[JP] Lt. JG G. Xerix, Lt. S. Neathler - The Clash For Victoire (Part VI)

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Samira Neathler

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(( The next morning - Xerix family estate ))

Ghant awoke and looked at the time - too early for nearly anyone to be awake. Today was his first day as a parent. Anxiety and doubt rushed through him. No Russian here to work him into exhaustion. No Moran support. But there was one, rather more quiet presence here. One whom, if he judged rightly, was also wide awake. He cleaned himself up and shrugged on some light attire. It was still dark out, but sunrise would be happening fairly soon. Padding barefoot to her room with the makeshift curtains, he gently rapped on the wall next to the opening. 

Fully dressed already, Samira had been pacing around the room, avoiding to wake up any of the other inhabitants of the family estate. Now that the custody case was over, it meant she had to go back to the Gorkon, back to the daily business and what other troubles awaited her. The rapping on the wall, made her look up, it seems she wasn’t the only one awake at this early hour.

Neathler: Yeah.

Xerix: It’s Ghant. I was wondering if you’d want to go for a run this morning? See more of Betazed than dusty old government buildings?

She looked in the mirror near the doorway, her outfit was fitting for a run, she had planned an early walk around the estate, see the sun set from one of the higher points at the estate. And odd as it may sound, maybe some company would distract her.

Neathler: I’ll be right there. 

Quickly she changed her boots for a more comfortable set of running shoes and a few moments later she showed up in the corridor.

Neathler: Morning Ghant, did you manage to get some sleep?

Xerix: Not much. Too many things to think about. 

She had retreated to one of the guest rooms rather early last night, to give the Xerix family the time to get used to the new family situation they were currently in.

Neathler: How did Victoire take it?

Xerix: We’ve tried to keep her informed but insulated. I told her she would live with us permanently now, but that she could see the Seastris if she chose. No need for her to feel like she needs to pick sides. 

Together they walked to the kitchen and Samira took the opportunity to drink a glass of water first while Ghant slid his shoes on, and opted to fill a water bottle to take with her as she had no idea which tour Ghant had in mind.

Neathler: Lead the way mister Xerix.

Xerix: :: He flashed her a smile as he stretched his legs:: I thought we were on a first name basis, Lieutenant?

Neathler: Maybe I’m just being polite towards the owner if this estate, ::She briefly winked at him.:: Mister Ghant.

((Sevruga Woods))

After receiving payment, the first half now and the rest of the latinum after the job was finished, Herrick started executing his plan. Travelling to Karazad had been the easiest part, entering Sevruga woods hadn’t proven a challenge at all. Hiking to one of the highest points in the woods, to get an open view at the Xerix estate however had proven to be the most challenging part. Or maybe it was the hangover from the previous day that was still playing tricks with him. 

Little had he known when he had taken that dabo girl to his quarters that he’d receive an assignment just a few hours later. So instead of being in good female company, he was laying on his stomach, in the dirt, critters and bugs crawling in the earth beneath and around him, as he used some binoculars to have a first look at the house itself. 

A sensitive tricorder, long range sensors keeping track of the heat signatures inside the house, continuously scanning, lay on a small rock on his left, a PADD, the picture of a black haired Betazoid in the corner, on his right to make quick notes. Unfortunately the tricorder had given too many heat signals so Herrick quickly gave up the plan of sneaking in at night to get the deal done. No, no, he would find out the routine the man did and strike when the man would least expect it. With the amount of latinum he’d receive for this job, he didn’t mind staying here for a few days.

Or maybe he wouldn’t have to wait that long at all, as two people walked out of the house. Herrick quickly checked with the photograph on the PADD and he smirked, there was a match, whoever the skinny woman was beside him he had no idea. All he knew was that he considered her to be collateral damage or maybe he could have a bit of fun with her first.

(( A short while later )) 

Ghant had led them out of the old estates, up the gently rolling hills and into the Sevruga woods. Ancient, drooping limbs were covered in golden foliage, and flowering vines mounted and covered where they could. The small green blossoms filled the air with a soft, almost citrusy scent. 

Sami had let Ghant lead, but judging by her pace and breathing, she was more than capable of a faster cadence. His recent conditioning under the critical eye of a certain ballerino had definitely helped him, but the security aspect of Sami’s job obviously had instilled a strong work ethic in her, which showed in her conditioning. 

