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Cory Stoyer

Oct 17, 2021, 5:02:44 AMOct 17
to USS Gorkon – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Lab, FedSec HQ))

The team was preparing to depart the FedSec HQ for the bookstore Cory looked up.  A couple of questions popped into Cory's head as Tahna was securing her samples.  They seemed like they were appropriate for what was going on.  

Stoyer: Last question… the poison as simple to make as grinding up the mushrooms or ::waving to the lab:: is something like this needed?

Tahna: The mushrooms themselves are poisonous, all you'd have to do is take a bite. I imagine powdering them is just the simplest delivery method, although whoever made the powder would have had to be careful not to inhale any. Small doses would just make you sick, but enough could have killed them. They wouldn't need a lab, but they would need a respirator to avoid any risk of accidentally poisoning themself. It's not the type of work you'd want to do underground either, you'd want to have good airflow. 

OK, Cory thought.  The poison didn’t take much to make and it could stay potent for a long time.  That was something to keep in mind.  

Neathler: We’re going to have a look at those bookstores near the Burrow and the restaurant itself. Do you want to join us? Oh, and if you have a picture of ... ::She paused for a second and then continued:: ... Sylan, that might be useful too.

Cory waited for Agent Lynas to get a picture of his wife for them.  The Pelain looked relieved that the team was going to look for her.  

Lynas: I can transmit a copy of a recent picture to each of your tricorders. ::a genuine smile graced his face:: I'd love to join you on the chase but perhaps it is in the best interest of the investigation to part ways. I will follow up with Bisul's attendant and see if I can find any more relevant information on the Pelian Way.

Tahna: Thank you, Agent. 

Stoyer: We will find her.

Cory hoped he sounded reassuring.  Agent Lynas took the lead as they all headed back outside to the transport.  

((New Sabyk, Darime Colony))  

The rain continued to pelt them.  Cory wondered how long it would stay with them.  

Lynas: I'll contact you when I have more information. Be safe.

Neathler: You have the address, Mister Stoyer?

Cory nodded and tapped the pocket with his tricorder.  The address was saved on it.  

Stoyer: Yes Commander.

The next transport arrived shortly, so Cory and the others didn’t get too soaked.  Cory followed the others as they climbed on the transport.  Taking a seat by himself, Cory stretched out and thought over everything that has happened.  He closed his eyes and saw a flash of red.  A split second before he heard the explosion, he thought of Ayiana then he was tumbling over seats and landed face up on his back.  His pant legs were getting wet.  

oO Not again. Oo

His back hurt, his head hurt, hell everything hurt.  Slowly Cory started to lean up and look around.  Then it hit him that something exploded on the transport.  Something or someone grabbed him by the shoulder.  He thought someone was trying to help him up.  Waving them away and starting to get up, he heard someone jabbering away, but his ears were ringing.  As Cory started to get back to his feet and started to turn around, something slammed into the back of his head.  Stars exploded in his eyes and he slammed back down on the ground or floor or whatever he hit.  He tasted blood in his mouth.  

Tahna: Hey! 

Cory shook his head and got back up on his hands and knees.  Stars still danced in his vision.

Stoyer:  ::weakly:: Tahna.

Neathler: Response 

Cory heard a scuffle and sirens in the background.

Stoyer:  Commander Neathler!  Sami!

Cory half realized the slip in protocol.  Cory tried to keep things professional on missions, but Sami was a close friend.

Neathler/Tahna: Response

Cory got up and looked around.  The transport was blown in half.  He staggered as he tried to stand.  The rain helped a bit to clear the stars from his eyes.  His head pounded.  Cory looked around and tried to clear his head. 

Stoyer:  You guys ok?

Neathler/Tahna: Response

Helm/Comms/Ops Officer
USS Gorkon
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