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David Adams

Sep 19, 2020, 8:19:19 AM9/19/20
to Gorkon
((Outside the Bunker, Asteroid Trueno, Bratax System))  

With his hearing and eyesight fading, Serren Tan had come up with a brilliant, infallible plan that would definitely save all of them from their current predicament and had absolutely no obvious holes that he simply hadn't considered.

Marshall: You hurl that thing in there, what’s stopping them from just taking off? ::She pointed up with a finger.:: Soon as this storm breaks, they’re gone. 

Huh. An obvious hole that he simply hadn't considered.
Tan: ... huh. Yeah, I uh, hadn't considered that.

D. Reynolds/Reynolds: Response

It was like his docent had said: two brains, no thoughts.

A thump nearby, the vibration rattling the teeth in his head, so deep and thick that it felt wrong to him that it was so quiet. He put a hand on the rock, sensing the heavy movement.

Something big was nearby. A landing ship, perhaps. A spark of hope flared in his heart, fed by the roar of a large object. Maybe the shuttle had found them at last, come to take him away from all of this nightmare.

Though... even with his hearing diminished, replaced by a high pitched ringing in both ears, he knew it wasn't. Couldn't be. He had been a pilot in a past life. No landing shuttle sounded like that.
Marshall: ::Quietly,:: Nobody. Move. A. Muscle.

He could barely make out the words but understood their meaning well enough. He did nothing. Said nothing. Sat there, silent.
D. Reynolds/Reynolds:
Not wasting a second, Eddy leapt up from beside them and grabbed the padd from Cayne’s hands. Spotting the movement at the edge of his limited vision, Tan made the best effort he could to grab the guy, fingertips digging against Eddy's sleeve then slipping out.


He couldn't risk more movement. He simply couldn't.

Jo swore and stood up, but Tan shook his head, eyes pleading. Don't do it.
D. Reynolds/Reynolds: Response
The giant blur he could only assume was the Tyrannosaurus Rex stumbled out from beneath the canopy lining of the trees and into the clearing, right toward Eddy, and with a yelping scream from the young man, the T-Rex opened her jaws and clamped down over his upper half.

Tan never thought simultaneously losing his sight and hearing would be so welcome.
His eyes might be telling him he was wrapped in thick blankets and his hearing might sound like he was underwater, but one thing that was working perfectly well was his nose; the rank scent of fetid mud and rotted meat filled it, along with fresh blood, flooding both nostrils, blocking out all other smells.

That told him more than his eyes and ears ever could. Eddy was gone and there was nothing in Cayne's bag of tricks that could bring him back.
Something else happened. Another monster appeared out of the gloom, meeting the other titan with a thunderous crash that sounded muted and dull to him, the two tangling and brawling in a way that made him wish he was ten thousand light-years away.
He had no idea what to do next, except stay put and hope that he didn't end up like Eddy. But it seemed Marshall had a better idea.
Marshall: The truck! Run for the truck! Cayne, get it started!

Squinting, Serren looked about in confusion.

Tan: What truck?

D. Reynolds/Reynolds: Response
Jo grabbed hold of his shoulder and hauled him up to his feet. He caught his footing, checking the rest of the group as best he could. Blur, up. Blur, also up. Small blur, up. That would have to do.

A not subtle tug from Jo put in him the right direction. Left around the rocks. Got it.
Marshall: Move, move, move!

D. Reynolds/Reynolds: Response

Tan did so, stumbling awkwardly through the darkness toward what he hoped would be some kind of vehicle. His stomach burned as though he had a stitch, the poison continuing its journey throughout his body. His feet slurped through the mud, making entirely too much noise for even his damaged ears, but the dim roar cut over the ringing. Whatever noise he was making would pale in comparison to that.

He stepped on something and his footing gave out. Tan fell face first in the mud, but fear and symbiosis worked together to give him the energy needed to spring back to his feet in a flash.

For a split-second he thought he might be heading in the wrong way. But there, out of the darkness, it loomed, big and thick and blocky, slick with rain and covered in gaudy corporate slogans. The ugliest cargo hauler he'd ever seen, essentially a bulbous ovoid on wheels with what he presumed to be the BetaGen logo emblazoned on the side, the rear door hanging open. Broken.

Tan: Okay, let's make this happen!

D. Reynolds/Reynolds/Marshall: Response

Tan vaunted the broken rear door and into the back, tumbling and rolling onto the cold metal deck. Cayne went around the front. Who knew where anyone else went. He crawled back to the rear, offering his hand to anyone who was still outside. Not everyone would be able to jump.

A blur took it and he just bodily pulled them inside as fast as he could. It was hard to tell who was inside or not; it was so dark, everything was just blurry shapes.

Tan: Is everyone in? Everyone-- ::he closed his eyes, hacking and coughing like a cat hocking up a furball:: inside?

D. Reynolds/Reynolds/Marshall: Response

His mouth filled with the bitter, sour taste of rotten oranges. He gagged, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, revealing that he'd coughed up a thimbleful of thick black sludge. Just like the Romulan dinosaur had injected him with.

Tan: I'm sure that's totally nothing to worry about.

Lungs were going to be the next thing affected then. The burning pain in his belly was already significant. Like someone was pinching his pouch from the inside. It was manageable. At least his eyesight wasn't getting any worse. But organ by organ, the venom was getting him. Cayne's magic was the only reason he was alive.

Speaking of the talented doctor, the truck started with a hum, big wheels churning in the mud as Cayne drove them away, following the road, a treeline swallowing the brawling monsters.

For a brief monster, he thought things might be okay. He cradled the unfamiliar Ferengi phaser in both hands, careful to keep the blasted thing pointed out the back.

D. Reynolds/Reynolds/Marshall: Response

Thump. Thump. Thump. He couldn't really see it, but he could feel it, feel the vibrations through the wheels, through the metal deck, into his hands and feet. The creature was following them, possibly out of sight of everyone else. But the thumping was getting closer.

He squinted his eyes into narrow slits, ready to fire if a big, blurry target presented itself. Hopefully, it wouldn't come to that given how poor his eyesight was -- in the history of dumb ideas, firing an unfamiliar weapon when he could barely see was probably high on the list -- but he was ready if it became necessary.

Tan: Cayne, Cayne we have to go faster!

D. Reynolds/Reynolds/Marshall: Response



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