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Aaron Schimmel

Feb 14, 2019, 10:04:38 PM2/14/19
to SB118 Gorkon (IC)

((Corridors, Deck 3, USS Njörðr))

:: The plan was to make their way “up” to the bridge to see if Captain ch'Vaorrohr and the rest of the bridge crew were still alive, and to help if possible. With communications out, there was no way to tell otherwise. Admiral Reynolds came up with the idea to use the inter-deck hatches to quickly move to the bridge, but after opening one, it was readily apparent that they weren’t going to get through that way. The nebular gasses they had just narrowly escaped from in the Captain’s Mess had also flooded deck 2, or at least the section immediately below them. Ayiana was currently scanning the gas to ascertain if it had inundated the bridge, as well as acquire a basic chemical analysis. ::

Stoyer:  Did ya’ll figure out what the cloud was?

Sevo: Sort of...

:: Ayiana peered at the analysis of the gas on her tricorder. It was...puzzling. ::

Sevo: It’s mainly composed of nitrogen, xenon, and argon, with trace amounts of mercury and other compounds I can’t recognize.

Stoyer: OK…

Sevo: In small amounts, it’s not enough to cause permanent harm, but prolonged exposure will definitely burn the lungs and possibly start killing off hemoglobin cells. I’m no doctor, so I can’t be sure of the complete physiological effects of it. I have no idea if the mixture would cause psychological damage, either, but it’s a possibility. But that’s not all, sir.

:: Reynolds remained quiet, a look of “well?” on her face. ::

Stoyer: Well…

:: Ayiana had always been a fan of dramatic pauses, but apparently, her crewmates didn’t share that idiosyncrasy. ::

Sevo: I’m detecting traces of electromagnetic signals, highly ordered. That’s often an indication of a quasi-intelligent lifeform.

Reynolds: Any evidence it's trying to, or can, communicate?

Stoyer:  Can we ask it to leave?

Sevo: There’s no way to tell from here. For all we know, it’s like an animal, acting on instinct, or it’s as simple as your basic, albeit highly energized nebula; there’s no way to know for sure with a tricorder and a single scan. It would take the full scientific suite of a ship to be sure.

:: Sighing in defeat, Reynolds replaced the hatch. They were designed to be airproof in the event of a hull breach, so the gasses shouldn’t seep up into their deck from it. ::

Reynolds: We'll have to keep an eye out. But for now, the transceiver room via a damage locker.

Stoyer: Aye, skipper.  They are both just down the passageway.

Sevo: I’ll keep my tricorder scanning and gather as much information as I can.

:: Ayiana set her tricorder to continuous mode, so it would continue to scan and analyze the cloud even if closed. On a second screen, she activated Map Mode. The tricorder would dynamically build a map of the ship, including obstructions such as debris or hull breaches. Normally, it would be able to download a detailed schematic of the ship from its computer, but with communications out, her tricorder couldn’t wirelessly connect to the ship. Since Ayiana had effectively been a passenger on board and wasn’t expecting a disaster, she didn’t load her tricorder with the ship’s schematics before leaving the Gorkon. It didn’t seem necessary. ::

:: Reynolds nodded for Cory to take the lead since he seemed to know more about the layout of the ship. Perhaps it was a trait common among engineers, both current and former, to study up on whatever ship they were traveling on, even as guests. A part of Ayiana thought about picking up the habit for the future. Ayiana followed behind, with Reynolds next to her. ::

Reynolds: How's your leg?

:: Through everything that happened over the last few minutes, Ayiana had completely forgotten about it, and how it was pinned under a table not too long ago. Now that her mind was focused on her injuries, the pain returned sharply, causing her to wince. ::

Sevo: Eh, I think it’s mostly bruises and scrapes, sir. Nothing feels broken.

Stoyer: Response

Reynolds: And you, Stoyer?

Stoyer: I am fine, skipper.

:: She was glad to hear he was alright. Despite everything the pair had been through recently, Ayiana harbored no fantasies about seeing Cory injured, or worse. Ayiana suspected he was hiding some superficial injuries, but she knew him well enough to know he could be quite stubborn; putting the mission before himself. ::

Reynolds: Damage control lockers usually have a basic medkit. We can pause for a moment and take a look at the both of you.

Sevo: And you too, sir. Don’t neglect yourself on our behalf. Despite everything you’ve been through, you’re still mortal.

