Lladre - Time For A Swift Exit

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Quinn Reynolds

Nov 4, 2018, 3:57:31 PM11/4/18
to Gorkon (IC)
((Bridge, USS Gorkon))

Bondon: Lladre? ::His voice cracked.:: Lladre? Bondon needs to speak to Lladre.

::Lladre slipped from the central chair, thick blonde hair falling about her shoulders. She had discarded the Starfleet uniform she had been wearing when they had initiated the plan, and was now dressed in a flattering white trouser suit. She looked like a glamorous businesswoman ready to attend a meeting, rather than a thief in the middle of heist.::

Lladre: Oh, Bondon. ::She sighed.:: You don't need to speak to me. I already know what a tremendous disappointment you are.

Bondon: Response

Lladre: How much did you tell them? And be honest. It'll be *much* worse if you're not.

::She said it lightly, the menace all in the polite disinterest of her tone. She had no particular investment in him to begin with, let alone after he had utterly failed in his task. He was disposable, and she made no effort to hide it.::

Bondon: Response

Lladre: Ana, would you mind?

::The answer came in the form of a phaser blast. A light stun that shot past Lladre to slam into Bondon's chest. She watched as he crumpled to the floor and then stepped over, taking the inhibitor from his neck. It would probably drop him back into the dream, but that seemed of little consequence at this point.::

Lladre: We'll leave him for them. It's not as though he had any idea what we were really here for.

::An odd sound filled the air, concentrated toward the front of the bridge where the slumbering Starfleet officers had been piled. Lladre didn't so much hear it as feel it, a strange sensation that felt like arachnids crawling through her ears and into her skull. None of that was a good sign -- there shouldn't be anything happening on the ship that she hadn't initiated, let alone something as peculiar as that.

::She turned back to Ana, who was still manning the controls for the field generator. It had been clear for a little while that the dream was starting to break down, and she could only imagine what bizzare things they were experiencing as the crew's false reality began to come apart. For the first time since they'd started monitoring, Ana was frowning, a delicate expression that barely troubled her equally delicate face. 

Mirovan: I'm losing data. ::She glanced up at Lladre.:: I don't know how, but they're waking up.

::How very tedious, although she was impressed by their ingenuity. From what Ana had explained, it should have been practically impossible for anyone to break out of the dream until the field was dropped. Ah well. Starfleet was known for employing only the cleverest.::

Lladre: Then that's our cue to leave. Alert the others, we'll meet them aboard our ship. 

::There was one last thing to do before they left. As Ana contacted the rest of their team, Lladre shifted the one device they had yet to use to the centre of the bridge, tapping out a few quick commands. Lights flashed into existed on its control panel, flicking on and off in something that looked suspiciously like a countdown.::

Lladre: We're set. Let's go.

::Ana nodded, and three transporter beams materialised on the bridge, stealing away the two thieves and the unique device they'd used to pacify the crew. Through the confinement beam, she could see people starting to stir, and was entirely unable to resist a mischievous wave as she vanished in front of their eyes::

Criminal Mastermind
Doctor Ana Mirovan
Amoral Scientist

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Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
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