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Jun 26, 2022, 5:31:38 PMJun 26

((Some time later, Corridor, Deck 1, USS Gorkon)

The hours of the night grew thin, well past midnight and when only the few members of the gamma shift, more asleep than awake, were barely able to man the dormant starship under repair.

That was just about the time when two Bajoran conspirators roamed the corridors of deck one, loaded with the devices that they planned to use to perpetrate their crime.

Despite their encumbrance, both moved forward cautiously and in silence, as was required by the nocturnal nature of their purpose and rule-breaking nature.

Their determined, secretive silence broke only when one of them, slightly shorter, barely managed to stifle a giggle.

Tahna: I can’t believe you. 

Ico clutched the red canine uniform even tighter against her chest and lifted her chin in a smug, stubborn display that rarely graced her face.

Ico: ::playfully:: Yep, it was absolutely necessary to replicate a dog command uniform. If we're going to do this, we're going to do it right. Plus... I have brought the holocam. I think we double points if we upload it to FedNet.

Tahna: I won’t argue with that. 

Ico: ::Thoughtfully:: Maybe we can record a video for Baj-gram, reels are trendy lately…

Her steps lost a bit of momentum as she pondered how to make the video viral without making themselves obvious. Of course, if Ryan was with them, he would know how to do it, the engineer-in-training had much more experience than the two of them in that kind of coding. In any case, maybe it could be a good excuse to contact him, since it had been a couple of weeks since the last message she had sent him, distracted as she had been with everything that had happened, shoreleave, her rotation in Security and the Festival. It was as good an excuse as any to chat with him. She may even be able to find a suitable timeframe where they could have a real conversation, something that had proven to be rather difficult being stationed in distant spots of the Federation. 

Near the doors, Ena came out of her reverie. Mostly because she felt her friend's eyes resting on her. All of a sudden, aware once again of the purpose that had brought them there, she exchanged a nod with Meru and pressed the door button... and the bridge unfolded before them.

Empty, not a soul in sight, the usual myriad of bright lights dimmed, and the main screen displayed a process in progress. Probably a routine check or calibration, the kind that was left most of the Gamma shift running when they were in dry dock and which exhibited a painfully slow state of progress. Which meant there would be no one checking it soon.

For at least a few minutes, they had the bridge all to themselves. 

Tahna: Step one clear. Time to bring in the operative. 

Ena assumed the typical Bajoran Militia salute, her face deadly serious, were it not for the smile that insisted on creeping across her lips.

Ico: Aye aye, sir!

Tahna: To the tube! 

Ena retorted with an excited, high-pitched squeal as she hurried over to one of the panels under the science consoles, under which the exit of the jefferies tube where they had left the mastiff opened. Meru kneeled on the other side to opened the tube's hatch on the bridge, calling into it in a sing-songy voice. 

Tahna: Cheeeeesecaaaaake! 

Ico: Come here, puppy! Come here CC!

Watanabe: Borrobork!

The dog's booming bark echoed through the tube, followed by the clearly distinguishable squeak of a giant dog bone being gnawed on. But apart from that, there was no sign of the animal actually moving.

Ico :I think she doesn't want to leave the tube

Tahna: Response

Ico:I don't know, maybe the bone we have replicated is just too good? Maybe we should go in and look for her.

She looked at the little hatch and then at her friend.

Ico:I think I'm too tall to fit there.... hummm why don't you go inside? You can grab the bone or the CC collar, and I'll pull your feet from here to get you both out.

Tahna: Response

Ico: Well, do you have a better plan?

Tahna: Response

Cadet Ico Ena

4th Year Cadet

USS Gorkon NCC-82293


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