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Hailey Sam

May 29, 2019, 5:23:32 PM5/29/19
((Shuttlecraft “Bone Shaker”))

Fortune: I suppose how fast do you think we can get to the residential district?

Marshall: This is the south end docking ring, and the habitation district is further into the asteroid. Apparently, there are roads, and some kind of rail system that wraps around the glorified space rock, but where we jump on that is another thing.

Smith: Response

Fortune: I'd much feel better if we had at least a straight shot to it, with the least amount of twists and turns, if only to lower our chances of bumping into someone who may-or-may-not have a vendetta against our own 'target'.

Smith: Response

Marshall: We'll head for it. ::Nodding, she stood up and patted Jackson on the shoulder.:: Keep her ticking over, Rosh. If you see us running back here, get ready to fly.

::His cheeky sparkling grin and affable demeanor seemed to be making the best of being stuck in a docking port for hours. Reaching over to a storage unit, he produced a large bag of something white and chucked it onto her recently vacated chair.::

Jackson: I've got marshmallows and the latest "Adventures of Captain Love" to get through. Comm in if you need me to come flying in like the dashing hero.

::He shot a finger bullet at Groznin with a wink, then ushered them out of the shuttlecraft.::

(( Docking Bay, Nassau, Ma no Umi ))

::The dock echoed as they hit it with their boots, the noise part of the humdrum around them. Corliss looked around, frowning a bit, hesitantly crossing her arms to look at least a little menacing. She tried not to jump when there was a loud brash voice echoing through the air.::

Docking Announcer: =/= Nassau welcomes you to New Providence Port. Be aware of minimum safe distances required for entering and exiting through the docking ring. Remember: only you can prevent unauthorised collisions. =/=

Marshall: Makes you wonder what an authorised collision is.

::Heavy boot stomps were the undertones to the communication blaring out over the sounds of thrusters, a large Andorian male with a lime green Mohawk stripe down the middle of his head, making his way toward them holding what passed for a PADD in his arm. Mindlessly, he ticked off an array of information before stopping in front of Groznin and Corliss, while Jo hung in the back, and without looking up, he spoke loudly and clearly.::

Th'ziaris: Shuttle "Bone Shaker". ::His pronunciation was flawlessly derisive.:: Your arrival wasn't scheduled for another hour. Your pilot is going to have to remain in the loitering zone for now. ::He snorted, clearly annoyed, and looked down at Corliss.:: Which one of you is the Captain? You? ::Then, his gaze shot to Groznin.:: Or you?

Fortune: Me there, first mate here. ::She motioned at Groznin-Kid, a smirk on her face.:: Sorry about being early, but I oh so hate being late.

Smith: Response

Th'ziaris: Hmm, well... ::He consulted the PADD again.:: Your docking fees are paid up, so I can't hold that against you. You've got no luggage, so customs isn't going to be a problem. However... ::He tilted his head as he looked at the shuttle.:: There *is* the small matter of your craft leaking transmission fluid onto the deck. You'll need to pay for that.

Fortune: Well, when you can't find good help these days. ::she shrugged, folding her hands into her pockets near her belt, dazzling him with a grin.:: We'll pay then, shuttle's not what it used to be.

Smith: Response

::Her heart was hammering in her chest, but it was...near exciting more than nerves, if she was honest with her. Then, Jo spoke up, and the nerves climbed up fast and hard.::

Marshall: What kind of transport is there here? We're looking to get to the habitation district, as soon as possible.

::Barely flicking his gaze up from the PADD, the Andorian scratched his blue cheek and sighed with a mixed measure of gravitas and boredom.::

Th'ziaris: Captain, please admonish your crewmember. *You* might find it perfectly acceptable to keep humans as pets, but really, you shouldn't let them speak in polite company.

::Corliss' eyes darted back to Jo, and she smiled, but it was tight lipped with her eyes shut, a move that read 'I'm secretly angry' to anyone else. Fake of course, ::

Fortune: I like humans. They're squishy, and fun. You heard him, Blonde. Lips sealed~ ::she made a sealing motion with her lips, before turning back to Th'ziaris:: It has been absolutely riveting speaking with you, dear, but I have things to attend to, and crewmembers to punish. Will that be all?

Smith: Response

Th'ziaris: Response

Fortune: My dear human did have a point, however. I do need to get to the habitation district. ::She sighed, as if frustrated, fiddling her fingers on a loop on her waist.:: I'd rather it quick and easy, if possible. Sight seeing can wait until I get things accomplished.

Th'ziaris/Marshall/Smith: Response

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