JP Capt. Nugra & Lt Tasi - Not Your Usual Counseling Session (Part 2)

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(( Counselor’s Suite - Deck 7 - USS Gorkon ))

Tasi: So you served aboard the Gorkon previously. Are there many people still assigned here that you know? What friends do you have?

:: Friends. The dreaded question. One thing Nugra knew, comrade and friend did not mean the same thing in humanoid cultures. Friends were much more close sharing in relationships while comrades were those who fought, served, and died together. ::

Nugra: There are a few people who serve aboard the Gorkon now that I knew. Lieutenant Commander Eerie was my first officer when I commanded the Victory while both Commander Vess, Stoyer, Sevo, and quite a few others served with me in the tempest sector. They are all strong comrades that I would go in to hell with.

::It was a promising answer even if it didn’t fully answer her question. She knew there were familiar faces here and that was a good start. Who would he confide in when the going got rough though? How could he lean on? Who could he kick back with? Gorn might have lower social needs but the needs he did have needed to be adequately met. Those who felt isolated often ended up struggling to cope.::

Tasi: I’m glad there are familiar faces here, but a comrade and a friend aren’t quite the same thing. I’m not sure if you’re intentionally deflecting, or if you struggle to form close relationships.

::Yeah, he knew he had dodged the question. The damn friend definition.::

Nugra: I find it very hard to define friend, Lieutenant. Gorns do not grow close to people like many humanoid species do. Each one I named I would say are comrades to the end but I don't let people near me...except...

:: How could he be such an idiot and miss her. If she knew, she'd probably kick him in the shins or put him on a non-meat diet. Kaji would be a friend. ::

Nugra: There is one. Talia Kaji. We...I think we could have possible been on the road towards a more...romantic relationship. Though it didn't.

Tasi: Why not?

Nugra: ::Grinning:: I died.

::That was awkward. Of course, she’d read about this in his file, however much like everything else, the details were need to know and limited to the medical details and only what relevant psychological data had been obtained by previous counsellors. There was no mention in the notes about Talia Kaji, which means Nugra had never disclosed this to anyone previously, or if he had, it hadn’t been noted in the file. The nature of counselling meant you often had to deal with bombshells so she was well trained in dealing with such things. He appeared to be taking things in his stride however, and even with a touch of humour. It seemed he tended to cope with things that way.::

Tasi: I’m sorry to hear that. What happened?

Nugra: I actually had died fighting a psionic creature in a dreamworld known as Reverie Rock. In short, it was a world generated by a powerful creature that was being fed on by parasites. I was able to break the parasite's concentration long enough for the entity to get away. ::Tapped head:: destroyed my mind.

Tasi: Yet, here you are.

Nugra: I actually don't know why I'm still here. I knew I was dying. I've felt that cold death before but it completely consumed me. Next thing I knew, I woke up in a bio bed at Starfleet Medical and scared a nurse into hysterics.

::All medical and psych evals related to his treatment after the traumatic event checked out. Nugra was sound of mind. Still, after an event like that one had be mindful because the after effects could span years or a whole lifetime if he wasn’t given the right support.::

Tasi: You’re made of strong stuff Mr Nugra. It seems even death itself can’t hold you back. I hope you and Talia can at the very least, form a close friendship. Have you seen her yet?

Nugra: For a few moments when we were planetside. It seems she was working with the Romulan Republic, which proves to be interesting.

:: Nugra sat back a little and folded his hands across his chest. A small smile played on his snout. ::

Nugra: So, how was serving on Deep Space 26? Did you serve directly with Ambassador T'mani or did they have you reporting to Commander Lyldra?

::It looks like she wasn’t the only one who had been reading up. She grinned at the Gorn, pleased that he was taking an interest.::

Tasi: I see you’ve done your homework.

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