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Meru Tahna

Jun 26, 2022, 10:01:46 PMJun 26

((Science Lab 4, Deck 6, USS Gorkon))

The lab was void of people, everyone working elsewhere or enjoying their leave time. A console whirred softly in one corner, running what looked like an evolutionary science simulation, the only sign the impeccably neat lab had seen recent use. Meru set out a few tricorders, and keyed another console to function like a bridge sensor analysis station, waiting for the whoosh of the doors that would beckon in the not-so-young doctor. 

Tahna: Punctual, Lieutenant Alieth would approve. 

Tagren-Quinn: I could say the same for you, and I am deeply appreciative. Looks like you’ve got everything prepared.

Meru leaned on the work table in front of her, the tricorders and a small potted plant within arms’ reach. She smiled at the doctor, bright-eyed and welcoming.

Tahna: So, first, before we get started. This is for you. A…housewarming gift, I guess, for when your new new quarters are finished. ::She tapped the simple blue pot on the worktable.:: It’s aloe vera, propagated from one of my plants. 

Tagren-Quinn: Oh wow, really? You shouldn’t have… Aloe vera though is an amazing plant. Used to use this on wilderness excursions to treat burns.

Precisely why she’d chosen that specimen to give to the new doctor. Even with all medicine’s modern advances, it was a useful medicinal plant to keep around. You never knew when you’d splash some scalding coffee on yourself and not want to bother with heading down to sickbay. The doctor laughed a little, whether in joy or at the realization that he was acting quite nerdy, she couldn’t tell, but it earned him a smile. He held the pot up gently, examining the plant.

Tagren-Quinn: This is very thoughtful. Thank you, Lieutenant. 

Tahna: Of course. 

After a moment, he continued.

Tagren-Quinn: So… ::clearing throat:: …sensors and tricorders. Where should we start? 

Tahna: Right, sensors and tricorders and science-y things! 

Tagren-Quinn: Response

She shook her head, and gestured to the three tricorders she’d set out on the work table. It was still weird to think that she was no longer an ensign, that she outranked people on this ship. That, in nonmedical scenarios, she outranked the doctor who she knew now was somewhere around twice her age. Telling people what to do was not something that came naturally to her. She wondered if it got easier with age, or experience. Maybe Bryce knew, but that wasn’t the purpose of their current meeting. 

Tahna: Pick one, run a level four diagnostic to ensure functionality. I’m sure most of what we’ll do today is just going to be refresher for you, so bear with me. 

Tagren-Quinn: Response

Tahna: How many standard scanning modes does the tricorder have? 

Tagren-Quinn: Response

The diagnostic should be finished quickly, and if it didn’t flag anything they’d move on to operations. If it did, then they’d deal with the tricorder’s problem first. 

Tahna: Right, that’s basically the same as the ship’s sensors, in a much smaller package. If your system diagnostic looks fine, go ahead and do a biological scan of the aloe vera. What types of sensor data does it collect for the biological scan?

Basic, standard questions that a doctor would obviously know the answer to. "Can never be too educated," that's what he'd said when he requested the meeting, but somehow, she didn't feel like she'd be doing much educating, just confidence-raising. He was a doctor, after all, ensign or no.

She shook off the thoughts, the inadequacies, and set her face in a tiny smile.

Tagren-Quinn: Response

Science Officer
USS Gorkon (NCC-82293)
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