He slowed slightly to speak to her, breath burning in his lungs and a slight sheen on his forehead. Samira matched Ghant’s pace as he slowed down.

Xerix: This is Sevruga, one of the oldest woods on Karazad. 

Neathler: It looks lovely and I have to admit, it has something over the places I’ve visited on the holodeck.

Even though the running was the same, somehow breathing non recycled air, gave her more stamina to keep going, yet she held back to keep up with Ghant and to actually enjoy the environment. Somehow it reminded her of the holo adventures she played with her brothers so many years ago. In the distance the sun set higher as they ran towards the top of a small hill.

Neathler: I’m sure you had lots of fun playing out here as a kid?

Xerix: I did! Too much in fact. ::He laughed a little.:: I got lost out here once and my father had all of Rixx out looking for me 

Neathler: ::She grinned.:: And he probably still lets you know once in a while.

She lowered her pace and came to a full stop at the highest point of the small path they had been following. Taking in the environment, getting the fresh air of the woods in her lungs. She did a few stretching exercises. Ghant felt a jabbing in his foot. He leaned over to remove a small pebble which had found its way into his shoe. As he did so, he heard the sound of an energy weapon firing. 

Samira reacted instinctively and pulled Ghant down next to her on the forest floor, already regretting she hadn’t brought a phaser with her. Wasn’t that why she had come with him in the first place? To make sure he’d get back unharmed and here he was getting shot at with an unarmed bodyguard next to him.

Neathler: ::Whispering.:: Stay down.

Ghant was stunned into silent acquiescence, rocks digging into his knees. Someone had shot at him. Here, on Betazed. 

She looked at the tree which had taken the blast, and then stared in the opposite direction, trying to figure out where the shot had come from, she was missing a few variables though to pinpoint the exact location. She took a branch from the ground and used it to rustle a few leaves from the tree behind her, yet the branch was shot out of her hand. Samira grinned, she had seen where the shot originated from. She picked up the branch again.

Neathler: Stay down and don’t move.

Ghant nodded, letting the security officer do what she was trained for. It would only be a matter of minutes before the home guard came to investigate the phaser fire. 

She crawled forward, returning to the direction they had come from for quite some time before she dared to stand up. As quietly as possible, she left the path and walked into the woods itself between the trees, carefully not to step on any dry branches or twigs that could give away her location. Her eyes only focussed on where to set her feet and the possible location of the assaulter, her ears open for any strange noises but next to the birds she didn’t pick anything special.

Samira bent down and picked up a rock, tossing it between Ghant and the possible location of the shooter. Nothing spectacular happened but she had seen something moving just on top of that boulder near that big tree. So the shooter was smart enough not to shoot at everything that moved. 

Slowly and even more careful she continued her route further and deeper into the woods, concentrating on breathing slowly and evenly, making a wide turn so she could get to her target from behind. For a moment she lost sight of the boulder as she had to climb a few rocks to be able to get to the assaulter from behind. 

She raised herself ready to hit the man from behind, but before she executed the blow, the man turned around and fired at her, unable to stop her own movement, the branch hit the man on the forearm causing him to misfire. He tried to fire again but she managed to grab his wrist and kneed him in the chest, as she tried to push away his firing arm. 

Ignoring his coughing as he tried to catch some air, her gaze quickly went over the equipment laying on the boulder, a PADD with a picture a younger version of Ghant, on the other side a tricorder, showing the life sign of Ghant and a few coming from the house at a rather fast pace. Distracted she hadn’t noticed the man in front of her had pulled a knife with his free hand and she cursed out loud when she saw the blade flickering just a moment before he was about to strike. 

Samira used her right hand as shield letting out a curse as he managed to cut her skin and dropped the branch she was still holding. She banged his arm with the phaser a few times on the rock until she heard the clattering of the device as he let go and grabbed the other hand with both her hands. The man tried to get away from underneath, knowing she wouldn’t be able to hold him down much longer, she used all her force of her arm and hit the side of his head with her elbow.


Lieutenant JG Ghant Xerix

HCO Officer

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Lieutenant Samira Neathler

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