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Meru Tahna

Oct 17, 2021, 1:57:38 AMOct 17
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((Lab, FedSec HQ))

Meru had appreciated her brief interlude in the lab. The quiet whirring of the machines working, the scents of cleaning chemicals and raktajino - it felt good to go back to her roots. It was easy to focus on pipettes and chemical compositions and tune out the rest of the world, tune out all the the murders and kidnappings and conspiracies. But this recess couldn't last forever, and she packed up her remaining samples and stowed them safely in the lab. 

Stoyer: Ok, question...how hard would it be to cultivate Gorak? Do you need anything more than soil, fertilizer, sun and water?

Lynas: ::interjecting:: I'm not versed in botany. But the Gorak was an invasive species. It is likely that it could easily be cultivated with minimal effort.

Tahna: ::nodding:: Stick a spore in a dark room with plenty of water and it'll multiply like tribbles. 

Stoyer: Also, how long does the poison stay potent? Is it something that has to be worked up quickly and administered or something that can sit around till needed.  

Tahna: It looks like it could be held, in powder form, for a week or so before losing potency. So it couldn't be from some sample set aside before the eradication efforts, it would have to be pretty fresh. 

Stoyer: Last question…..is the poison as simple to make as grinding up the mushrooms or ::waving to the lab:: is something like this needed?

Tahna: The mushrooms themselves are poisonous, all you'd have to do is take a bite. I imagine powdering them is just the simplest delivery method, although whoever made the powder would have had to be careful not to inhale any. Small doses would just make you sick, but enough could have killed them. They wouldn't need a lab, but they would need a respirator to avoid any risk of accidentally poisoning themself. It's not the type of work you'd want to do underground either, you'd want to have good airflow. 

She might have gone into too much detail in her explanation but she wanted to be thorough. It was important that they were all on the same page, or at least as much so as possible given their differing skill sets. 

Neathler: We’re going to have a look at those bookstores near the Burrow and the restaurant itself. Do you want to join us? Oh, and if you have a picture of ... ::She paused for a second and then continued:: ... Sylan, that might be useful too.

The agent seemed relived, maybe because Commander Neathler had pronounced his wife's name correctly this time. Was it just because it's standard universal courtesy to get people's names right or was a mispronunciation a more serious offense among Pelians? 

Lynas: I can transmit a copy of a recent picture to each of your tricorders. ::a genuine smile graced his face:: I'd love to join you on the chase but perhaps it is in the best interest of the investigation to part ways. I will follow up with Bisul's attendant and see if I can find any more relevant information on the Pelian Way.

Tahna: Thank you, Agent. 

Stoyer: Response

Agent Lynas led the trio back outside to the Federation transport. 

((New Sabyk, Darime Colony))  

Lynas: I'll contact you when I have more information. Be safe.

Neathler: You have the address, Mister Stoyer?

Stoyer: Response

They took their seats in the Federation transport that would take them to the bookstore and nearby eateries. Meru squinted out through the deluge of rain at the figures that came and went from the bus on the way, just watery shapes when viewed through the windows shielding them from the storm. 

She must have blinked because she heard the explosion, felt it throwing her into hard metal and sharp shattered glass, but the most she saw of it was the bright light behind her shut eyelids. 

She was getting soaked - must be outside now. How'd she get outside the bus? Something hurt. No, everything hurt. She'd work out specifics later. Someone dragged her to her feet and at first she assumed it was one of her companions but they were riffling through her pockets. 

Not one of her companions. 

Tahna: Hey! 

Neathler/Stoyer: Response 

Meru threw a punch at the figure - it landed, but she was too disoriented to note where. Look at their face. 

Just as suddenly as the explosion had happened, her world went black. 

Neathler/Stoyer: Response


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