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Cory Stoyer

Oct 14, 2021, 10:38:43 PMOct 14
to USS Gorkon – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Lab, FedSec HQ))

Cory was standing just inside the lab at FedSec headquarters.  Wearing dry clothes and talking with the others of the team to figure what was going on.  it seem to Cory a mushroom was at the cause of the issue.

Stoyer: Could this be a motive for the murder?

Neathler: That happened twenty years ago. That’s a long time to hold a grudge against someone. And I doubt Bisul was as high placed person back then as he was now.

Cory nodded.  That made sense.  He knew beings held grudges for a long time.

Lynas: No, he would have been a lowly Melden back then. The largest organized protest group was called the Pelian Way. They believed the greater good would be served by preserving the natural Darime ecosystem. Many offworlders backed the movement.

The Pelian Way….something Cory thought about it.  Maybe something to look into.

Neathler: Agent Lynas, any idea where your wife and Bisul, regularly met each other?

Lynas: They enjoyed shopping at bookstores throughout the city and often stopped for lunch at a nearby diner, The Burrow. It ... ::awkward pause:: ... It was where I first discovered them together. ::pause:: But that is in the past now. Do you think someone might have seen Sylan recently?

Tahna: Someone there might have some information on her disappearance. We won't know until we ask. 

Stoyer: It wouldn’t hurt to ask around.  Or at least to see if there are any security cameras available,

Neathler: It’s in the details but Agent Lynas is correct. The notes are written by two different people. ::She paused briefly.:: So what was written by Bisul and what not?

Tahna: We need a sample that's known to be written by him to be sure. 

Stoyer: We can find something in his office.  

Neathler: Cory, find the closest location of the meeting places Lynas mentioned. ::She gave a brief nod towards Lynas.:: Our priority is finding Synal. ::She stood up and looked at Meru.:: Do you still need anything from these labs?

Lynas: ::quietly, with a touch of annoyance:: Sylan. Her name is Sylan.

Cory nodded and leaned up from the wall.

Stoyer:  Aye, Commander.

Neathler: Response

Lynas: Certainly. One last thing I should mention that has become relevant. Bisul's attendant mentioned in his interview that His Eminence was set to announce an understanding with our Romulan brethren. 

Stoyer:  Really?

Neathler: Response

Tahna: What sort of understanding?

Lynas: Apparently some of the Romulan colonists expressed an interest in converting to the Pelian faith. It would be a controversial step.

That did surprise Cory.  

Stoyer:  Wow, that is surprising.

Neathler: Response

Cory thought of Romulans as pretty insular.  But anything was possible.  Maybe Bisul was that persuasive.  

Tahna: What do you mean controversial? Were Pelians opposed to it, or Romulans? Both? 

Stoyer:  That Is a good question.

Neathler/Lynas: Response

Cory walked over to a computer worked on locating books stores with diners nearby.  Only 1 of them showed up.  “Your imagination” book store.  There were 2 dinners within a short walk of the book store.  Cory was intrigued enough to want to visit the bookstore himself.  He picked up a great book the last time he visited one.  Heck, Tahna was with him and Jona during shore leave.

Tahna: Could we have some of the more prominent people opposed to Romulan conversion brought in for questioning while we look into any sightings of Sylan? 

Cory thought that was a good idea.  He was sure most would be a dead end, but something may creep out.

Stoyer:  I was able to find a bookstore with a couple of diners nearby.  

Neathler/Lynas: Response

Cory waited as Tahna put away the samples.  

Tahna: We should also get information about any prominent figures in the Pelian Way. Who's still around, who might have the resources to cultivate Gorak. 

Stoyer: Ok, hard would it be to cultivate Gorak?  Do you need anything more than soil, fertilizer, sun and water?

Cory realized that he was oversimplifying it, but he hoped the point was getting across.

Neathler/Lynas: Response

Stoyer:  Also, how long does the poison stay potent?  Is it something that has to be worked up quickly and administered or something that can sit around till needed.  

Neathler/Tahna/Lynas: Response

Stoyer:  Last question… the poison as simple to make as grinding up the mushrooms or ::waving to the lab:: is something like this needed?

Neathler/Tahna/Lynas: Response

Lieutenant Cory Stoyer 
Helm/Comms/Ops Officer
USS Gorkon
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