Lieutenant Cory Stoyer - A long time coming

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Cory Stoyer

Jan 27, 2022, 10:25:58 AMJan 27
to USS Gorkon – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Michael Collins Dome, Pillars of Light, Luna))

Cory was sharing a drink with Lephi.  He was trying to get over the perceived wrong footedness of their initial meeting.  The ice seemed to be thinning to breaking.  Her interest in the financial situation surprised him and it hit him that he was being rude, so asked about the wedding she mentioned.

Lephi: Oh yes indeed! My beloved Elizabeth and I are to be married.

Cory could see the pride on her face.  Cory wondered where the other half to be was.  

Stoyer: Congratulations Lephi.  

Lephi: We actually were supposed to be married in October, but our mission got in the way, and then I transferred. So now we're thinking Spring maybe.

Stoyer: Again congratulations.  Hopefully we can be freed up for you to tie the knot.

Cory noticed she relaxed a bit.  Maybe the ice was breaking between them.  

Lephi: That's life in Starfleet for you I suppose. What about you, Lieutenant? Anybody warming your bed at night?

Cory laughed.  He was surprised that Lephi had not heard the rumors or did she?

Stoyer: No, Lephi.  No one is warming my bed at night or any other time.

Cory looked around to see if he could spot Ayiana in the crowds.  

Lephi:  Response

Stoyer:  There is someone….but that is a very long story.

Cory thought about long and very twisted road Ayiana and he traveled to get to the starting point of their relationship.  The Skarbek, his missteps with Petra and everything.  Another drink of water.  Now, he was glad it was water.

Lephi: Response

Lieutenant Cory Stoyer
Helm/Comms/Ops Officer
USS Gorkon
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