CSC Virgil Hawkins - The Crusty Crabs

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Genkos Sim

Mar 4, 2019, 9:48:06 AM3/4/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Gorkon
(( The World Tree, Deck 6 - USS Njörðr ))

::Virgil was picking at the remains of a medkit that looked as if it had been scavenged by some sort of medical hyena. He heard Toran Sevo try to talk to the fallen Klingon.::

T. Sevo: What’s your name, Warrior?

Makkor: Response

sh’Kavhilji: I’m a diplomat, not a warrior. I’m a pacifist, I would never be a warrior.

Arco/O’Rien: Response

Hawkins: There’s nothing here sir, I’ll look over here.

::He stood up and went to examine a fallen officer in a teal uniform. Maybe...just maybe he’d have something…::

T. Sevo: Hold on, Makkor. Today is not a good day to die.

sh’Kavhilji: Makkor? My name is Jhyrazhao, you know that Toran. I’m--::THUD!::--Ow!

::He heard the thud from where he was, but was too far to do anything. He ignored the noise of the inconvenient Aenar, who appeared to be a lot more trouble than she was worth. What sort of species evolved to be blind and have delicate antlers anyway?::

Makkor/Arco/O’Rien: Response

T. Sevo: Hawkins! Find anything?!

sh’Kavhilji: Please stop yelling, it hurts.

Hawkins: Negative!

::He could feel bile rising in his throat - if this Klingon died they were going to blame him, and his inability to find supplies. But maybe if they looked, they’d also know there was sweet fanny adams left on board this ship.::

Makkor/Arco/O’Rien//T. Sevo: Response

::He felt the ship give a small shake and “Ha!”ed in fear. This situation kept getting worse.::

sh’Kavhilji: I feel sleepy...wake me up when it is time to go...I’ll just...I...I’ll just nap here.

Makkor/Arco/O’Rien/T. Sevo: Response

::Virgil didn’t say anything - perhaps if she was asleep then she wouldn’t be such a pain in his backside.::

sh’Kavhilji: I don’t want to stay awake, I want to go to sleep! Why won’t--::something didn’t feel right, she could feel something on the edge of her telepathic reach and she didn’t like it.::--what is h-happening?

Makkor/Arco/O’Rien/T. Sevo: Response

Hawkins: What the frick are you talking about?

::She was starting to really get his goat now - she was a panicky, useless mess and he hoped - His thoughts were interrupted by another outburst from the frustratingly annoying Aenar.::

sh’Kavhilji: None of you can hear that? None of you? Something is--

::She was interrupted by a thump from near the windows. Hawkins was a mere six feet from the window and jumped. He looked, but couldn’t see anything. Then out of the gas came sailing an object. It hit the window with a thump, nearly identical to the first one, and stuck fast to the glass.::

::It was a bloody crab. A big white crab. That was...uh oh… tapping on the glass with it’s large claws::

::More and more of the crabs appeared, each tapping on the glass.::

sh’Kavhilji: What are they?

Makkor/Arco/O’Rien/T. Sevo: Response

Hawkins: I don’t know, but they don’t look friendly.

::The tapping increased volume, as the crabs tapped harder. Virgil stood and walked towards the nearest crab and studied it. Its dull grey eyes stared at him, the openings of its mouth clacking at him. Bizarrely he could hear it, through the glass.::

Hawkins: Man, you’re an ugly bastard.

sh’Kavhilji/Makkor/Arco/O’Rien/T. Sevo: Response

::He turned round to face the rest of the bar::

Hawkins: It’s fine - that glass must be several inches thi -

::He was interrupted by a sudden crack that rippled through the bar. He turned around in the silence that followed. There was a hole, the size of a tricorder in the glass. The crab he’d been staring at was now staring at him without the interfering glass.::

Hawkins: Oh crap.

::He took a step backwards, tripping over the fallen officer. As he fell he saw that the crabs were no longer tapping on the glass. Instead, the fifty or so of them were rushing towards the hole. Four of the crabs were chipping away at its edges, creating a bigger hole.

sh’Kavhilji/Makkor/Arco/O’Rien/T. Sevo: Response

Hawkins: Run!

::He scrambled to his feet, but his left got caught in the strap of a medkit and he fell again. A medkit! Fantastic! He pulled at the straps and grasped at it. It was delightfully heavy - it felt full. He went to stand up again when a peculiar sensation ran up his legs. He looked down to see one of the dull grey crabs on his right leg. It raised its claw and suddenly a sharp evil pain ripped through that leg. He let out a scream of agony before smacking the crab with the medkit and all his might.::

::It flew across the bar, hitting a supporting column with a splat. At least these things were vulnerable. He stood up and felt another crab land on his back. Pulling it up and over his left shoulder with his right hand, he threw it on the floor and stomped down on it. He felt a sharp pain in his right hand, and looked down to see that the crab had managed to take his middle finger off at the joint. Resisting the urge to scream and put it in his mouth he took another step forward. An agonising pain in his left leg and a sudden weight on his neck told him there were more crabs on him now.::

Hawkins: Sevo!

sh’Kavhilji/Makkor/Arco/O’Rien/T. Sevo: Response

::He threw the medkit towards the Trill with all his might, hoping the man would catch it and take it.::

Hawkins: GO!

::He spun himself round. He felt the crab on his back lose its grip and fly off with another splat. He kicked the one on his leg off with a quick shake, then crunched down on it with his boot.::

::Looking around, he picked up a table leg from one of the pieces of ex-furniture. It was hefty and felt pretty good in his hand. He brought it down with a satisfyingly sickening splat on another crab. He shifted his gaze to the hole, through which now two crabs were able to get through at a time. Whether the four widening the holes were the same as earlier he couldn’t tell.::

::He rushed the entering crabs and laid the smackdown on them, one, two, three, turning them into greyish smears on the ceiling. He laughed. If only his family could see him now, his brother George would be proud to see his brother acting so.::

::The smile died on his lips as a huge cracked echoed through the bar. A quick glance behind him told him the majority of the survivors were out of the bar. However, a huge piece of the glass window has been pulled away, and ten of the crabs leapt into the World Tree. He managed to home run one right back out the window again, but the other nine landed in front of him. He brought the table leg down on one, but another jumped on his neck and sunk its hefty claw right in.::

::Virgil screamed and pulled it off, throwing it to the ground. Unfortunately, the claw stayed planted where the crab had left it. He put his hand there to find a matted tangle of blood and hair and all sorts. The bile rose in his throat again, a now familiar sensation aboard the Njörðr, but this would be the last time. The remaining crabs in the bar were now crawling up his legs, snapping at his knees, whilst another battalion launched themselves from the window to land on his chest and arms.::

::Virgil let out a final scream as he fell to his knees, and quickly lost consciousness as the crabs overwhelmed him with agonising pain. His last thoughts were of the crew of the Gorkon, and that he hoped they had got out.::



Crewman, Second Class Virgil Hawkins
Security Officer
USS Gorkon

Simmed by...

Lieutenant Genkos Sim MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Gorkon
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