Ens. Serren Tan - On Matters Of The Heart... Specifically: Clogging Them With Bacon

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David Adams

Oct 6, 2020, 7:37:37 AM10/6/20
to Gorkon
(( “The Pit” Bar, Iana Station, night before the big triathlon ))

Serren Tan had arranged to meet Ayiana in some dingy Klingon dive bar where, he had been told, they served all manner of delightfully exotic alien food. Gagh. Plomeek broth. Roast chicken with chips.

Not that they were eating off the menu, though. He had produced his own terrifying creation, the Baconator, and was sharing with Ayiana. It was more than the two of them could eat together. More than almost anyone could.

Ayiana dug in with bare hands, pulling off pieces and putting them on her plate. Abandoning his knife and fork, and thankful for implicit permission to do the same, Tan dug in with his hands as well, pulling off bits of meat and carb-heavy vegetables with his fingers and piling up a plate high.

Sevo: :: With a mouthful of food. :: You’re so civilized.

Tan: ::Similarly muffled:: Mmm hmm! If we get through half of this, together, that is going to be a new record for me. The Baconiser is undefeated.

Chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp.

Sevo: But as to your question, yes. Iana station is hugely popular for tourists; though when you asked me to dinner, I did not expect… :: gesturing to the mountain of food and the establishment around them. :: ...this. There are plenty of other bars.

There were, but Ayiana seemed like the kind of Trill who was not as interested in normal bars as a Klingon themed feast hall. He was more than happy to be wrong about that, and the whole thing was essentially a social gamble, but it seemed to have paid off. Tan ate like a gremlin, casually slurping his fingers to lick them clean before tucking in again.

Tan: ::impishly:: I'm full of surprises.

Sevo: So spill it, why did you invite me? It’s the spots, isn’t it? They’re irresistible!

Serren, with a juicy strip of bacon hanging out of his mouth and a greasy trail running down his chin, had no immediate answer for that. It was such a bold statement that it took him a little off guard.

Clearly, she enjoyed boldness and directness of action. It wasn't exactly unheard of amongst joined Trill, who tended to have the confidence to just directly state what they wanted. They were young, young enough to just want to have fun, eat and drink and make good memories. They had a lot of time to be old and wise and sombre. Until that time rolled around, which it inevitably would, there was nothing wrong with a little harmless... camaraderie. And shore leave was an infamous time for it, to the point that one of his Academy classmates had euphemistically referred to the practice as esprit de shore.

They'd been through a very volatile and stressful situation. Being chased by dinosaurs and all. It was only natural to want to just relax and remind themselves what the good times were all about.

Still. Two brains, no thoughts. For a moment he just sat there like an idiot. Then, gathering himself, he slurped up the last of the bacon, crunching it with a coy smile on his face.

Tan: That is absolutely one of the reasons, yes.

Sevo: Response

He wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve, grinning.

Tan: I also wanted to know just how much of this monstrosity we could demolish together because I think if it's just me I can smash through a good chunk of it... but as a team? Figured we'd be unstoppable. ::He grinned a greasy grin:: Plus you're just good company. No pretences. No airs. Just... raw, pure you. It's refreshing. Too many people spend far too much of their lives pretending to be someone else.

Sevo: Response

He snatched up another shot, throwing back his head and chugging it too.

Tan: Phew! I honestly have no idea if this stuff is bahgol or not, all I know is that it's blue and strong enough to make my symbiont jump.

Sevo: Response

Greasy and a couple of drinks in, Serren just grinned. Boldness and directness of action were the order of the day, apparently.

Tan: So. We covered why I invited you down to this smoke-filled Klingon-themed den of ill repute to annihilate a truly ill-advised mountain of roasted meats, throw down alcohol like water, and bask in the ambience of dubious quality club music. I guess the only question is... ::he waggled a strip of bacon teasingly, then popped it in his mouth:: Why did you decide to accept? ::The coy smile returned to his greasy face:: It's my irresistible spots, isn't it?

Sevo: Response



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