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Kyrrha Tereen

Jun 10, 2019, 6:33:11 PM6/10/19
to Gorkon (IC)

((Slee’Zee Hotel Complex, Nassau Leisure District))

::After a very anticlimactic physical altercation with an inebriated Gorn, Kyrrha and Doc worked to hide his unconscious body before the hotel staff were alerted to their exact encounter. The Gorn initially came to their room, seeking an individual with the name of Tralell. Though Doc provided multiple warnings that this Tralell was not an occupant of their room, the Gorn advanced. Kyrrha and Doc defended themselves and the Gorn passed out in full view of any passerby. They made short work of moving the Gorn but not before a strange electromagnetic wave pass through the room. Kyrrha made a mental note to check on this immediately after moving this…hulk.::

::She and Doc closed the door to the approaching footsteps. Kyrrha felt for Doc as he ambled over to his fallen cane.::

Tereen: I apologize for not being quicker. ::She eyed the Gorn again, her expression blank.:: Where shall we stow him?

Adea: Let’s get him under the bed.

::Heaving with all their might, they just about managed to get the Gorn under the bed before there was a knock at the door.::

Hotel Receptionist: ::muffled:: Everything all right in there?

::The Doc put on what he believed to be the best disguise: a sleeping man. Kyrrha yanked the blankets from the bed and rumpled the sheets and pillows. She lay down on the far side, making sure the blankets fell far below the footboard, covering the unconscious Gorn.::

Adea: ::stifling a yawn:: Can I ::opening his mouth widely:: help you?

Receptionist: Where’s Sage?

Adea: I don’t know who that is –

Receptionist: Big, Gorn, smells like alcohol.

Adea: Nobody here but us chickens.

Kyrrha: ::Groaning:: The lights… ::She turned to faced the wall, laying very still and taking the deep breaths of a heavy sleeper.::

Receptionist: Howdy miss. I’ll leave you folks be.

Adea: Do.

::Kyrrha remained still. Her mind was a flurry of activity, testing one hypothesis after the other. What exactly happened when the wave was released?::

::Genkos yawned again for the receptionist’s benefit as he closed the door in his face::

Adea: Right, now what?

::Kyrrha threw the blankets back and nimbly jumped from the bed, darting over to the table. She grabbed a small flashlight. There was silence where there were once blinking lights and the slight whir of technology. She flipped switches on the power pack, rerouted wires from the tricorder casing, and adjusted the power output. Silence deafened them as she worked and, finally, the new device came to light again. She carefully inspected the relay.::

Tereen: The relay is intact and can still be used. ::She cocked her head, slightly.:: I cannot explain why the device released that wave earlier, nor can I pinpoint—at this moment—what its effects are.::

Adea: Response?

::Her eyes scanned the room. The bright halo of light she wielded landed on her backpack. She retrieved it and returned to the table.::

Tereen: I have to keep the device powered up. As we are changing its intended purpose without all the necessary items, another spike or loss in power may cause another electromagnetic wave. ::She began gathering the outlying supplies, fitting them inside of her bag.::

Adea: Response?

Tereen: Whatever we do, Doctor, we cannot stay here. I have the distinct feeling that our position has been compromised and am convinced that we will be visited again—this time with greater fervor.

Adea Response?

::Kyrrha continued packing the miscellaneous items, saving the power pack and tricorder casing as last entries. All the while, she kept glancing at the Gorn to make sure he was not in the position to eavesdrop or attack.::

Tereen: Dante and Newt have been out there for a while. They must have found most—if not all—of the items. It would be prudent to regroup.

Adea: Response?

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