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Sep 1, 2021, 10:38:23 AMSep 1
to USS Gorkon – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Field Hospital, Darime Colony))

With the coffee gone it was time to get started with the tasks at hand. And Loxley was glad to be getting out of the cold rain.

Marshall: Right, let’s get on with it then. Lox, Ayiana: head into the isolation tents and see what you can help with. They’re still waiting on information from the archaeology team, so expect little in terms of what the infection is or how to treat it. You’ll be making patients comfortable and getting more information on what we need to construct first. From a medical officer and mission specialist point of view.

Sevo: Aye, sir.

Loxley: ::nodding Aye, aye Commander.

Marshall: We’re going to help the Romulans with their construction efforts and start putting together the Federation equipment. Pira knows what she’s doing. ::The unconfident look simmering on the human’s face neared something like confidence as she crooked an eyebrow to the Andorian.:: Right?

sh’Qynallahr: Response

Marshall: Great. Let’s get underway and martial back here in an hour.

Loxley: Martial with Marshall? Sure.

Ayiana and Loxley headed over to the vivid yellow isolation tents. While the weather had turned most things grey and bland, that couldn’t be said of the tents. They were part emergency shelters and were designed to be highly, even painfully, visible. Nearby was a cleaning and suit-up station and got themselves sorted. Lox found the suit somewhat reassuring although he knew many people found them quite claustrophobic.  

Sevo: What say we first determine if we’re immune to this thing, huh? I’d hate to spend the next few days in this suit.

Lox chuckled. It seemed Ayiana was definitely not a fan.

Loxley: They’re not so bad when you get used to them. But, yes, I think clarifying the whole cross-contamination thing, or lack of, would be good.

Sevo: Right, I don’t know much about medicine or biology, but I’ll help how I can. What’s the first thing we need to do?

Loxley: Get samples. I swear this type of medical science is mostly about all the samples. If we can get several now, early in the day, we can see how the illness progresses and keep an eye out for any changes from the baseline.

The pair headed for the nearest tent and Lox was saddened to see dozens of Pelians struck down with the sickness, more than he'd realised. And this was just one tent. Without biobeds there was no way to get an instant overview of the condition of each patient.

Sevo: Guess the first thing to do is talk to one of the Romulan doctors? See if they’ve found anything?

Loxley: Agreed.

The Federation officers approached the Romulan doctors, one male and one female. Lox addressed the female who was busy making notes on some patient charts. She was, he reckoned, a little older than him and a little taller too. Her black hair was long and her thick eyebrows perched underneath quite pronounced brow ridges. Her bronzed skin bore the characteristic greenish tinge of Vulcanoids. 

Loxley: Good morning. ::he gestured to himself and Ayiana:: I’m Doctor Loxley and this is Lieutenant-Commander Sevo from the USS Gorkon. Is there anything we need to know?

The Romulan glanced in their direction. She looked tired, Lox noted.

Altmer: Greetings, I am Doctor Altmer, chief physician of the Romulan colony here and de facto head of this facility at present.

She gave a wry smile as she indicated the rather rudimentary set up around them.

Sevo: response

Altmer: It would be good to have some extra hands, that’s for sure, not to mention extra knowledge, extra eyes and extra equipment. We’ve been doing what we can since the outbreak started. The colony clinics, both Romulan and Pelian, are well-enough equipped but we don’t have the facilities for something on this scale.

Loxley: Work has already started on the field hospital. I think it should be up and running very soon.

Sevo: response

Loxley: Have you turned up anything useful so far?

Altmer: Well, for starters, I can tell you that Romulans are absolutely completely immune. Our tests confirm that the infection is inert when exposed to Romulan physiology. As in completely inert, in every way possible. It doesn’t react to anything. ::she shook her head slowly:: I’ve never seen anything like it, something so virulent in one species yet totally ineffective in another.

Loxley: Do you mean Romulans are immune?

Sevo: response

Altmer: Oh it’s more than immunity, to all intents and purposes, the infection is just ‘dead’ in a Romulan bloodstream. The body just flushes it out as pure waste, leaving no trace of it at all after a few hours.

Sevo: response

Altmer: We only know how it reacts to Romulans and Pelians at present. I’d recommend running your own tests on Federation species but I suspect you’ll find the same result. I’ll make my data available to you.

Loxley: Thank you, Doctor, that would be appreciated. ::he raised an eyebrow in the direction of his Trill companion:: Well, sounds like you might be out of that suit shortly after all, Commander.

Sevo: response


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