Lieutenant Lephi: Warming Up

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Lieutenant Lephi

Jan 25, 2022, 2:36:45 PMJan 25
to USS Gorkon
((Michael Collins Dome, Pillars of Light, Luna))

Lephi’s plans to quietly remove herself from the dome and the celebration had hit a snag when Lieutenant Stoyer had approached her with small talk. Now, she had a fresh glass of wine and found herself recounting her experience with horses on Betazed, and her allergies.

Stoyer: Yes, that would make the ride uncomfortable.  I can definitely understand that.  

She watched as Cory sipped from his glass of water, unable to shake the feeling that the man was uncomfortable. The Ferengi pursed her lips in silent thought, but she couldn't figure out the awkwardness between them. She made a mental note to try again when she had sobered up, and tried to direct the conversation somewhere more comfortable for them both.

Lephi: Enough about that though. Let's talk more about the ranch. Do you know its assessed value? I bet it's in an impressive tax bracket!
When Cory coughed and looked at her, she realized that this topic was no more comfortable for the man than the one they'd just left behind. She began to wonder if there was anything he was comfortable discussing. She knew that not everyone shared her love of valuations, but she was running out of things to talk about. 

Stoyer: Ahhhh, no.  It’s not my ranch.  My parents gave it to my brother.  Now he owns it with his wife.

A pang of guilt shot through her for a moment. She hadn't meant to assume that the ranch was his but he spoke so fondly of it. Lephi could have sworn there was something about the way he was saying the words; but she chalked it up to the alcohol coursing through her veins.

Lephi: My apologies, and condolences. I was only trying to find some common ground we could enjoy together.

Stoyer:  I apologize.  You mentioned something about a wedding.  I was rude and changed the subject.

The engineer did a double take and looked at the man with one raised eyebrow. The conversation was jumping around enough to make her head spin. What was his angle? The thought played on repeat in her head, but she loved talking about the wedding so she didn't think about it too much.

Lephi: Oh yes indeed! My beloved Elizabeth and I are to be married. 

She beamed with pride, as she so often did when thinking of her Imzadi. Though she wasn't there with Lephi at the moment, the Ferengi knew that she carried her everywhere in her heart.

Stoyer: Response 

Lephi: We actually were supposed to be married in October, but our mission got in the way, and then I transferred. So now we're thinking Spring maybe. 

Stoyer: Response 

Now she felt like they were getting somewhere. Her posture relaxed and she breathed a little easier. He was quite friendly after all. 

Lephi: That's life in Starfleet for you I suppose. What about you, Lieutenant? Anybody warming your bed at night? 

Stoyer: Response 

Lieutenant Lephi
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