LtJG/Dr. Alexander & PO2C/Nurse Fergus: Seeing to Patients

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Dassa Alexander

Mar 18, 2017, 1:52:38 AM3/18/17

((Sickbay, USS Gorkon))

::Dassa had just finished submitting updates on her patients when she heard the sound of someone clearing their throat near by. She jumped, turning to find a nurse standing behind her.::

Alexander: ::exasperated:: For the love of all that’s holy, Greywin! Don’t sneak up on me like that!

Fergus: Sorry, ma’am. Wasn’t aware I was being sneaky.

Alexander: ::sighs:: It’s not your fault, Greywin. ::grimaces:: This whole situation just has me utterly baffled. ::glances in the direction of Reynolds’ private room:: Of all the bloody things that could have happened with these conferences, this one doesn’t even come close to any that I imagined.

:: The young petty officer tilted his head to the side curiously, the faintest hint of a Canadian accent detectable in his question. He’d been here the whole time but had been more attentive to the patients arriving without understanding the whole situation. ::

Fergus: Which particular situation is this? All I’d heard is we got an influx of patients and the chief’s done with surgery. He didn’t say much...

Alexander: ::sighs:: It’s an utter mess. This was supposed to improve relations with the Romulans, the Klingons and the Tyrellians. Now I’m afraid with all the death and accusations flying, it’s only made things worse.

:: He hadn’t heard about any deaths...especially not since he’d been working. ::

Fergus: Not while I was clocked in...death?

Alexander: I’m surprised you didn’t know. We lost a couple of security officers to the explosion. ::glances toward Hatola and grimaces:: And it’s not looking good for the Romulan Tribune’s aide, Hatola. She’s lost a lot of blood.

:: The Canadian’s brow furrowed. He hadn’t heard. Most of his information about this fiasco was coming from Dassa. He managed to nod faintly and keep himself from putting his foot in his mouth. ::

Fergus: What do you need me to do, Doc?

:: Normally, such a title he reserved for the senior officer, which was usually Chythar who was conspicuously absent. At the moment, since she had the pips on the collar, she was in charge. ::

Alexander: ::grimaces:: I don’t know. ::runs her hands through her hair and murmurs:: I just don’t know.

Fergus: Well, everyone’s stable...apart from the aide, I guess. I haven’t checked on her yet.

Alexander: ::murmurs:: She’s as stable as she’s going to get. It’s all I can do to keep the DNA sequencer producing enough blood to keep her organs from shutting down.

:: Greywin nodded and glanced around again for Chythar, whom he didn’t see. With a concerned glance to her, he asked casually. ::

Fergus: Are you otherwise alright?

Alexander: ::grins wryly:: I suppose so, yes. It’s just overwhelming is all.

Fergus: This may be a bad time to ask, but do we seem ridiculously short-handed to you? I have been meaning to talk to the chief about studying under him for my MD, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Alexander: ::smiles and nods:: You should. I’m sure that once things calm down, Ch--Doctor Skyfire will be happy to take you under his wing.

:: The young Canadian nodded faintly and gave a soft smile to her. For all of his qualities, one of them was being overly chipper. It was a hard lesson for him to learn on DSX, but he learned it nonetheless. ::

Fergus: Shall we make another circuit to check on our patients?

Alexander: ::nods and smiles:: Some of them will be due for another injection or two and I think a couple could stand for a nice hot meal. Most didn’t get dinner because of the explosion, after all.

:: Greywin nodded and figured that Dassa didn’t particularly want to make another round, so he held up his hands and picked up a PADD. ::

Fergus: I got this, if you want to run off and grab a bite to eat.

Alexander: ::shakes her head:: I’m fine. Really. I need the distraction.

Fergus: Okay. Just promise me you’ll eat something when we’re done and I’ll leave you alone.

Alexander: ::grins:: I promise, Mother.

:: The young doc-wannabe gave another smile as he began circulating the room to check on patients, getting hot food for the ones who were capable of eating it and making sure everything else was running more or less smoothly. ::

::Dassa shook her head, grinning, as she checked in with a couple of the more critical patients, feeling significantly better than she had before talking to Greywin.::



LtJG Dassa Alexander, ChD, PD, PDS

Medical Officer

USS Gorkon



Petty Officer Second Class Greywin Fergus


USS Gorkon NCC-82293


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