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Samira Neathler

Jun 26, 2022, 2:38:48 PMJun 26

(( Sienelis’ Personal Quarters - USS Gorkon ))

After delivering the unpleasant news to Valesha, Chris and the newest member of their family, who also had her little say in the matter, Samira didn’t get any wiser of what had happened during the explosion on Deck eight. Simple because Valesha didn’t recall what happened the minutes prior to the blast. This time she took a step closer towards Valesha and the baby. Something so small and fragile. No mother with the right mind would jeopardize the life of her unborn, like Vorin claimed Valesha had done.

Neathler: ::Softly.:: It doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Sienelis: It never does. ::Still swaying back and forth, patting her daughter gently on the back, Valesha cocked an eyebrow, her tone ruthlessly cynical.:: Which is really ironic, when you think about it.

She took a few steps towards the door. The list in her mind of things to do had gotten bigger. Valesha dropped her head for a moment, pressing a kiss to her daughter’s head. The small gesture made Samira feel guilty. Instead of celebrating with the family, she had delivered them turmoil.

Neathler: If anything else pops up, that might help, let me know, okay?

Sienelis: I guess you could run all this through a holodeck simulation? The data from ops, whatever you get from forensics, even our injury patterns. Plug it all in and see what scenarios fit the information you have.

Samira had no idea how Valesha did it. With everything going on, she still was able to provide some help.

C. Sienelis: I could help. Not that I was there, but I know my way around a holodeck program. 

She nodded in gratitude towards the both of them.

Neathler: That’s an excellent suggestion. I’ll certainly ask for help when the time comes.

She lacked the final report, but she could already start with what she had, or even with what she didn’t have.

Sienelis: If I remember anything, I’ll let you know straight away. ::She paused, and then added.:: I want to know what happened, too. 

C. Sienelis: Anything you can tell us, Sami. Anything I can do to help. Let me know and I’m there. Bells, whistles, the whole lightyear.

She managed to smile briefly. There he was again, the Chris she knew. Hopefully, he had calmed down enough not to go after Vorin himself.

Neathler: You’ll be the first to know.

Valesha glanced towards Chris. Samira saw it as her cue to leave and allow the three of them to come to terms with the news she had just delivered.

Sienelis: I—::A breath expelled through her nose, Valesha shook her head, struggling with her words.:: I appreciate you stopping by. I know this isn’t easy for you, either.

Samira shrugged, inhaling slowly.

Neathler: For what it’s worth. I don’t think you’d do anything to jeopardize the ship, Valesha. We’ll figure it out, somehow.

She nodded a goodbye, her gaze resting on the newborn in her mother’s arms, as she walked out of the quarters. Her steps took her towards the nearest turbolift, while she made some notes on her PADD. Even though Valesha herself had no memory of what happened, the talk hadn’t been that unsuccessful. She had a few new ideas on how to proceed. New logs and data to go through and she reserved a holodeck.

But first she needed a drink, a real drink. And with most people away from the ship, she figured it’d be rather quiet in Sto’vo’kor, to have said drink and get some work done.

Chief Security/Tactical & Second Officer
USS Gorkon
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