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Cory Stoyer

Jun 23, 2019, 4:55:52 PM6/23/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Gorkon

((The Copper, Nassau Leisure District))

::Cory watched as Smi left to do a quick scout of the Vortex.  He kind of wished he was going with her, but she was trained in his sort of thing and he would have stuck out like a sore thumb.  So he watched Kyrrha work on the jammer for a bit then leaned his head back and closed his eyes. His fears of succumbing to the pheromones of Leelou were starting to climb out of the pit he placed him in.  Soon enough Sami came back from her look see. Cory pushed this doubt back and looked at her as she sat down with them.::

Adea: Did you see her?

Neathler: In the VIP area, if one of her four goons leave, another one shows up to take their place. She's never alone. Not to mention I think there's an exit in the VIP area too. Saw a man going in, never came out and a quarter later he was at the entrance again. ::She shrugged.:: Or maybe it was his twin.

Stoyer:  That is a lot of attention to get past.

Tereen: Response

Adea: So a direct assault is off - not that we’d ever really been considering it in the first place. Ideas?

:Cory had been thinking while he was getting themselves ready for the final act of this mission.::

Stoyer:  Well, there is an old standby.  Distraction…...cause a fire get the patron panicking to get out and that causes the guard to worry about something else.  Of course it may cause her to bolt. ::a pause.:: OK, a back up to the back up plan.

Tereen: Response

::The team went back and forth for a while, time was ticking so they finalized a workable plan and made their way to the Vortez.::

((An hour later, Club Vortex, Nassau Leisure Centre))

::Cory sat at the main bar in the Vortex.  The mirror behind the bar let him watch most of the action going on behind him.  The obnoxious Ferengi next to him kept trying to get him to buy something until Cory told in no certain terms that his did not shut up, Cory was going to toss him on to the dance floor by his ears.  It bought him a bit of peace. With the pretense of watching the serving girl Cory scanned the crowds behind him. The angle was off that he could not see the VIP area. The communicator in his sleeves vibrated and Cory leaned forward onto the bar, elbows resting there.  He placed his chin in his folded hands to cover his mouth and listened to Doc speak to the team. Cory’s eyes never stopped watching the mirror and the crowd behind him.::

Adea: So, we’re all in position. What can you see?

Neathler: A bunch of Klingons just walked in. I suggest waiting till they're downstairs again.

Stoyer:  Yeah, I saw them past.  Rough looking bunch. Can’t get a good look at the VIP area from here without being obivious.

Tereen: Response

Adea: An aggressive attack is out - there’s way too much firepower in here. Does anyone have any...quieter suggestions?

::Cory rolled his eyes.  But he remained silent. He remembered his first time leading an away mission.  The XO was wounded and Cory had to leave him behind in a safe place to continue the mission.  He was a mess for a bit after that. This was much harder than that one.::

Neathler: Make her an offer she can't refuse, lure her to the shuttle, out of the Vortex, whatever.

Stoyer:  Newt, what do we have to offer her.  Besides ourselves.

Adea/Tereen: Response

Neathler: What about something related to a certain Admiral she hates?

::A bulb went off his Cory’s head.::

oO Of course. Sami you are a genius. Oo

::Petra told him all about the  first time they meet Leelou and how she and the skipper baited the Orion.  Petra took several shots at her trying to put her down, but her goons kept stepping in front of her protecting her.  Petra got so mad so almost broke cover to go after her one on one. But protecting the skipper came first. Offer her something like that.

Stoyer:  Newt, you are a genius….I do know a certain Aide that made it kind of personnel for Leelou when she went after that certain Admiral.  Tried very hard to drop her. Could play a jilted lover bit? I mean I am divorced from that certain someone. Thoughts?

Adea/Neathler/Tereen: Response

Stoyer:  We are running out of time, so if anyone has a better idea, I am all ears.

Adea/Neathler/Tereen: Response

::Cory thought about what he was thinking about doing?  Offering himself up to her on a platter. Hopefully they get close enough to stop her from seducing him with her pheromones.::

Lieutenant Cory Stoyer

Mission Specialist

USS Gorkon


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