Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds - To Protect and to Serve (Part I)

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Quinn Reynolds

Apr 19, 2019, 2:21:45 PM4/19/19
to Gorkon (IC)
((Beach, Cochtois Lagoon, Deluvia IV))

::Bewilderment sank below waves of outrage and fury at the mention of a single name. The Romulan started to lunge forward, a terrible decision in light of her situation, if an understandable one. Couzins planted his foot in the back of her knee, two of the other security officers lunged forward, and the next thing anyone knew she was belly down in the sand, fine white grains of quartz and aragonite grinding into her exposed skin, courtesy of the combined body weight of three fully grown men and women.::

Reeves: Settle *down*, Lieutenant.

Johns: You can't *do* this!

Vondaryan: ::Bitter and cold.:: And yet they are.

::Sienelis nodded an agreement to "settle down", her eyes bright and glistening in the firelight. After she had left enough time to assure herself the Romulan had done so, Reeves led the others in hauling her back to her feet. The three security officers remained close; Reeves and Couzins, the pair that had accompanied Kotanne; as well as Chakros from the Gorkon's own contingent. The other Gorkon officer, Zhang, hung back, a hint of uncertainty in the fresh young officer's eyes. He certainly hadn't expected that one of his first duties would be to assist in the rest of one of their own. 

::Cheeks burning emerald, the accused spy cautiously spat out the sand that had wormed its way between her lips, mortification keeping her gaze low and away from any of those she knew. A flicker of disquiet darted across Quinn's face at the scene, while Johns and Vondaryan were plainly furious; Johns with a clenched jaw and bunched fists, Trellis with his narrow eyes and flaring nostrils.::

Reynolds: ::Low,:: Lieutenant, I suggest you don't say another word until you have counsel.

::Valesha nodded again, eyes fixed on the ground. Quinn ignored the glare Kotanne directed at her for reminding the JG of the wisest course of action.::

Vondaryan: I tend to agree.

Kotanne: Yes. Quite. ::He sneered.:: Well, then. Let's be off. We have a cell waiting for you.

::Then Johns stepped forward, drawing his shoulders back to broaden his chest. It caught Quinn by surprise — while she knew the Petty Officer was fully capable of sass, she hadn't expected him to do something quite so foolish. Perhaps the somewhat drained bottles of tequila and rum stationed in the sand provided an explanation. That, or maybe she'd grossly underestimate the depth of friendship the pair shared.::

Johns: You're not taking her anywhere. 

Vondaryan: Chris— 

::The plea in Vondaryan's voice went unanswered, Johns holding out an arm, palm up, to silence it. He hadn't taken his eyes off the excessively tall Mazarite, who stood above just about everyone on her ship, and he repeated the demand that could never be acquiesced to — this time without a trace of his usual Russian lilt.:: 

Johns: You are not taking her anywhere. 

Kotanne: This is a lawful arrest, *Petty Officer*. 

Johns: Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours, you attention starved narcissist? ::His jaw tightened and he stepped ever closer to the taller Mazerite, eyes narrowing just much.:: Or do I need to speak moron as well for you to fully comprehend what I'm saying?

::Sienelis turned chalk white, while Vondaryan actually chuckled at that. Quinn failed to see what was amusing, especially given the way the hands of the security officers had started to drift toward their phasers. That was clear-cut insubordination, and to a JAG officer no less. It was hardly something she should ignore, however much she might want to do so.::

Vondaryan: Chris, stop... 

Kotanne: ::Softly,:: That sounds like a threat.

Johns: You're goddamn right I'm threatening you. This is bullshit. ::His chest heaved, and he seemed to mean with everything he had.:: So help me, I'll plant you so far in the damn ground they'll have to water you. 

::Vondaryan grabbed a hold of John's arm, but by now it was too little, too late. Insubordination and threatening a superior officer. Quinn tucked a hand under one elbow, using the other to pinch the bridge of her nose in despair. Normally, she'd be furious, but the whole situation was just leaving her with sense of exhaustion and vague dismay.:: 

Vondaryan: We have to let them go. We can sort it out later.

