JP: Lieutenants Junior Grade Dassa Alexander & Jansen Orrey - Lunch with Diplomatic Discussions ((Part 2))

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Dassa Alexander

Feb 26, 2017, 12:17:41 AM2/26/17

OOC: Takes place before Dassa's "Making Nice"

((Corridor -- USS Gorkon))

{{Time Index: A short time later…}}

::Walking down the corridor back toward his office hands folded behind his back.::

Orrey: You did very well.

Alexander: ::shrugs:: I do all right. Although my empathic abilities are usually more helpful. I still haven’t really recovered from the Palanon mission.

Orrey: Was it difficult for you?

Alexander: ::grimaces:: Understatement of the century. I’m surprised Lael didn’t tell you. She told Chythar.

Orrey: Nope skipped that in the, three conversations we have had.

Alexander: ::blushes and murmurs:: Sort of had an emotional breakdown after from the stress. Nearly got blown to bits and got shot.

Orrey: ::shaking his head.:: I'm sorry for that then.

Alexander: ::shrugs:: It wasn’t so much what happened as the emotional overload from everyone around me. On the Braveheart, we did mostly medicine deliveries and treating patients. I’m still not quite used to the increased risk.

Orrey: It is a good change though, once you get used to it.

Alexander: I wanted to work with Chythar because of his reputation. ::grins wryly:: I guess I got my wish.

Orrey: Well that is good news. ::He smiled some thinking to some of the wishes he had made since he had returned to duty.::

::Dassa turned to him grinning and shaking her head.::

Alexander:’s the dinner coming along? Can’t be easy planning a menu for Klingons, Romulans, Tyrellians, and Humans.

Orrey: Not really...Mostly. Romulan food is close to Italian so I can use some of those dishes for the same textures and general looks for instance.

Alexander: ::arches an eyebrow:: Italian food, huh? Interesting. I wouldn’t have made that connection. Then again, I’ve never been much for Italian food.

Orrey: I hand cooked Romulan Jumbo mussels with local ingredients in New Orleans while on leave.

::Dassa’s smile widened.::

Alexander: New Orleans? Visiting family, right?

Orrey: Mhmm, I did some more cooking elsewhere but that dish was for family.

Alexander: ::grins:: Maybe I should cook a couple Lumerian dishes for you sometime. I think you would enjoy the flavor.

Orrey: Could be nice. I enjoy cooking and trying new dishes. :: Thoughtful look.:: I have some advice for you.

Alexander: ::arches an eyebrow:: And what’s that?

Orrey: It is no secret I have a deep affinity for the Romulan people. I spent some of my life, and a much earlier portion of my career with both aid organizations and the reunification movement.

Alexander: ::nods:: Yes, I believe there was some mention of it...though I can’t recall if it was one of Lael’s memories or if I read it somewhere...your affinity, I mean.

Orrey: I do not envy you today though.

Alexander: Oh? And why’s that?

Orrey: ::stopping and turning to face her hands still folded behind his back:: Tal Shiar are tricky, to an extent that even Vulcans get migraines. I don't care if we are here or on a flagship over Earth, it is dangerous.

Alexander: ::nods:: I’ve done my research.

Orrey: This one has history with the captain which is doubly troubling.

Alexander: ::grimaces:: Agreed. Lord only knows what her motivation is in this. ::mutters:: The worst time for my abilities to be wonky.

Orrey: Then don't lean on them. ::He turned and started walking again.:: You are a doctor yes?

Alexander: ::murmurs:: Easier said than done. I’m a doctor, not a diplomat.

Orrey: Treat it like an appointment. You know what your patients say isn't the whole story so you infer and connect the dots.

Alexander: ::sighs:: I’ll do my best, I suppose.

Orrey: Knowing that you were chosen for this job, means you will do fine.

Alexander: ::grins wryly:: I only wish I was so sure.

Orrey: ::Reaching his department door.:: Now as pleasant as lunch was you'll have to excuse me I have some things to do before they start to arrive.

Alexander: ::Nods:: I’ll leave you to it. Let me know if I can help at all...with the dinner, I mean.

Orrey: Eyes open that will help us all a lot.

Alexander: ::sighs:: Somehow, I think we’re going to need all the luck we can get.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jansen Orrey M.D.
Diplomatic Attaché/Counselor
USS Gorkon


LtJG Dassa Alexander, ChD, PD, PDS

Medical Officer

USS Gorkon


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