Vice Admiral Quinn Reynolds - One Step Closer to the Abyss (Part II)

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Quinn Reynolds

Feb 24, 2022, 4:42:04 PMFeb 24
to Gorkon (IC)

((Transporter Room One, USS Gorkon))

With Alieth’s team shuffled off to the Sasu Gol, it was time to brief Neathler’s. Trying to decide who went on what team had been difficult, in no small part because her gut said the people in front of her had no business being on duty, let alone off the ship. According to their reports, all of them had experienced some kind of hallucination, and not just when inside a Blip. Sending them on an away team, instead to sickbay or their quarters, felt like the worst possible decision. 

But people were disappearing, the entire ship was at risk, and she needed them to work. And so they got the Triumphant, which had “only” been in the Rift for less than a day, as opposed to the three the Sasu Gol had been subject to its effects.

Reynolds: I’m sending you to the Triumphant. My team aims to get the ship restarted so it can get out of there under its own power. But in case we can’t, your job is to find survivors and prepare them for evacuation.

Neathler/Fortune/Tan/Loxley: Response

Reynolds: Start at the Mess Hall on Deck 2. It’s where the crew are likely to have congregated when power levels became critical. Even if they’re no longer there, it’s the best place to start a search.

She didn’t want to think about why they might no longer be there, in light of the disappearances on the Gorkon and the strange, invisible attacks on the team investigating the escape pod. Better to concentrate on the facts and what they knew, rather than go spinning off into the realm of grim possibility.

Reynolds: And if you find anything which might explain what’s going on, let the Gorkon know. We have a team here working on getting us out, and they can use the information. 

Neathler/Fortune/Tan/Loxley: Response

Reynolds: You’ve got your pattern enhancers if you need an emergency beam out. ::She gestured to the case containing the devices.:: But if all else fails, we’ve confirmed the Triumphant still has its escape pods and two Type Nine shuttlepods aboard. You should be able to use those to get off the ship if you need to.

Neathler/Fortune/Tan/Loxley: Response

Reynolds: I wish I had more to tell you, but you’ve found out for yourselves we have a hundred questions waiting for answers. Use your common sense, and be careful.

Neathler/Fortune/Tan/Loxley: Response

((Corridors, Deck 2, USS Triumphant))

After briefing the team remaining aboard the Gorkon and sending the other two to their destinations, Quinn had gathered a small squad of officers and beamed aboard the Triumphant. Equipment in hand, and bundled up to keep warm, they appeared in the narrow Defiant-class corridors under a shower of glittering sapphire light.

Even with a coat to protect from the expected cold, it hit her like a tidal wave. The skinny hybrid sucked in a sharp breath, the subsequent exhale misting the air in front of her. A thin red glow of emergency lighting painted shadows into every corner, and the absence of power created a stark silence. 

Quinn shivered, and she wasn’t sure it was entirely down to the chill. 

Her hand reached for her tricorder, the device’s small beeps and tweets painfully loud in the tomblike hush of the ship. It felt like she was sounding a foghorn, and her stomach twisted and churned as adrenaline shot through her veins.

Reynolds: There’s minimal life support. We have breathable air, if not a comfortable temperature for anyone other than sh’Qynallahr.

Sevo/sh’Qynallahr: Response

Reynolds: Main engineering is just around the corner. My hope is that the ship isn’t this low on power, but they’ve shut as much down as possible while waiting for us. ::She sighed, and another bloom of mist escaped her lips.:: If it is this low on power, we have an uphill battle ahead of us.

Sevo/sh’Qynallahr: Response

Reynolds: Well, ::she frowned,:: if we can’t get the ship running, we may have to consider a self-destruct. We can’t just leave a Defiant-class floating out here.

Sevo/sh’Qynallahr: Response


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