Kotanne: Oh, it's too late for that. ::He said it an almost sing-song manner, and didn't take his bilious gaze off Johns.:: Isn't it, Admiral?

Reynolds: For crying out loud. ::She muttered it under her breath, heaved a sigh, then flicked a nod toward the security officer not currently involved in hovering around Sienelis.:: Ensign Zhang, take Petty Officer Johns into custody.

::Poor Zhang looked mortified, having not expected a two-for-one on the arrest of a Starfleet officer. A fair bit shorter than the petty officer spoiling for a fight, he looked at Johns with appeal in his eyes.::

Zhang: Petty Officer Christopher Johns, I'm arresting you for insubordination and threatening a superior officer. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in court. You have the right to talk to take legal advice before we ask you any questions. You have the right to have a lawyer with you during questioning. If you decide to answer questions now without a lawyer present, you have the right to stop answering at any time. Do you understand each of these rights I have explained to you?

Johns: Response

Zhang: Sorry. 

::He looked glum, to say the least, and he wasn't the only one. Sienelis closed her eyes and hung her head, shaking it slowly from side-to-side.:: 

Johns: Response

::With both of his friends now in custody, Vondaryan tried to catch the Romulan's gaze. She wouldn't, or couldn't, maintain it for more than a second or two. Her cheeks were still flushed with green and who could blame her? Being charged with serious crimes in full view of her friends and colleagues was humiliating, and Quinn suspected that was rather the point.::

Vondaryan: I'll look into it. ::He gave a small smirk.:: Call it a hazard of the occupation.

Kotanne: Will you? ::Kotanne chuckled.:: I look forward to reading your official request to review the evidence.

::Now Kotanne was just toying with him. Any attempt to uncover information through unofficial channels would no doubt end up with the intelligence officer acquiring a few charges of his own in regards to tampering, perverting the course of justice and who knew what else. Kotanne had shown her some of the file out of courtesy to an admiral, but there was no way JAG would release anything officially to anyone who wasn't a lawyer directly involved in the case. That wasn't remarkable, just the way of things.::

Reynolds: Which won't be authorised.

Kotanne: Of course not. Requests to view evidence in an espionage case from someone… ::he eyed Trellis in his beachwear,:: ...intimately associated with the accused? Think about it, Commander. The Lieutenant here has a very *limited* circle of friends, and the most recent addition just happens to be the ship's intelligence officer? Been conducting any investigations that might alarm a spy recently?

Vondaryan: Response 

::The Mazarite stepped closer to Vondaryan, leaning forward just enough to speak softly into his ear, too quiet for Quinn to make out. For the intelligence officer's ears only, and that was somewhat disconcerting..::

Kotanne: ::Low,:: Didn't you ever wonder how Lladre found out that there was valuable *Romulan* weapons data aboard the Gorkon? How they knew to target Kudrem, a *science officer*, as the way to infiltrate the ship? How they knew exactly where that data was being stored? Why anyone was allowed to live, when killing you all would have made it easier for them to get what they wanted? ::He stepped back, his voice returning to its normal volume.:: Why don't you ask the Lieutenant why she has a Romulan communicator hidden in her quarters?

::Sienelis flinched and sucked in a breath, eyes wide, her lips parting in surprise. Quinn shot a warning glance in her way, and thankfully it seemed to still anything the scientist might have been inclined to say. Kotanne, on the other hand, simply raised his eyebrows in Vondaryan's direction.::

Vondaryan/Johns: Response

::A crowd had started to gather, rubbernecking being one of those unfortunate traits shared by most species. Thankfully most were keeping a good distance, especially after Johns had been arrested, but Quinn saw a furious Nkai closing the last few metres with no intention of hanging back with the others. That was an unusual expression for the Rodulan to wear, and with no desire to add another to the brig's growing population, Quinn spoke.::

Reynolds: Alright, that's enough. ::She tapped her combadge.:: =/\= Reynolds to Gorkon. Eight to beam directly to the brig. =/\=

::Something akin to outrage crossed Nkai's face as columns of light closed in around the gaggle of officers. Quinn spared a glance for Sienelis as the transporters did their work, and rarely had she seen someone look as lost as the Romulan did in that moment.::


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