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Samira Neathler

Jan 27, 2022, 2:37:33 PMJan 27
(( Main Sickbay - Deck 7 ))

They, Saralai and Samira, stood in Main Sickbay, so Samira could introduce the most recently arrived member of the crew, to the Acting Chief Medical Officer, namely Tali Namura. As they waited, their talk went from why they joined Starfleet to family. Unlike Samira, Saralai had no family in Starfleet. She nodded towards Tali, who now was close enough to hear them.

Neathler: Ensign Saralai, this is Lieutenant Tali Namura. Acting Chief of Sickbay since our previous CMO decided to swap the Gorkon for another ship.

Namura: No doubt you’ve seen how fruitful that’s been for him.

A ship that crashed into a planet according to the FedNewsService. Or so the head title read. Something about a Genesis device going haywire. Saralai didn’t comment and just smiled.

Neathler: Lieutenant, this is Ensign Saralai, the latest addition to your department.

Tali arched a well-manicured eyebrow while looking the new ensign up and down, from toe to head. The ensign didn’t seem moved at all by the scrutinizing look. The contrary and both woman shook hands.

Namura: Doctor Namura, how do you do. Welcome to the Gorkon. It has its moments. Don’t let me intrude on your conver—

Samira raised an eyebrow, taking the opportunity to get to know the doctor somewhat better.

Neathler: We were just talking about family.

The doctor’s smile diminished somewhat but didn’t disappear.

Namura: Wouldn’t be here without them, yet can’t legally shoot them either?

That was one way of putting it. So Tali preferred not to talk about her family. Or wanted to use them as target practice during a phaser drill.

Saralai: Hello Doctor Namura! ::She zipped over to the other woman quickly, enveloping her single hand within both of her own, one on each side. She did not shake it, however, simply holding it.:: Thank you for the welcome, I am so pleased to be assigned to you!

Neathler: Well, some would call the folks on the Gorkon family too.

Spending so much time together in an enclosed space, it wasn’t difficult to get attached to people. Especially if, at times, you had to save each other from the hazardous situations they found themselves into. Tali took a long sip from the drink she was holding.

Namura: Dysfunctional and meal-sharing?

She looked from Tali to Saralai, the ensign still smiling though brows furrowed, and made a motion with her head. Samira crossed her arms in front of her. If Tali tried to upset Saralai, it seemed the good doctor was failing.

Neathler: We all have our traits, but when it comes down to it, we would give our lives to safe one of our crew.

Tali included, even if she didn’t mention it. Together with Ayiana Sevo, Tali had dragged the unconscious body of Trellis through crawlspaces and narrow places from the underground levels of a building on Nassau back to the surface, risking both their lives. Both ladies had thus saved the man’s life.

Namura: How do you pronounce your name? Sara-lai? Sara-lay?

Saralai: It is ‘Sahr-rah-lai!’ ::She exclaimed happily, still holding Namura hostage with both of her hands as they spoke:: In Edo, it translates to a type of very small, sweet cake called a ‘Saralakke’. ::She explained..still not releasing Namura.:: But if it is quicker, I have been called ‘Sara’ in the past. ::It was only then that Namura slipped her hand away and tucked them into her pockets. Saralai in turn, still smiling, placed her hands back in front of her clasped gently together.::

Neathler: A sweet cake? That will interest Nkai Caedan. ::She looked at Saralai and explained.:: One of our Missions Specialists. He loves to bake in his spare time. If you need something sweet, he usually has something to share in his office.

One of the nearby consoles wanted to join in the conversation, as if it demanded to taste the mentioned cake, by emitting a few sounds. It didn’t take long for Tali to quiet the device. Or maybe the Human didn’t want to share any sweets.

Namura: You’re continuing your training to develop into full medicine, I assume? Aboard the Gorkon?

Saralai: Yes ma’am! I am currently a combat medic as my specialization involves field medicine and almost any physical trauma response. It is a niche specialization that is how the Academy instructor explained- ‘more than a nurse, less than a doctor.’ ::She explained, quite proud of it if her quick bloom of her proverbial feathers was anything to go off of.:: It is a very new program that was hybridized with security and tactical, as I would ideally deploy with them.

Neathler: Sounds interesting. ::She nodded towards Tali.:: Looks like our departments will be working closer together even more.

Namura: Response

Saralai: Yes Ma’am! However I will and am very able to attend to anything within sickbay despite the training with Tac-Sec! I am capable and well versed in all nursing duties! ::She brightened, feeling the rush of delight at just being on a vessel- she didn’t need to deploy to feel well-founded- she was just as at home in sickbay as anywhere else.::

Neathler: I’m sure we can work something out. I mean, if you want to reach that doctor degree, the focus should be on your medical studies.

Namura: Response

Neathler: What about you join Sec/Tac during their morning training. And the rest of your day, you’re assigned to the medical department? ::She nodded towards Tali.:: Unless you have another suggestion, doctor?

Maybe Tali had something else in mind. It was just a matter of coming to an agreement, so every party involved was happy with.

Namura/Saralai: Response

Neathler: We don’t have that many incidents during training. I’m sure Tali can testify that. We’d not being doing or work correctly if there were casualties.

She could only think of one major incident, which didn’t even occur during training but had happened in the gym. Both people involved no longer being on board the ship, nor were they part of her department, either.

Namura/Saralai: Response

Neathler: Was there something else you two wanted to discuss? I can come back later otherwise and show you your quarters, Ensign. Ops should already have brought all your belongings there.

Namura/Saralai: Response

Chief Security/Tactical & Second Officer
USS Gorkon
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