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Samira Neathler

Mar 19, 2019, 1:59:03 AM3/19/19
(( Corridor - Deck Unknown - USS Njörðr ))

::She had only meant to close her eyes for a few seconds, yet somehow she must have dozed off, maybe even passed out, Samira couldn't tell. Was that Orson's voice she heard in the far distance in her dream? Someone seemed to be touching her shoulder. Slowly she opened her eyes, a pair of blue eyes looking back at her. Frowning, yet a feeling of relief going through her, as she looked at Marshall, hadn't he fallen down a shaft or something? Her confused mind no longer understood. She felt something burning behind her eyes and had to blink a few times to get rid of it.::

O. Marshall: Samira? Samira, can you hear me?

::She gave him a faint nod, wanted to say something, when she saw Gnaxac standing behind Orson. Her mouth and throat felt dry and she had to swallow a couple of times before she managed to make a sound.::

Neathler: You're both... late for the party. You missed... most of the fun...

Gnaxac: Next time, hey? I’ll bring booze.

::She gave them both a weak smile and it was only then she saw Groznin was with them too. She tried to move but her body protested in any way it could. The phaser overload, he had survived somehow.::

Neathler: Mister Smith... Are the Chief and the Commander ok?

::Samira felt relieved that despite what the kidnappers had done, they had failed to kill anyone of those remaining behind.::

O. Marshall: Did anyone catch the deck we came out on?

Gnaxac: No idea, I’m afraid. And I can’t see any markings. Lieutenant?

::Samira shook her head at the same time there was another tremble going through the ship. A heavy sound came from further down the corridor.::

O. Marshall: Samira, we're getting you out of here. I'm going to lift you up.

Neathler: I can... wal...

::Yet she halted her protest as Bear carefully picked her up in his arms and she wrapped her good arm around his neck and strong shoulders. What she wouldn't give to just fall asleep now, being held in his arms, but she knew that was a no go. Despite her words, Samira wasn't exactly confident of her own body anymore. Next to a throbbing pain in her right arm, she was hurting all over. Even the simplest and every day thing like breathing was currently a struggle. And if she could walk, she'd only slow them down. Still the creaking and ominous sounds coming from the ship, was a telltale sign that time was something they were short of.::

Gnaxac: Let’s go!

O. Marshall: Can you find us the quickest way out of here?

Gnaxac: The way back is not viable.

Neathler: Maybe the other way is an option?

Gnaxac: We can give it a go.

::Samira took a deep breath before Orson lowered her feet and her hand was finding support on as she tried to find her balance. At least her legs still seemed to be working. She saw the concern on his face and gave him a weak smile, wondering what went on in that head of his.::

O. Marshall: You alright?

Neathler: It's only a small distance, I'll manage.

Gnaxac: Well we’ll stay on either side of you, just in case.

O. Marshall: You're sure you can walk?

::She let go of his shoulder and tried a few steps in the opposite direction of which they came from. It was something at least.::

Neathler: Looks like it.

Gnaxac: It’ll be okay Lieutenant. Come on.

::She had to, she had no other option, not after these men had gone above and beyond, risking their own lives to rescue her. She couldn't let them down now. She didn't pay attention where they were going, Samira just followed, step by step, hoping the others would find a way out. And the only way out obviously was another Jefferies tube again.::

Gnaxac: How about this?

O. Marshall: It's a way out. I'm game.

Gnaxac: I’ll go first.

((Life Support Control Centre - Deck 11 - USS Njörðr))

::As she had predicted, she had slowed their group down as they climbed up. No longer being able to reach for the upper rung with her right arm so it took her double time to traverse the distance compared to the others. It felt like ages until they finally arrived at Deck 11. With Orson's help, she climbed out of the hatch and made room for the person behind her as she leaned against the wall, closing her eyes, panting from the exercise. Her heart was doing a race of its own in her chest and she had the feeling it could explode any minute. The others probably thought she had the worst condition ever, and maybe it was for the best she didn't see how Bear looked at her. She only opened her eyes when Gnaxac confronted them with reality again, while she heard a wheezing sound coming from someone who was having trouble breathing. It was only when she had looked over the room, seeing motionless people, that Samira realized she was the one producing the unsettling sound.::

Gnaxac: They’re all dead.

::What was she complaining, compared to those victims on the ceiling? At least she was still alive with people she considered friends.::

Smith: Much like everyone else aboard the ship.

O. Marshall: How close are we up to the next deck?

::A next deck, really? Even though it was hot in the room, she was shivering. And the scent wasn't much better. She hooked her thumb from her right hand in a belt loop from her trousers, not that it helped much against the nagging pain but her arm felt as if it weighed a ton. It reminded her of something one of the kidnappers had said.::

Gnaxac: Response

Smith: There’s a service shaft next door. It’ll take us up a Deck. Maybe two if we’re lucky.

O. Marshall: Let's not hang around here then. There's ground to cover.

::Samira watched as Orson moved over to one of the casualties wanting to close the young man's eyes, Bear suddenly stumbled backwards. Samira took her first step forward since they had entered the room, afraid that something had happened to Bear.::

Smith: Marshall. I think he’s still alive.

