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Aaron Schimmel

Jul 6, 2019, 11:48:11 PM7/6/19
to SB118 Gorkon (IC)

(( VIP Area - Vortex, Nassau ))

:: Damn it! Somehow, this group of ragtag miscreants had managed to corner Leelou in her own supposedly secure lounge! The man and woman were not working alone; apparently, they had additional associates breaking into her lounge from the rear exit while the former pair distracted her. Somehow, they had managed to disable or kill her guard protecting the door, AND bypass the biometric and voice recognition security! She knew she should have sprung for the rear light wall, but those things were damn expensive! ::

:: Now she had a gun pressed against her head by a woman, one of those who broke through the rear exit. Another man was with her, Betazoid by the look of his black, iris-less eyes. In no uncertain terms, with a forcefulness behind her voice, the woman had “asked” Leelou to have her guards lower their weapons currently pointed in every direction; the implication being, if her guards blow one of them up, she blows Leelou’s head off. She wasn’t sure if the woman would actually go through with such a threat, but in this instance, Leelou didn’t want to press her luck. With a nod, she indicated for her guards to lower their weapons. ::

Leelou: I see. :: Pausing to collect herself. :: So you’ve got me. Now what?

Adea: Take down the forcefield so my associate can join us.

Stoyer: Yeah…..

:: Despite the current high ground his partners had on her, the man did not release his stare into Leelou’s eyes. Was he beginning to fall under her pheromonic influence? It had only been a little while, so it couldn’t be more than a quiet infatuation; still, Humans were one of the most susceptible races to Orion pheromones. Perhaps she could use the growing infatuation to her advantage. ::

Tereen: Response

:: Gingerly, Leelou nodded to one of her guards, who pressed a control on his wrist gauntlet. Quickly, the forcefield protecting her lounge from the front snapped out of existence. The woman outside joined her friends while the man retrieved his weapons originally confiscated at the forcefield, as well as taking the guards’ weapons for additional security. Intriguingly, the man stepped up beside Leelou, rather than joining the rest. ::

Leelou: I don’t suppose you’re going to tell me who you are? I have a few ideas.

Adea: You’ll know, soon enough.

Neathler: ::Shrugging.:: Names don't matter. As long as we get paid. Think you can activate that little something you created?

Stoyer: Don't want our little bird escaping.

:: Leelou was beginning to worry what they meant by that. ::

Tereen: Response

Leelou: You can’t take me out of here in one piece. I have too many people in the district who have my survival in their best interests. 

:: That was a convenient lie, of course. Everyone knew how far Leelou had fallen from the Syndicate’s favor, but any little edge might be useful, even if it was a bluff. ::

Adea: You say that, but even your guards have been subpar in protecting you. Even the people you’re paying don’t really seem that invested in your safety. What does that say about you?

Leelou: It says I should kill them for incompetence after I kill you all.

:: The contempt in her voice could melt durasteel. She was infuriated with herself for even letting this escapade get this far. She should have had the man and woman hauled out back the moment she suspected something was afoot. ::

Tereen: Response

Adea: :: Gesturing to his four companions and Leelou. :: We are going now, and you are coming with us. Your guards will stay here. Oh, and before I forget.

:: The Betazoid lowered his phaser, feeling safe with the rest of his teammates sufficiently armed. He took out a hypospray, and pressed it into the base of her neck. The telltale hiss of the chemical being injected into her system quickly followed. Leelou felt a momentary dizzy spell before it quickly cleared. ::

Adea: There we go.

Leelou: oO Damn! Oo Let me guess...pheromone suppressant. It’s not the first time I’ve been subjected to it.

:: They were nothing if not prepared. ::

Neathler: I'll stun the guards, just to be on the safe side and raise the wall again.

Stoyer:  I will guard our little bird here.

:: Interestingly, the man continued to gaze unusually frequently in Leelou’s direction. While her pheromone production was temporarily halted, he was still under some small influence. In defiance of the chemical flowing through her bloodstream, she smirked knowingly at the man. ::

Leelou: How kind of you, good sir. At least someone here has some manners.

Adea/Tereen: Response

Neathler: One more thing. Maybe her guards aren't that loyal to her anymore but we should be on the lookout for people who might want the bounty on her head for themselves.

Stoyer: I think we need to get out of here.  

:: He stepped away from Leelou to her disappointment, returning to the side of one of his companions. ::

Adea/Tereen: Response

Neathler: Everyone set to go? ::She nodded towards the backdoor.:: I take it the path is still clear to go that way?

Stoyer:  We can't go out the front.  Too many folks that hate her.

Leelou: I have a dozen guards down there anyway; not to mention most of those people are armed. A firefight would start an everyman-for-himself shootout. You’d never make it out alive.

Adea/Neathler/Tereen: response

:: The man took one last look at Leelou.::

Stoyer:  Should we gag her?

:: Oy! Leelou gave an insulted look at the man. ::

Leelou: Don’t you dare...

Adea/Neathler/Tereen: response

:: The man unholstered one of his pistols. ::

Stoyer:  Ready?

Adea/Neathler/Tereen: response

:: The group began their trek, stunning the guards around her as they promised. She could only hope that her men in the security booth were watching the events unfold, or would at least wake up soon enough to notice she was gone and her guards unconscious. With a little luck, they’d still be able to give chase. ::

:: They led her back down the rear entrance which they managed to break through earlier. Through the entire ordeal, someone always had a weapon pointed at her. The fact that they were willing to stun her guards rather than outright kill them suggested softness. It was also another clue as to their origins. The pieces were slowly falling into place. ::

Leelou: Lovely night out, isn’t it?

Stoyer/Adea/Neathler/Tereen: response

Leelou: Oh come now, we’re going to be spending some time together it seems. I might as well get to know the people I’m going to kill. I usually don’t extend such interest to most of my enemies. But you have earned a special place.

Stoyer/Adea/Neathler/Tereen: response

:: They were just around the block from Vortex when the sound of several men shouting came from the location of the club. Leelou smirked as she continued. ::

Leelou: Ah, it seems my disappearance has finally been noticed. Those would be more of my men coming; your exit was quite sloppy.

Stoyer/Adea/Neathler/Tereen: response


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