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David Adams

Jan 25, 2022, 9:36:42 AMJan 25
to Gorkon
(( Library, Deck 4, USS Gorkon ))

The ship had a library. A big one.

It shouldn't have been surprising to her. The Sovereign-class had practically everything, but that included a big library. Vaala's head craned around, taking in the view. She should come here more often!

A library. A quiet place to just read and be left alone. How wonderful.

Fortune =/\= Fortune to Ensign Vaala. =/\=

The voice in her head of Captain Marisol suddenly became a lot more real. She had to remind herself that Corliss Fortune was not Captain Marisol.


Reading Captain Marisol when she should have been studying. Guilt. Oh well.

Vaala: =/\= Vaala here! =/\=

Fortune: =/\= I've got a bit of time before the day starts. We've got a new addition to the counseling crew! Did you want to come by and meet them? They're very furry! =/\=

Very furry? A Caitian? A... no! It couldn't be!

A puppy! 

When she was a little girl, she couldn't say words right, and "Puppy" came out as "Pumby". For some reason it had stuck.

Vaala: =/\= Uh, yes yes! You mean... ::Her voice became tight and happy, as though she was trying very hard to repress a giant squeal. Because she was trying very hard to repress a giant squeal.:: IS IT A DOG?! I've heard we have a new dog on board! =/\=

Fortune: =/\= They're not not a dog! ::she couldn't help a muffled laugh.:: Or we can do it after shift, whichever you prefer? =/\=

The solution seemed very obvious. Right away!


She closed her PADD and stood up, talking as she moved.

Vaala: =/\= Okay, I actually scheduled today off for some light reading, but nobody told me there might be a big PUMBY involved! I will definitely be right down! =/\=


Fortune: =/\= Response =/\=

Vaala: =/\= I'm on my way! I feel like I am in desperate need of peanut brittle and ALSO to meet his new fuzzy member of our team! =/\=


Fortune: =/\= Response =/\=

PADD in hand, Vaala power-walked her way to the turbolift, trying to steady her breathing. Okay. Don't scare the puppy now. Don't scare... the puppy.

((Deck 7, Counselor Office, USS Gorkon))

Vaala pressed the chime.

Vaala: =/\= It's me! I'm here! I need counselling and also the PUMBY. =/\=

Fortune: =/\= Response =/\=

Vaala scooted in, eyes wide.

Vaala: I am ready for the puppification. I even took my allergy shot on the way in!

A double dose, just to be sure, because even the slightest hint of fuzz would make her eyes water. Which was a price she was ready to pay.

Fortune: Response



USS Gorkon


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