JP Capt. Nugra & Lt Tasi - Not Your Usual Counseling Session (Part 3)

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Jun 22, 2018, 7:51:08 PM6/22/18
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(( Counselor’s Suite - Deck 7 - USS Gorkon ))

:: Nugra sat back a little and folded his hands across his chest. A small smile played on his snout. ::

Nugra: So, how was serving on Deep Space 26? Did you serve directly with Ambassador T'mani or did they have you reporting to Commander Lyldra?

::It looks like she wasn’t the only one who had been reading up. She grinned at the Gorn, pleased that he was taking an interest.::

Nugra: ::smiling:: I read all primary and secondary officer's biographies and try to commit them to memory. As Counselor to Gorkon's crew, you were the third one after The Captain and her first officer.

Tasi: Third in line. That’s pretty good. ::She chuckled::

Nugra: Tell me a little about it, if you do not mind. I have never been out as far as the Par'tha Expanse.

Tasi: I worked primarily as a diplomat and did indeed report to Commander Lyldra. I didn’t work much with the Ambassador, as that was something Commander Lyldra did. What’s much lesser known is that I did a lot of work directly for Rear Admiral Renos, acting in the capacity of advisor. I really enjoy the diplomatic work but it is nice to return to my roots as a counselor.

::Tasi had really enjoyed being a part of Andaris Task Force. There was a strong community spirit there that helped personnel bond with each other and fostered camaraderie. It was a very different experience to her previous posting on the USS Gemini. She had always thought that the smaller crew and more confined environment lent itself better to fostering a close-knit community. Before that she had been on Ops - a large station, which had a huge civilian and Starfleet population. On Deep Space 26 and among the wider task Force, Tasi had felt most at home, and flourished under leadership that strived hard to bring people together. That was important when they were so far from home, trying to find their place in a region of space where they had little influence and were the minority.::

Nugra: What do you like to do to unwind?

Tasi: Lots of things. Reading, running, painting. I like sports and outdoor activities. I love holoadventures. What about you?

Nugra: ::chuckling:: I do enjoy vacuuming my office and creating those straight lines on the carpet but Talia tells me that's not relaxing. When I'm on a Gorn world, I enjoy hunting but beyond that, I really don't have anything.

::Hunting. That sounded like a ghastly hobby to her, but then again it depended on what was being hunted and how. It was mainly the notion of killing animals purely for sport she found off putting but it wasn’t her place to judge so she did not comment on it..::

Tasi: You should try to expand your hobbies then. Have you tried holo-adventures?

:: Nugra thought about it. He actually never used holodecks that much except for on duty exercises or designing training simulations. ::

Nugra: I actually never considered a holo-adventure. I've used them for training purposes, battle and security scenarios but never an adventure. Are they different than standard holodeck programs?

Tasi: Not always, but they can be. You can do anything, from fishing on a lake, swimming… painting on a beach, practising music to a mock audience, racing. Some people like to talk to holographic imitations of famous people of historical importance. If you can imagine it - there’s a holo-adventure for it.

Nugra: Hmmm. What specific holo-adventures do you like?

Tasi: All sorts actually. I like trying new things. Right now I’m working through a mobster themed adventure. In the adventure, I play the role of sidekick to a mafia boss. Sometimes I’m tasked with debt collection, or roughing someone up. Other times I’m buying and sending bribes to influential people.

:: If Nugra had an eyebrow, he would have raised it. When he was at the Gorn Starbase G-22, he hunted gang and criminal organizations so to hear of someone who pretended to be one seemed to be an oxymoron, especially for a Starfleet officer. ::

Nugra: That is a unique choice of entertainment. How did you come about to find it?

Tasi: I got into it because of my passion for history for also as an exercise in criminology. It is said that to truly understand a criminal and their motivations one must get into their head and think as they do. Pursuing a holo-adventure makes that process a lot easier. It doesn’t really feel like work though, even though it probably sounds like it when put like that.

Nugra: No, I can understand. A few times I joined in the recreation of the Battle of Kai’Asan in my people’s ancient history and pretended to be Paladin Ash’Ma who led the army against the Dragon Priests for our people’s freedom.

Tasi: Perhaps you could join me some time?

Nugra: I would love to but I actually received orders to transfer to the capital of Trill. It looks like they’re looking for a training manager of their Starfleet satellite academy to prep cadets for the one on Earth.

::Her facial expression barely twitched, giving little indication of the disappointment she felt inside. She hesitated to speak, wondering what to say next.::

Tasi: That is a very great pity.

Nugra: It is. It appears that I cannot ever catch a break. Someone higher up wants to chain me to a desk.

::She had felt the conversation was going so well and looked forward to getting to know the Gorn much better. It seemed there wouldn’t be that opportunity.::

Tasi: I would wish you luck then in your future endeavours.

Nugra: I appreciate it, Lieutenant, and I do hope you’ll consider me as a comrade and keep in touch. I have no clue where I’ll be sent next and I will want to collect on a holoadventure with you.

Tasi: I will keep in touch and hope to hear from you from time to time.

::She resolved to ensure this wasn’t going to be a hollow promise. She had fallen out of touc with other friends over the years and didn’t want to let it happen again.::

Tasi: Perhaps if we ever end up with off-duty time at the same time we could connect to an adventure together via holoconferencing. Multiplayer scenarios are much less laggy than they used to be… Well, I need to prepare for my next meeting.

Nugra: ::smiling:: Sounds like a plan. Might even get us a dedicated line for a bit. Captain has its advantages.

:: Nugra stood and gave a polite nod to the woman he spoke with. He had come to like her in the short time together. ::

Nugra: Fight for Duty and Honor, Tasi.

Tasi: And you Nugra, just remember to connect with others between fights. ::Winking at him::

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