Petty Officer 3rd Class Cecil Flannigan - The Shuttles Don't Scrub Themselves (Cause That Would Be Weird)

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Jona ch'Ranni

Jan 27, 2022, 9:43:06 AMJan 27
(( Library, Deck 4, USS Gorkon ))

Cecil snuck peaks of the cozy library as he said in the cushioned chair and waited for the secretive meeting to begin. The book-lined shelves - filled with tomes, some holographic, most real - formed false walls that made the space feel smaller than it was. The place felt like a warm burrow that you could snuggle in and let the universe continue on without you. The sandy-blond man wondered why he hadn't availed himself of the space before. Probably because the extent of his reading was limited to technical manuals and the odd graphic novel.

A strange invitation on the Gorkon's message boards had drawn him here at the appointed time and, from the look of it, others had answered the siren call as well. A Bajoran-Cardassian woman, cute as a button, sat on the plush couch across from him. The sleek Caitian, L'rann, who he'd worked near many times before was also present in the small collection of lower-deckers. In fact, all the departments of the flagship were present. Sensing that a quota had been reached, the Bajoran-Cardassian cleared her throat and began.

Oded: Good morning all, I’m glad you could make it. I thought it would be an idea to get together and maybe share some ideas.

L’rann: ::ears twitching in curiosity:: Ideas on what?

Flannigan: ::his Irish brogue seeping into his words:: Oh, I have ideas! And theories! ::pausing in thought:: But perhaps it is best that you tell us what you are referring to?

Oded: Well, we’re an important resource on this ship. The senior staff rely on us for information on planning missions. And yet we never really see each other. I’m sure we all have different ways of working, and it makes sense to figure out what works, what doesn’t.

Cecil's brow furrowed in thought as he considered the young woman's words. The truth was they all came from different positions and departments. Of course, they had different ways of working. They had different jobs, didn't they? You couldn't repair a shuttle's impulse manifold the same way you prepared a report on a new species' eating habits, could you?

Oded: Maybe we should start by introducing ourselves?

L’rann: Very well. ::standing and smoothing her uniform before clearing her throat:: Lieutenant Junior Grade L’rann, Operations officer. I also frequently man communications and pilot shuttles.

Noticing with a start that everyone's eyes had drifted toward him, Cecil raised his hand in a half-wave as he leaned further back in the chair.

Flannigan: Petty Officer Cecil Flannigan, shuttlebay technician. I spend my days maintaining the shuttles that all the hotshot pilots break. ::glancing apologetically at L'rann:: Present company excluded, of course.

Anyone: Response

Once everyone had introduced themselves, Oded continued her explanation.

Oded: Response

Anyone: Response

L’rann: I’m not sure what you’re intending with this group. I regularly run across people from different departments in my operations duties.

Flannigan: Yes, is this get-together more socialization or is there some greater purpose?

Oded: Response

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L’rann: I often shuffle material between departments, or from storage. You’d be surprised how fast scientists and engineers go through things.

Flannigan: ::crossing his arms:: No, I wouldn't. Have you seen the way the department chiefs run through the ship's resources? I have it on good authority that Commander ch'Ranni has wrecked two shuttles in the past six months. And those are just the ones I know about! And there's some strange whoozey-whatzer compound that the Science Chief brought back to the ship for a field test. ::exasperated and grumbling under his breath:: Who knows what kind of fresh hell that's going to cause?

Oded: Response

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Cecil grabbed up a copy of last month's Helmsman Today that someone had carelessly left on the central coffee table and flipped through the pages with a sigh. These seemed like problems that were bigger than any of them.

Flannigan: Surely, as our host here suggested, there's a more efficient way for us to go about our assigned duties while also maintaining our own autonomy.

Oded/L'Rann: Response

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Flannigan: ::putting the glossy magazine down in his lap:: Interesting. Now we all have assignments that sometimes require a scope of skills greater than our own. What if we were to create a network where we could post requests for services that we need assistance with?

Oded/L'Rann: Response

Petty Officer 3rd Class Cecil Flannigan

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