:: Ayiana was, of course, referring to the frequent bodily injuries on the Admiral over the years; from being stabbed in the gut to nearly drowning on the Tharsis. In fact, their current situation reminded Ayiana of that first mission aboard the Gorkon. It seemed like a lifetime ago that she transferred from the Victory upon it’s decommission and met then-Captain Reynolds. ::

:: With little further idle chat, the trio continued in silence, following Cory around the crumpled bodies of the Njörðr’s crew and, sadly, some of the Gorkon’s as well. Their progress was hampered due to having to climb over abutments on the ceiling; archways that held up the wide corridor. Eventually, they made it to Damage Control Locker 3. Cory paused outside of the topsy-turvy door. ::

Stoyer:  Here we are.  Commander, you ready?

:: Once again, Cory prepared to hoist Ayiana up to the door, upon which she placed the Emergency Hand Actuator. Using it to break the magnetic seal, and as a grip, she was able to easily pry the door open. Hopping back down to the ceiling, Cory entered first. It seemed to Ayiana like he really knew what he was doing. It finally occurred to her that she actually didn’t know much about his past service. ::

Sevo: Got it.

Reynolds: Response

:: Following Cory into the locker, which was actually quite a spacious room, Ayiana noticed the myriad racks and shelves of equipment. Most seemed to be locked down or otherwise rendered immobile, so they hadn’t tumbled about in the flip, but there were still plenty of things covering the ceiling. Dominating one wall was what was labeled as a Master Systems Display, probably a miniature version of the one as seen in Engineering, but it was currently offline. The only problem was that it was upside down. Hanging from the floor was a large counter that would normally be used to prepare equipment and the like. At the moment, it was just a fancy decoration. Cory pointed to one of the labeled lockers. ::

Stoyer:  There is the first aid kit.  

:: Ayiana headed over to the indicated locker and pulled out a medkit. She placed it on the floor and opened it up to see it stocked with a hypospray, medical tricorder, dermal regenerator, and trauma kit. Taking the medical tricorder, she did a quick scan of herself. ::

Sevo: Nothing broken, thank the stars.

:: Ayiana ran the dermal regenerator over her injuries from the flip, clearing up the bruises and scrapes, then running it over any other minor injuries she didn’t realize she had. Next, she turned to Reynolds. ::

Sevo: Let’s check you out, sir.

Reynolds: Response

Sevo: You’ve got a hairline fracture on your hip and a fair collection of scrapes and cuts. I can’t do anything about the fracture with this kit, but I can give you some terakine to alleviate the pain.

:: As she pressed the hypospray to Reynolds’ neck, Ayiana tried to recall her basic medical training from the Academy. She had always been squeamish when it came to medicine, but she was glad she paid attention during the course. While Ayiana worked on mending Reynolds’ wounds, she glanced to Cory, who was busy rummaging through the lockers for equipment. ::

Stoyer:  Admiral, Commander, is there anything else ya’ll think we might need?

:: Finishing up with Reynolds, Ayiana finally turned to Cory. ::

Sevo: Let me check you out first, Lieutenant. You’ve got a nasty scrape on your forehead there. Good thing you’ve got a thick head.

Reynolds/Stoyer: response

:: While she was cleaning up Cory, Reynolds did her own search of the room. Once Ayiana was done, she packed up the medkit and slung it over her shoulder. She turned to the dark MSD on the far wall. ::

Sevo: Lieutenant, Admiral, is there any way either of you can get this display active? We might be able to determine the damage to the ship with it.

:: It was at this point Ayiana deferred to the two’s engineering skills; Reynolds in particular, as she had been an Engineer long before Captain. ::

Reynolds/Stoyer: Response

:: Ayiana checked the labels of the lockers to see what else was there. One stuck out as being quite useful: “Damage Control PADDs.” Reaching up to the locker, which was normally about hip-height from the floor, she opened it to find a sizeable rack of thick PADDs. Pulling one out, she noticed what made them so special. They were thicker than the standard PADDs, possibly able to take quite a beating from explosions, weapons fire, or falls before breaking. No doubt they had other internal features to make them more resilient. Turning it on, she noticed it had been preloaded with ship schematics, deck plans, emergency procedures, and a myriad of other information useful for such a situation as they were in. ::

Sevo: :: Muttering to herself.:: Starfleet really did think of everything.

:: She tucked the PADD into a pocket on her medkit, and handed an identical PADD each to Cory and Reynolds. ::

Reynolds/Stoyer: Response

Sevo: Any luck with the display, sir?

Reynolds/Stoyer: Response


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