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Samira Neathler

Mar 24, 2019, 8:00:37 AM3/24/19
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(( Primary Cargo Bay - USS Yarahla ))

::Hardly realizing what had happened, the blue shimmer of a transporter beam faded away and Karla found herself seated on the floor of a huge hanger bay. Someone in a teal uniform rushed over, grabbed her hands and helped her on her feet.::

Medic: Don't you worry, hun. You have been transported on the USS Yarahla. I'm gonna do a quick scan and then you can rest on one of the free cots in the Cargo Bay.

::Karla just stood there as the male medic performed the scan. When he suddenly stammered.::

Medic: Oh... you're pregnant.

::He slammed his mouth shut, realizing that might not have been the brightest way to bring the news. Maybe the woman didn't know it yet.::

::For the first time in a long while, Karla smiled.::

Veenda: Yes, a baby girl.

::The medic opened his mouth, wanting to ask about the father, when he saw a note appear on the Medical tricorder and this time he managed to keep the question to himself.::

Medic: I'll make a note in your file, the baby seems in perfect health. ::He pointed towards a row of cots in the back of the Carbo Bay.:: There's some cots still available over there, take your pick and get some rest. A doctor will see you as soon as possible.

::Karla just nodded and looked at all the people already in the bay. She'd have a hard time looking for her husband in that crowd. Yet her attention was drawn to a loud curse, followed by a rather odd noise coming from behind her. Carefully she turned around.::

::A Human male, had placed a makeshift fence over one of the transporter pads, inside the fence were about five or six, most adorable grey puppies, yet one had managed to leap over the fence. The puppy now on unsteady paws, stumbled in her direction. Karla kneeled down, stretching a hand towards the puppy. The puppy wiggled over and sniffed her hand, raised his head, barked a couple of times, before he hurried away from the triage area into the Cargo Bay, enjoying its freedom.::

::A disappointed look on the Human male said it all. His transporter Chief was not going to be happy. He only had one job to do, make sure the puppies didn't ran off, and he had failed miserably. A 'no no no no' escaped his lips, as another one of the puppy climbed on top of his mates, made a summersault and ended up on the other side of the fence too. His initial reaction was to run after the pup who was already rushing through the row of cots but then he'd lose track of those still in the confinement of the fence.::

::Amused by what she had seen Karla turned around smiling and left the triage area, walking in the opposite direction the medic had shown her. Row after row, she walked between the cots, looking for that familiar face, now and then hearing a soft barking in the Cargo Bay as the puppies were doing a lot of exploring themselves. When she finally arrived at the row of cots the medic had pointed at, she sat down on a free cot. Maybe Karem still needed to be beamed onboard. All she could do was wait.::

The End

Karla Veenda
USS Njörðr

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Assistant Security/Tactical Officer
USS Gorkon
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