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Zech Tyler

Jul 7, 2019, 7:22:42 PM7/7/19
((Outside of the Slims, Nassau))

Fortune: ::Crossing her arms behind her back, as she rocked on her heels a bit.:: Well, what are we if not a higher species with the ability to make deals and amends? ::She grinned towards the Orion.:: I'm sorry to your...friend here, ::She waved towards Thontiq before returning her hand behind her back.:: but you see...we have our own score to settle with this little bird...can't let you have him, I'm afraid.

Lishesaa: I wonder what gave you the impression I am here to trade. Do you not see - I've already made my deal. ::The Orion pointed with a smirk to the bag now at the brown haired human's feet::

::Groznin stayed quiet, his stomach was still hurting a lot and it was beginning to hurt to speak, he gave Lishessaa a glare, hoping it painted a picture of what he wanted to say to her. What she had done wasn’t fair, and she had made Cait feel awful. Groznin has done what he could to comfort her but there wasn’t much more he could do without fully revealing who they were.::

Fortune: You win some, you lose some, and plus, finders keepers. How about this then: once we're done with him, we'll bring him on back? I have my own beef with this man, you have yours, and I'm nothing if not a Captain of my word. ::The mindreader clasped a hand over her heart, grinning.:: I swear.

::He decided to speak to back Corliss up, even if it did pain him too speak.::

Smith: She ::wincing in pain a little:: Good for her word. ::He placed his arm over his torso, the whole of it was starting to hurt now and he was looking forward to getting of the hell hole that was Nassau.::

::All they are doing now was buying time, they needed to get away, the buying of the time was so they could somehow come up with an escape plan.::

::Unexpectedly, Jo hauled Blackbird of his motorcycle and dragging him with force into the centre of everyone. It shocked Groznin almost as much as it did everyone else. His eyes grew wide as he on-looked at what was happening.::

Marshall: I am sorry about this, old boy, but there's balances and checks.

Marshall: Right. Let's be realistic. The only reason we're all here is this one, so it's about time we reach brass tacks. ::She sighed, tilting her head.:: However, I do have more important business to conduct and I'll need to send my representatives to attend to that. ::She looked to the male and the talkative one.:: You and you. Take his bike and go.

::Groznin looked towards Jo, with a slightly confused look before being grabbed by Corliss as they started to leave. He winced again and looked back to Jo.::

Fortune: Got it, dear. Don't fill him too full of holes, now.

Smith: ::shouting back.:: But... what abou- ::He was cut off by jo talking back to them.::

Marshall: This is not a debate and if you don't leave now, I'll shoot you myself. ::The grip on his shoulder tightened.:: I'd not bank on surviving if I have to *take potshots at your engines*. Fusion modulators tend to go with a delightful bang.

Smith: Understood. 

:Groznin was dragged into the bike and he started it up, the same thunderous noise could be heard from earlier as it came to life, Corliss climbed on behind him and held onto his shoulders as opposed to his waist, which he was glad for, having someone hold onto him tightly would hurt a lot at this point.::

::He could hear Corliss taking shots at something, as to what he was unaware his eyes were on the road and nothing but that. The wind once again was strong on them. It made it slightly difficult to see but Groznin just about managed.::

Smith: How we doing back there.. also where exactly are we going?

Fortune: I'm fine! To the port, remember? Hopefully we'll meet them all there in one piece!

::They we’re heading down an Alleyway as a small shortcut as opposed to going through the main roads as to avoid detection and draw attention to themselves, there was an echo-y noise that did alert Groznin but he decided to ignore it as they needed to get back to the shuttle ASAP.::

::The approached the entrance to the port, and Groznin almost missed the entrance, thankfully with the last second he skidded into it and carried on through. nearing the shuttle.::

::A small group of Andorians were arguing with a Grouo of Klingons over a case of something, what was in it.. Groznin didn’t want to know in a syndicate occupied area it could be anything.::

::The bike came to a stop and Groznin let Corliss off opting to stay on the bike himself to rest his legs, he also didn’t want to move as to upset his stomach and chest anymore than he may have already.:: 

Fortune: Wonderful...let's get in, wait, and then-

::Groznin looked forward from the bike and his mouth dropped open.::

Smith: Corliss...

Fortune: What? Oh no...

::Standing in front of them was the one person Groznin didn’t want to see, Theeda. Why she was here Groznin didn’t know, he also didn’t want to find out.::


Smith: ::Whispering:: Stay calm. It’ll be okay 

Theeda: response 

Fortune: ::Corliss gave a very stiff grin, her back straightening up fiercely. Honestly she just wanted on the ship, out of the way, and without any more random people showing up for 'debts'.:: Hello, dear! Why, it's been just so long! An hour, or five...

Theeda: Response

::He shook his head, slowly climbing off the motorbike, standing slightly in front of Corliss, protecting her but not making it too obvious that’s what he was doing. It was his duty as a security officer to do it. Even if it meant being injured further, he also did his best not to wince, or show any signs he wasn’t injured.::

Smith: We were just about to head out. What’s it too you?

Theeda/Fortune: ?

::As Theeda stepped forward he did too, taking placing his right hand in his pocket and slowly drawing the phaser out.::

Smith: Try anything Theeda, and I’ll use it. 

::He spoke strongly and with power, he wasn’t letting anyone get the better off him, it was time he stood up and stopped being ‘the kid’ he needed to grow up and protect not just his by doing his job, but by standing up too those who opposed the very thing he was supposed to be fighting for.::

Theeda/Fortune: ?

Smith: One more step I swear Theeda. It’s on the highest setting. Don’t make me use it. 

::He was bluffing, it was only on a high stun, it would knock her out for a few hours and she’d wake up and be fine. He just needed to make sure she believed he was serious about using it. He just hoped she did believe him.::

Theeda/Fortune: ?


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