Lt. Alieth: Désolé pour la dernière réunion

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Jan 25, 2022, 7:06:42 PMJan 25

((Chief Engineer's Office, Deck 16, USS Gorkon))

The meeting with the newly appointed chief engineer had been successful so far, having pre-arranged a work plan for implementing the JECC-452 polymer. With that point settled, Alieth followed point 3 of Sotek's handbook on "Dealing with Non-Vulcan Co-workers" and she proposed to help her take the first steps in the crew, new as she was, a situation Alieth has lived not so  long ago. The answer, nonetheless, was unusual and, to Alieth's surprise, apparently made the Ferengi woman feel awkward. .... a fascinating interaction.

Lephi: Well I don't need anyone to hold my hand, if you know what I mean. A guide would be nice though, maybe you can introduce me to some people?

The petite Vulcan nodded slightly, as she suppressed the greenness that threatened to reach the tips of her ears. She did not wish to shake her hand either, that was something... too personal.

She cleared her throat discreetly and proceeded with the less risqué part of the conversation.

Alieth: I see. What members of staff have you met so far?

The engineer barely took a second to reply.

Lephi: So far I have met the Captain. I've saved Commander Neathler's life, and reconnected with Commander Marshall too! Hadn't seen her in what felt like the life cycle of a beetlelouse. I've met Stoyer, Meru, and a few others. You know, saying it out loud I suppose I've met more of them than I realized. 

The petite Vulcan blinked at the flowery analogy, assessing whether it was one of the short-lived shadflies of the wadis, which could complete their entire life cycle from egg to adult in less than 48 hours (with an adult stage lasting less than five minutes) or one of the sturdy dune beetles, with larval stages spanning centuries and adult lives almost as long as those of Vulcans themselves.

At what point would this beetlelouse be at? She had to look it up. However, it was something for a later time, so he proceeded, once again, with the more conservative part of what the woman had said.

Alieth: You have indeed met a significant portion of the senior staff, but I can still introduce you to a few people.

A stillness sat in the room as the two women looked at each other, each private in their own thoughts. Cheesecake yawned and got up on all fours to stretched, at which point Lephi broke the silence.

Lephi: We'll have a lot of things to discuss if our departments are going to enjoy a synergistic relationship though, so it would be to both our benefit if we remained in touch. 

Alieth: I agree, and I expect this will be one meeting of many.

Without much more to add, she stood up, which made the mastiff finally stand up, letting out a sound somewhere between a bark and an anxious whine.

Alieth: I will see you in twenty-three hours and fifty-three minutes, Lieutenant.

Lephi: I'm looking forward to it.

Alieth: I trust you like coffee, so I will bring you one. I reckon it is considered a courtesy between colleagues.

Lephi: Response

Alieth: Dully noted. ::Raising her hand in the traditional greeting of her people:: Long life and Prosper, Lieutenant Lephi.

Lephi: Response

The petite Vulcan stood on her feet and walked towards the door while, behind her, her canine companion looked into the Ferengi's eyes. When the door hissed open, the mastiff sprang into motion, an incredibly swift mass of fur and love. Alieth only had time to turn around and say firmly…

Alieth: Cheesecake, stop!

But it was too late.

Lephi: Response


Lt. Alieth
Chief Science Officer
USS Gorkon NCC-82293
Image Collective Facilitator /Art Director

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