Lieutenant Cory Stoyer - OK, new plan - don't get robbed

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Cory Stoyer

Jun 10, 2019, 5:45:40 AM6/10/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Gorkon

((Dark Alleyway, Leisure District, Nassau))

::Cory and Sami just busted an attempted robbery and possibly a murder.  Cory had stunned one of them and Newt took care of the other. Now the pair was trying to get some information out of the one Newt left conscious.::

Stoyer: Listen just tell us what we want to know and we will let you both still breathe. ::Dante kneeled down and got close to Harv.:: You do realize that it will be a lot easier to leave a couple corpses here instead of allowing you to keep breathing.

::The man’s face changed and Cory wasn’t sure what he was thinking.::

Harv: You honestly think we have a life here on this potato rock? The Syndicate and the Orion's walk away with all and everything. We humans barely survive.

::Cory saw that Harv was looking out at the main street.  That meant he was expecting company. That darn kid could be bringing help now.::

Stoyer: Look we all he sob stories.

Neathler: So we either kill you now, save you the struggle. Or you tell us what we need to know and we let you live so you can escape this potato rock. Why did you pick us out?

::The laughter surprised him.  But what he said shocked and irritated him even more.::

Harv: Are you two really that daft? ::He kept laughing.:: Newcomers to this rock, paying quadruple for equipment that will break the first time you'll use it and you don't even take the time to haggle over the price? ::He laughed some more.:: That's like carrying a red neon sign saying: Rob Me!

::Cory wanted to kick the guy, but he was right.  For all their caution, Newt and Dante stuck out like a sore thumb.  He cursed several times under his breath.::

Stoyer: Thanks for the tip, but that help your situation.

::Newt kicked Harv in the foot.::

Neathler: Answer the man.

Harv: The direction you came from.

::An evil laughter escaped Harv's mouth. Samira had no intention of going back that way, the shopkeeper might already be waiting for them there. She had heard enough, these robbers meant nothing. They wouldn't be able to give them any info on Leelou, the contrary. Not really trusting the phaser she had taken from the villains, she grabbed one of her own, as she faced Dante.::

Neathler: We need to go. ::She nodded in the direction the boy had run off to.:: I suggest going that way. We'll have to find our way without his directions.

Stoyer: Agreed. We wasted enough time with these two.

Neathler: A piece of advice. Get of this rock if you don't like it. Less chance of getting shot at.

::Newt stood and took out her own phaser and pointed it at Harv.  THe man was desperately pleading for her not to shoot him. Well, they did learn several lessons from this.::

oO We are so out of our element. Oo

::The pair left the alley and started moving in the opposite direction from where they came.  Newt indicated a turn to the west, Cory could hear more voices and noise from that direction. Hopefully that will be a market and a boneyard.  Their luck had to change. Dante looked at Newt.::

Stoyer: It is going to take several long showers to get the stink of this place off.

Neathler: response

::The street opened up to a large central area, various stall and shops lined the street and filled the open area.  Vendors and crowds moved about in random routes peddling their wares. Dante stopped for a moment to take everything in.  They would have to be more careful. They may not get a next time.::

Stoyer:  How about you negotiate this time, since I set us up to be robbed?

Neathler: response

Lieutenant Cory Stoyer

Mission Specialist

USS Gorkon


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