​Lieutenant Corliss Fortune-You Are You (AKA I Smell A Session In The Future!)

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Reynolds: Apart from the disruptor shot to your leg, these are superficial wounds.  

Alieth: ::She looked up.:: I think I don't feel well... ::Her ruler-straight eyebrows furrowed over dark eyes, and she corrected herself.:: I think I DO NOT feel as well as I deemed.

The way her eyes kept swimming around, and her feeling of confusion, was giving Corliss a bit of whiplash as it was. She looked over at Quinn curiously, both of them perhaps thinking the same thing.

Reynolds: ::Quietly,:: No, I don’t think you're well at all.

Fortune: Is this a response to being transported here? She had her leg hurt before we left too, if I recall.

She headed over, almost jumping when Alieth decided that was ample time to toss up every single item she'd eaten in the past...day? Sure. Quinn looked at her, and Corliss felt her eyebrows climb up in worry.

Alieth: I'll— I WILL get better. I just need a moment... a moment until we figure out where we are, and I figure out exactly who I am.

Reynolds: The fact there’s any confusion over that is a problem. ::She raised her eyebrows, emphasising her point.:: Not to mention it seems to be making you ill.

She knelt down on the other side, hovering her hand for a moment. Her instinct was to placate, to reassure Alieth while also giving her something to hold onto, but it seemed like touching would be off the table.

Fortun: You're Lieutenant Alieth, we're...well, we're together, here, in this place, and it is 2398. I'd offer you some water but...

Alieth: Response

Reynolds: Well, we’re both touch telepaths and neither of us were prepared. ::She glanced at Fortune.:: I think she’s ended up with more of my inner world stamped on the inside of her skull than anyone needs.

Fortune:...you both feel very...off.

Alieth: Response

If she had closed her eyes, and had grown suddenly deaf, she would assume there were two of someone in here. Who, she wasn't sure.

Quinn gave her a feeling of at ease, command, and structured. Alieth gave a feeling of warmth, knowledge, and structured as well, but in a different manner.

In her mind's view, it's like they both had a half of the other, two bright orange lamps in her sea that flashed two different ways. It made her head swim, and she quickly tightened down her web barrier.

There was no need for all three of them to be swept away.

Reynolds: Can you help her? If she’s lost in my memories, I don’t think I’m the right one to lead her back out. I’d probably just make it worse.

Fortune: Got it.

Alieth: Response

Corliss shifted, pulling the sleeves down past her hands and curling her fingers in them, makeshift gloves.

Fortune: Alieth, I'm going to touch your shoulder, not skin. Just breathe, okay? Let's syphon through the memories, we'll lock them up and take care of it once we're back onboard, okay?

Alieth: Response

Her covered hand touched Alieth's shoulder, bracing her to the present moment as best she could.

Fortune: You're Lieutenant Alieth aboard the USS Gorkon. It's 2398, you're here with the Admiral and the Counselor. Repeat it. It'll help ground you, I promise.

A very useful trick they'd been taught. It helped when the mind grew restless, when the heart thrummed beneath the ribs, or when she got a little existential. Hurtling through someone else's memories, while not something one would find an example of in an everyday textbook, still required grounding.

Alieth/Reynolds: Response

Fortune: Repeat, concentrate. Deep breaths. Lieutenant Alieth aboard the USS Gorkon. 2398. You are you and no one else. ::she took a breath, looking at Alieth in the eyes.:: Breathe. They're overwhelming you. Relax. You are Lieutenant Alieth.

Of course, if she did end up with the memories latched to her like sticky sap, they'd have to deal with that. She'd feel far more comfortable doing it from the safety of the Gorkon than here in what amounted to a jail cell and them in various stages of pain.

Alieth/Reynolds: Response

Lieutenant Corliss Fortune

Highest Quality Counsellor Brain

USS Gorkon

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