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Trellis Vondaryan

Jun 2, 2019, 10:49:41 PM6/2/19
to Gorkon IC
((Docks -- Nassau))

::After an exceptionally long shuttle flight Trellis, known for the moment as Kellan, and his companions were inside the peanut-shaped asteroid known as Nassau.

::Now they had to make their way through the asteroid to the service level and the computer core for the mission. They geared up out into the dock itself. Their pilot, L'rann, would remain behind with the ship.

::Outside the shuttle the hustle and bustle of a busy, illicit asteroid gave off a hum of activity. He could hear snatches of conversation, the faint hum of environmental controls and other machines, and the ever-present hiss of engineers performing repairs. A sour smell of grease and rotten food assaulted his nostrils at first sniff, almost making him wretch. He chuckled to himself, glad he hadn't eaten anything on the journey, despite what his growling stomach had demanded. Yet it still grumbled at him.

::He sighed to himself as he approached a dockhand tinkering with a machine, who directed them to a place called Ugami's for food and recon.::

Sevo: Sounds appetizing.

Namura: Response

Vondaryan: I hope this Ugami's is all it's cracked up to be. I prefer my utensils to be clean, not full of grease.

Sevo: You’re not in the Federation anymore, Slick. You’ll be lucky they even rinse off the silverware before reusing them.

Namura: Response

::He shivered and sneered. He didn't until this moment realize how much he appreciated certain Federation niceties.

::Still, they followed the direction the dock worker gave, arriving to a small commercial plaza that serviced the district. He was again assaulted by a mixture of odors that almost made him blanch. Rotten meat, animal carcasses left out too long, burned food and sauces, other things he didn't want to think about.::

Sevo: Y’know, I think I’ll pass on dinner for the time being.

Vondaryan: Can't blame you. Perhaps a drink, though? ::Appearances had to be kept.::

Namura: Response

::After wandering the streets for not too long they arrived at the establishment with the stylized Orion lettering above it said was Ugami's. Already his six months at SFI headquarters was paying off. This one at least had a decent smell to it.

::Like every seedy restaurant he'd ever had the bad fortune to see in person it lived up to the pirate reputation. A pair of Naussicans were tossing daggers at each other -- Trellis shuddered to think why -- while a fistfight between a bulky Orion and a Brikar was causing an enthusiastic round of betting. They managed to find a small table away from most of the hustle, one where they could watch the room.::

Sevo: Lovely place.

Vondaryan: I've seen worse.

Namura: Response

Sevo: So, where do we start?

::He could tell the question was aimed at him. With his background and past experiences it made the most sense that he would take the lead in such a situation.::

Vondaryan: First we watch and observe. Gather intelligence.

Namura/Sevo: Response

::He motioned to a passing waiter where he ordered a round of drinks and some food.::

Vondaryan: Watch who defers to who. Figure out who the major players are. ::He grinned with perhaps a little more enthusiasm that was strictly warranted.:: Perhaps engage in a round or two of games of chance to meet the characters and ask questions. That wouldn't be out of place in getting the lay of the land.

Namura/Sevo: Response

::He nodded to a figure in a corner booth shrouded in shadows. Trellis couldn't make out the person very well at all, but noticed that others either gave the table a wide berth or came up to them. Whoever was in that booth had a certain level or power and respect.::

Vondaryan: Find out who that person is, and others like them.

Namura/Sevo: Response  

Lieutenant Commander Trellis Vondaryan
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