Gnaxac: Response

O. Marshall: Smith, grab the medkit! ::Seems the young Vulcan was still alive.:: Goddamnit, man, you scared the hell out of me. Stay with us, we've got you.

Gnaxac: Response

::Samira saw the young Vulcan's eyes roaming through the room, in panic he grabbed Bear's forearm, while Groznin retrieved a medkit somewhere, kneeling next to the Vulcan himself.::

Smith: You’re going to be alright. Mr... Vulcan. We’re going to help you.

O. Marshall: Give him a shot of something. Analgesic, sedative... What've you got in there?

Smith: On it. I’m going to give you some pain relief first. Then I’ll get you something else. To help with the breathing and other problems you may have. Ok.

Gnaxax: Response

::Orson stood up, as Groznin was giving the Vulcan something. The Vulcan grabbed the hypospray out of Groznin's hands and tossed it upwards against one of the consoles on the ceiling.::

Computer: Input confirmed. Gravitational realignment will begin in thirty seconds. Thirty, twenty-nine, twenty-eight...

::Samira could hardly believe it. Of all the things it could activate, it had to activate probably one of the few still working consoles on the whole ship. Awaking the very something that had caused all this trouble in the first place. The very something that had caused multiple casualties along the ship not only from the USS Njörðr but also from the USS Gorkon itself.::

::Surely with the bad shape the ship was, it wouldn't be able to complete the procedure, would it?::

Smith: Umm... what’s just happened.

Neathler: Can... it be stopped? ::Her gaze going to Gnaxac.::

::Much to her surprise the young Denobulan just continued treating the Vulcan. Didn't the man grasp that if the ship flipped again, they'd probably end up at the other side, whatever other side there was, together with the already dead people on this ship.::

Gnaxac: Response

Smith: I guess all we can do is thank our Vulcan friend here. And also we should probably brace for impact.

Computer: Gravitational realignment will begin in twenty five... Twenty four... Twenty three...

::Groznin held on to the Vulcan as if that was going to safe his and the green blooded man's life.::

Smith: Let’s hope no one is injured as much as last time, all I can think of is all those too injured to move. This will make their injuries worse, won’t it. More people will die....

::Her eyes had been focussed on the console above their heads, too far away for either of them to reach it. She really should learn more how things worked on the ship. If they could detach the console from the main computer would that stop the countdown?::

Neathler: Can we... deactivate it somehow?

Gnaxac/O.Marshall: response

Smith: I know, I’ll  try my best.

Computer: Gravitational realignment will begin in Fifteen... Fourteen... Thirteen…

::For the second time in a few hours, although it felt more like days, Samira was faced with another countdown.::

Gnaxac/O.Marshall: response

Smith: This will hurt. I’ve got the medkit ready. If anyone needs it come over straight away.

::Medkit, the word triggered something in her mind. Her left hand reached for the medkit on her side, after losing the hypospray she had totally forgotten about it. Not that it was still worthy the name medkit. It contained more weapons than medical equipment.::

Neathler: A phaser blast... to disable… the console? Or... is it useless?

Gnaxac/O.Marshall: response

Computer: Gravitational realignment will begin in Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six... Five...

Smith: Here we go... brace yourselves.

Neathler: Grab something!

::Samira saw Groznin nodding to every single one of them as he was holding on tight to the Vulcan. Samira looked at Gnaxac, the man with the toothy smile, before her eyes rested on Bear. She swallowed hard and took a step back till she felt her back against the wall. Her left hand reaching for something she could hold on to. She felt something, was it a rope or whatever it was she had no idea.  She tugged it a few times to make sure it was attached to something. She managed to twist it a few times around her arm and then held on to it with her hand as if her life depended on it. Then again it probably was.::
Gnaxac/O.Marshall: response

Computer: Gravitational realignment will begin in Four... Three... Two... One…

::Her eyes never leaving Orson, until the flip happened. Her left shoulder protested as it suddenly had to take all her weight as she was swung in the air, her already sore body banged a few times against the wall during the flip. Staying close at the wall hadn't been a good idea. The debris and whatnot that had been on the floor-ceiling dropped and she was sure a few of those things managed to cut through her cloths.:: 

Gnaxac/O.Marshall: response

::Once the flip was complete, she steadied herself using her legs against the wall, gradually she let the grip on the rope lose and bit by bit she allowed herself to slip down, closer to the floor until she had to let go of the rope. She braced herself for the fall, tumbling over something as her feet landed on a not flat surface. She found herself on her stomach and struggled to sit up, something poking in her back. She was shivering all over. The console responsible for the flip, was blocking her view, she couldn't see the others.::

Neathler: Guys?

Gnaxac/Groznin/O.Marshall: response

::The deafening silence was not something she wanted to hear.::

Neathler: Bear?... Groz?... Gnaxac!

Gnaxac/Groznin/O.Marshall: response

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