PO First-Class Christopher Sienelis - A Quiet Intensity

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Jo Marshall

Jun 23, 2022, 5:57:14 PMJun 23
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Gorkon

((Personal Quarters, USS Gorkon))


Fight drained out of him, and Chris' shoulders slumped as if a rucksack of bricks had remembered it existed. He reasoned if the sheer amount of grudge had made him feel like he stood beneath a collapsing bridge, it amplified for Valesha into magnitudes he couldn't fathom. Crossing the small space to be near her and their baby again, he remained like a tense ball of tightly wound hull stitching.


C. Sienelis: Did something happen while you were in there? Did you fight, argue, stab each other? Anything that would make this make any kind of sense?


Sienelis: We weren’t happy about being stuck together. ::She lifted her shoulders in a slight shrug.:: But when are we ever?


C. Sienelis: Never. Not even for a little while. Not even breathing the same air. 


It had caused arguments initially when Chris didn't see—or maybe didn't want to see—the way Vorin thought about Valesha, the way he spoke about her, or the clear derision seeping through his Vulcan voice. He'd fallen so in love with the Romulan woman, not loving her seemed ridiculous. Hilarious and clever, so incredibly smart, sarcasm wielded like a weapon, with a smile that knocked him dead and a pirouette that sent his heart spinning. 


But no matter how hard he'd tried to make his friend see sense, it didn't seem to make a lick of difference. Vulcan prejudice ran deep, through the veins and arteries of genetic structure, into the underbelly of the people. 


Chris exhaled through his nose as he ran his hand up into his growing locks of shaggy hair. It stood up in all directions, none of them pointing toward an answer. 


Sienelis: We had... a moment, I suppose. Where I thought we’d understood each other. Apparently, I was wrong.


C. Sienelis: You had a moment? You had a moment and then he does this? That sounds like one helluva moment, Vee.


Their daughter's muttering had stopped, but she was still fully awake and gazing in bewilderment at the peculiarity about her. Delicate fingers stretched and arched, clutching the fabric of her mother's cardigan. So precious and small, so innocent and displaced in all of this. The joys of her birth were set aside in favour of anxiety and stress. Chris almost felt like an apology was due. 


Sienelis: I don’t know what to tell you, Chris. Like I said, you get the best side of him. I don’t.


C. Sienelis: I don't think I do right now. I don't think he does right now.


Was there a best side of the Vulcan if he could be so horrendous? Several expletives in Russian slipped forward, the trill of his native tongue thickening under his breath. An accusation was just an accusation. It wasn't as if the Vulcan had proof hiding away in a sealed vault ready to unleash at the pinnacle hour. 


The Russian's beard ruffled, their daughter bristled, and the universe felt drier than a Vulcan's sense of humour. 


C. Sienelis: Whatever happens, we'll fight it. You're not going anywhere. Not again. 


Sienelis: Response


His eyes returned to his wife, the star in his galaxy holding their little fish as their baby gazed up at the two of them, trying to comprehend what she felt, what it all meant. Wrapping an arm around Valesha's middle, his other stroking their daughter's dark hair, Chris moved with his Romulan's sway, always in time, synchronising to her rhythm. Barely a shift, barely a rock, but the movement they could align to.


C. Sienelis: You know what absolutely won't help right now but will at least feel more like us and less like we've just had the srat dropped on us from a great height?


Sienelis: Response


C. Sienelis: We get on the sofa, the three of us. Get under the blanket, turn on some music, dim the lights… Probably fall asleep, but be tremendously comfy while we do.


Sienelis: Response




PO First-Class Christopher Sienelis

Operations Officer

USS Gorkon






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