure enough, but look.

The doctor turned the tricorder display towards everyone. Either it was from her concussion or a general lack of xenobiological knowledge, but the data on the screen made little sense to Ayiana.

Loxley: Our friend has a Pelian thymus, and there’s no way that evolved by accident. It would explain the cervaline in his system. It looks like it was recently implanted. It's not even connected to the rest of his immune system.

There was a term for that; something from ancient Human history. It involved a horse and an army. Jo looked confused as she heard the news, covering her mouth with her hand as she thought.

Marshall: You mean… he’s recently, as in very recently, had a transplant of a Pelian organ into his body. Voluntarily. 

Sevo: :: The name coming back to her. :: He’s a Trojan Horse.

sh’Qynallahr: Response

Loxley: My best guess is that it’s a rather unorthodox way of smuggling a sample of the disease. He just needed to inject his Pelian organ with a dose of the nanites or whatever and then get somewhere to have them removed before they killed his purloined Pelian thymus.

Marshall: Huh. ::Her brow twitched again.:: But where the hell would he get a Pelian thymus? That’s a very specific surgery, Doc. It’s not like whipping off a finger. 

Sevo: :: The image was amusing. :: Hehe. *wince* Ow.

sh’Qynallahr: Response

He must have been extremely dedicated to whatever insane cause this was to undergo such a procedure. There was no way to know if the disease would even stay in that organ. Jo stood back up as she spoke. 

Marshall: So, taking this all into account, we’ve had the medical facility we were supposed to set up sabotaged, ::she counted them off on her fingers,:: then we were ambushed and assaulted by shock troops stealing the data from the Romulan devices, then we’ve had this fellow hiding among the Starfleet crew try to steal it again. What goddamn reason do they want with it?

Sevo: I still say they want to figure out how to replicate and control it. And stop anyone else from developing a cure. 

sh’Qynallahr/Loxley: Response 

Marshall: That’s assuming this is someone other than the Romulans, or the Pelians, for that matter. Romulans have been the primary source of medical care while we’ve been here and would lose out on access to the infected Pelians, or at least the glut of them if the second medical facility were to be built. On the other hand, we’ve got the Pelians, and this new or old knowledge of a new or old ancient disease, suddenly under scrutiny.

Sevo: This might sound surprising coming from me, and could be the concussion, but I don’t think it’s the Romulans. What would they have to gain from it? They’ve been here for over a decade, and the Pelians insist they’ve been nothing but neighborly. I don’t see the Pelians as the culprits, either.

sh’Qynallahr/Loxley: Response

Marshall: Is there any chance we could find out where the organ is from originally? Will it have DNA biotrace markers we can deduce? I’m thinking if it belonged to someone recently dead, or missing…

Sevo: Lox can check that, but I’d have to be able to connect to the Pelian central database to check medical records, and that’s unlikely given the storm. Could the Gorkon help with that somehow?

sh’Qynallahr/Loxley: Response

Sevo: How about that Pelian organ in him? We need to contain or neutralize it so its payload doesn’t get loose.

Marshall/sh’Qynallahr/Loxley: Response

Sevo: Here’s a crazy idea; what if this guy isn’t the saboteur? With that chemical cocktail in him, he didn’t look very cognizant. What if he was just the guard dog...or the distraction?

Marshall/sh’Qynallahr/Loxley: Response


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