Lt Meidra Sirin - A new day

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Jun 26, 2022, 9:49:49 PMJun 26
to USS Gorkon – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Cabins, Mindirra Mountain Range, Palanon))

The faint sound of birds outside her window drew a sleepy smile to Meidra’s lips. After the previous night’s storm, the air seemed cleaner somehow, which was illogical, but still, accurate. She stretched, still missing the feeling of having someone next to her, but it was getting easier to deal with each day. Sitting up slowly, she closed her eyes and remembered the sound of Bajoran music that would play in her quarters a lifetime ago. 

Shaking off the depressing thoughts, she made her way into the kitchen to see Cory had already started making First Meal. She grabbed some fruit and a cutting board, setting to work to make a quick fruit salad. There was a bottle of Saurian sweet vinegar on one of the shelves, and she grabbed that as well, knowing the acidity of the vinegar would balance out the sweetness of the various fruits she was using. 

Tahna: Good morning!

Stoyer:  Good morning to you.  Didn’t expect anyone to be up this early.  

Sirin: It is good to feel useful and enjoy the company of friends.

Tagren-Quinn: Response

Cory continued cooking his meats, the air quickly filling with the smells of sizzling food.

Tahna: Raktajino with kava, extra sweet, thanks.

Sirin: I think I see a juicer on that shelf above your head, Cory. Perhaps I shall make some juice to go with our meal. Or you all can replicate some if the fruits here are not to your liking.

Tagren-Quinn: Response

Cory flipped the sausage patties and then scrambled the eggs.  After checking the bacon, he knew he had more time to go.  

Tahna: So, breakfast and games. ::She smiled at Sirin.:: You mentioned dabo and poker last night, I think?

Stoyer:  Well, I have breakfast covered.   And poker, I can play.

Sirin: I’m willing to play whatever games the rest of you would like to try. Poker is a favorite, but I’m happy to learn some new games.

Tagren-Quinn: Response

Tahna: Sounds fun!

Sirin: Indeed.

Tagren-Quinn: Response

Cory expertly moved around the kitchen, catching the attention of the science officer.

Tahna: Need any help with that?

Stoyer:  Yeah, you want to get some plates and such out, if you don’t mind.  It's about ready.

Sirin: I’ll bring out the juice and fruit salad.

Tagren-Quinn: Response

Cory piled the scrambled eggs on a serving plate and sausage patties on another.  Next he grabbed the slices of bacon and placed them on a plate.  Snapping his fingers he pulled the toasted bread out of the oven and placed it on the oven.

Stoyer:  Breakfast is ready.  

Sirin: Everything looks delicious. Well done, Cory.

Tahna/Tagren-Quinn: Response

Stoyer: Help yourselves.  I will get a plate after y’all.

Sirin: After this, we can clean up and decide on the rest of our day.

Tahna/Tagren-Quinn: Response

Lt Meidra Sirin

Medical Officer

USS Gorkon


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