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Bryce Tagren-Quinn

Jun 25, 2022, 3:01:52 PMJun 25
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((Brew Continuum, USS Gorkon))

A chance encounter led to a conversation over tea and coffee. He always wondered how his first interaction would go, but the atmosphere of the café was comforting, and sitting with the admiral proved to be equally as peaceful – with all things considered, of course. Behind her firm gaze, he could sense a soul that was dedicated, quick-witted and knowing, with heart. 

It was a dynamic combination. A side that others might necessarily see behind the shadow and weight her position carried. The title and the hard work behind it. He wondered how isolating it might seem to be? Being a physician came with similar degrees of mystification. 

Tagren-Quinn: I had a chance to check out the station, too, yes. It’s very lively. I hope you had a chance to unwind a little too during leave?

He smiled at her as he sipped coffee. 

Reynolds: I did, thank you. ::She smiled.:: I visited Cyrithra Forest with my husband and children. We’ve been there before, and I’ve been wanting to go back for a while.

He hadn’t heard of the Cyrithra Forest but made a mental note to research it further. Perhaps when they made their way back here, he’d give it a visit. Additionally, he faintly knew that the admiral had a family. He thought of his own upbringing, of his father gallivanting across the expanse of stars leaving behind his mother, him and his sister. 

Not everyone was his father, though. His experiences were not everyone else’s. 

Tagren-Quinn: Glad to hear it. 

Reynolds: Palanon’s such a lovely world. I wish we had the opportunity to spend more time here. ::She paused and sipped from her mug.:: I heard a small group of you took the chance to go camping?

Tagren-Quinn: Ah, yes, we did. The Mindirra Mountain Range, in the valley and then we went to the cabins. 

Reynolds: How was it? I keep threatening my eldest with a trip in the wilds. Mostly, he glares at me. ::A soft chuckle flowed on her exhale.:: I think growing up on a starship has got him used to his technological comforts.

He couldn’t keep back the hearty laugh that came out. Setting down his mug, he ran his hands through his hair, pushing it back neatly with pieces falling a little waywardly about his ears. 

Tagren-Quinn: Well, the views were amazing and there was such an abundance of flora and fauna. A scientist could spend a lifetime there, I’d say. Very relaxing. As for your lad, I was a bit the same way in my youth… until my mother surprised us with some camping trips. Every summer. I’ve loved it ever since. 

It built lasting memories that he carried close to heart.

Reynolds: Response 

Tagren-Quinn: I’ve not any kids yet but my sister has a five-year-old. She’s taken him outdoors and he seems to be enchanted by the dirt, worms, and bugs. I wonder how long that will last. 

His lopsided grin grew wider with the thought of his nephew. Seeing the world through his youthful eyes was one of the things that brought him from the brink. His sister had been married briefly with the lad’s mother before they decided to part ways. They still had a pretty good relationship, wanting the best for their little one over other things.  

Reynolds: Response 

Tagren-Quinn: Speaking of Palanon and visits, do you have any recommendations or tips for a new, fresh-faced Ensign? ::He laughed at his subtle joke.:: I’ve been reading through a ton of material but having firsthand accounts is always valuable. Who better a person to ask. 

Reynolds: Response 


Ensign Bryce Tagren-Quinn, M.D.
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon (NCC-82293)


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