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Samira Neathler

Oct 16, 2021, 2:28:26 PMOct 16
(( Science Lab - FedSec HQ - Darime IV ))

They gathered in the science lab of the FederationSec Headquarters. While Meru conducting her own experiments, Samira had compared the two notes they had found in Bisul’s Residence and had concluded, or rather the tricorder did, that both notes had been written by two different people. Lynas also mentioned the protest group the Pelian Way who believed in preserving the natural Darime ecosystem, which probably meant saving the Gorak shrooms too. Despite them being toxic and deadly towards the Pelians.

Neathler: Cory, find the closest location of the meeting places Lynas mentioned. ::She gave a brief nod towards Lynas.:: Our priority is finding Synal. ::She stood up and looked at Meru.:: Do you still need anything from these labs?

Lynas: ::Quietly, with a touch of annoyance.:: Sylan. Her name is Sylan.

Sylan, Lynas, Synal, Lysan. They were all the same letters. So why was the agent so annoyed because she had the order of the letters wrong? Instead of being thrilled and lending them a hand of where to go search for his Pelian, short, wife in the mentioned bookstores (great, even more letters to confuse and mix ‘em around), and a place named The Burrow.

Cory nodded and leaned up from the wall.

Stoyer:  Aye, Commander.

Lynas: Certainly. One last thing I should mention that has become relevant. Bisul’s attendant mentioned in his interview that His Eminence was set to announce an understanding with our Romulan brethren.

Stoyer:  Really?

Tahna: What sort of understanding?

Lynas: Apparently some of the Romulan colonists expressed an interest in converting to the Pelian faith. It would be a controversial step.

Stoyer:  Wow, that is surprising.

Religion. Something Samira had no experience with, unlike other races or persons. Although from what she had read or seen, the subject was often the cause of arguments or even wars. Not only between different species but even among the same species. Another reason to stay far, far away from it.

Tahna: What do you mean controversial? Were Pelians opposed to it, or Romulans? Both?

Stoyer:  That Is a good question.

Lynas: Response

And with the death of Bisul, the whole thing would probably be postponed now. Which was a good motive for those against the understanding.

Tahna: Could we have some of the more prominent people opposed to Romulan conversion brought in for questioning while we look into any sightings of Sylan?

Stoyer:  I was able to find a bookstore with a couple of diners nearby.  

Neathler: Take the one closest to The Burrow.

Lynas: Response

Meru packed her samples and Samira moved towards the door.

Tahna: We should also get information any prominent figures in the Pelian Way. Who’s still around, who might have the resources to cultivate Gorak.

Neathler: I’m sure that is something Lynas can look into? Or have some of his people set to work on that?

Stoyer: Ok, hard would it be to cultivate Gorak?  Do you need anything more than soil, fertilizer, sun and water?

Samira just shrugged. The only trees she managed to keep alive so far were in her quarters, together with a recent addition in her office. And so far they did not cultivate any mushrooms. Unless some grey-haired critter consumed them all. Maybe that was why he was sleeping most of the time. 

Tahna/Lynas: Response

Stoyer:  Also, how long does the poison stay potent?  Is it something that has to be worked up quickly and administered or something that can sit around till needed.  

Tahna/Lynas: Response

Stoyer:  Last question… the poison as simple to make as grinding up the mushrooms or ::Waving to the lab.:: is something like this needed?

Tahna/Lynas: Response

With all the questions answered and ending up with more clues than they needed, she turned to Lynas. They would cover more ground if they split up, but after withholding information, she didn’t trust the Pelian agent enough to leave one of their own with him.

Neathler: We’re going to have a look at those bookstores near the Burrow and the restaurant itself. Do you want to join us? Oh, and if you have a picture of ::She paused briefly, which was it now?:: Sylan, that might be useful too.

Stoyer/Tahna/Lynas: Response

She walked out of the lab and took the broad stairs to the lower floor. Gazing through the large windows she could see it was still pouring outside. Why couldn’t this murder have happened on Deluvia IV?

Neathler: You have the address, mister Stoyer?

Stoyer/Tahna/Lynas: Response

((New Sabik - Darime Colony))

And thus they climbed into the next Federation transport, taking them to the whereabouts of the bookstore. Just like before, they weren’t alone in the vehicle and the transport stopped now and then to take on other passengers or let others disappear in the still wet rain. She turned towards the others to ask something when suddenly something exploded in the middle of the bus and a shock wave threw her through the small confinement of the transport. Her ears rang from the loud bang, accompanied by the screams coming from some passengers. She tried to push herself up, feeling bits of shattered glass cutting into the skin of her hands. She stopped and rolled over, tiny specks of glass falling on the wet surface, into a sitting position, trying to pinpoint the location and the state of the others, while the rain clattered down on her and the vehicle in shambles.

Stoyer/Tahna/Lynas: Response

Chief Security/Tactical & Second Officer
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