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Jul 1, 2019, 10:58:00 PM7/1/19
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(( VIP Area - Vortex, Nassau ))

:: The man in front of Leelou was trying his damndest to sucker up to her, whilst refusing to give much information as to why he was here, apart from the fact he allegedly had “news about Admiral Reynolds.” He was obviously fishing for something. As they were conversing, another show was starting across the VIP area at the elevator. Another young woman was drunkenly wobbling to-and-fro - horribly - making sure to make quite a scene. The woman quickly hung herself against the closest guard she could find. It didn’t take long for Leelou to recognize that they were trying to play her; the question was, what were they after? ::

Neathler: Has anyone told you, you have the most amazing eyes? Soooooooo blue.


Stoyer: Correct, they are blue.

:: The human woman smacked her lips together, still holding onto the guard; the entire act of wobbling was horrendous. .::

Neathler: This calls for a drink, don’t you think? Pretty green lady, with the most gorgeous eyes, I’ve ever seen?

:: Smirking. Sure, why not? Leelou nodded over to the VIP bartender outside her lounge. ::

Leelou: Get this woman something “special” to drink. How about another whiskey on the rocks?

Stoyer:  Sure, if you are buying.

Neathler: A rocky whiskey? Pure is more my thing. :: She gazed at Leelou and her partner several times, then smiled at the guard she was holding onto. Pointing at the man, she exasperated. :: Oh, look. They both have blue eyes. You see that?

:: Leelou continued to stare icily at the woman, taking in the show. The woman grinned at the bartender as she received her drink. ::

Neathler: I have the most splendid idea. Why don't we join both of them? :: With a swift motion she pointed towards Cory and Leelou, spilling some of the liquid on her fingerless gloves.:: You take the man and I take the lady. What do you say? :: She pouted at the guard, looking at his empty hands.:: Now, why didn't you get a drink?

Leelou: No. You… :: pointing to the woman. :: ...stay out there for now. And you… :: pointing to the man. :: ...keep talking.

Neathler: But my little, green friend and I will miss out on all the fun!

Leelou: Tough. :: She turned her focus back to the man. :: Now continue.

Stoyer:  Ahhh…..where was I?  Oh yeah, you were insulting me.   But let's push past that. I was married to a minor Starfleet officer.  Admin paper-pusher type. Pretty, long blonde braided hair, kept the marriage exciting enough.  But she was picked as an aide to your Admiral Reynolds.

:: That description rung a bell in Leelou’s mind. The tough-looking braided woman who accompanied Admiral Reynolds back on Starbase 173. So that was it! This man was, or potentially still is, that woman’s husband. And if that were true, then he could be from the Gorkon! Had they tracked her down? Were they trying to lure her into a trap? Or was she overly-paranoid and the man really was what he said, a jilted lover? ::

Leelou: :: Stoically. :: Go on. 

:: The man took another sip and continued.::

Stoyer:  So, when she was picked. I and my “friends” were an embarrassment to the establishment that enjoys the comforts that I and my “friends” provided.  A quick divorce and off I was sent. So, I have more info, but that is all you get for free. Let’s talk compensation and maybe you will get more.

Neathler: More drinks would be fun. You've forgotten to give something to my little friend here.

:: Ignoring the woman’s snide attempts to distract her, Leelou stared the man squarely in his eyes. ::

Leelou: Tell me what you know, and we’ll talk about compensation.

Stoyer: Response

Neathler: My green friend, let's get you a drink, I don't like drinking alone and those two… :: With her head, she pointed towards the couch.:: … are no fun at all!

Leelou: Sorry to spoil your fun.

Stoyer: Response

:: With the woman temporarily neglected, Leelou returned her attention to the man in front of her. ::

Leelou: Two bricks of latinum is my advertised reward for the information. Take it or leave it.

Stoyer: Response

:: Leelou couldn’t help but notice that the man *still* hadn’t given any viable intelligence related to the Admiral; it was as if he was stalling for time. She let him continue as she kept an ear open to the woman outside. ::

Stoyer: Response

:: Finally, they made their move. In one swift stroke, there was a splash and a clang at the bar, followed by a scuffle and some grunting. Sitting up apprehensively, Leelou twisted to see what had transpired. ::

 Neathler: Can I have a refill, please?

:: Somehow, the woman at the bar had managed to twist the guard around herself, using him as a living shield The guard by the elevator instinctively pulled out his sidearm, shooting at the woman. Unfortunately, his fellow guard was in the way of the energy blast, taking the full brunt of it, collapsing to the ground, a trail of smoke emanating from his burnt chest. The Syndicate did not use stun settings. Quickly, the woman returned fire at the elevator guard, hit by an eerily-familiar orange beam. Meanwhile, the guards bordering her forcefield pulled out their sidearms, watching the fight intently. ::

:: As this unfolded before her eyes, Leelou simply raised her hand, gesturing to her two guards inside the lounge with her, and pointing at the man. Belying their mass, the hulking guards swiftly moved over and grabbed the man forcefully, each grasping one of his arms. With their free hands, they each pulled out their sidearms, aiming them at the man’s head and torso. ::

Stoyer: Response

:: The woman seemed not to notice what was happening in Leelou’s lounge, as she had continued her scuffle, presently intent on searching for the bartender. Did she think the controls to her forcefield were with that sorry man? Only she and her close guards had access to the forcefield controls. With surprising cruelty, the woman casually shot at the cowering bartender somewhere behind the counter. If her weapon only stunned the man, Leelou would be sure to fire and flog him after all this. ::

:: Quickly, the woman twisted back around, aiming her weapon at Leelou square through the forcefield. ::

Neathler: Drop your weapons or your green boss lady will be shot.

:: There was a moment’s pause before a slow, rhythmic clapping emanated from the lounge. Leelou still sat comfortably on her couch, legs crossed, her palms slowly clapping together indifferently. ::

Leelou: Well done! Nice performance! Now, if you’d be so kind as to drop *your* weapon, your friend here… :: gesturing to the restrained man beside her. :: ...might still live through this.

Neathler/Stoyer: Response

Leelou: Do you really think this is the first attempt someone has tried against me? Neither of you is from around here, are you?

Neathler/Stoyer: Response

Leelou: You two are painfully obvious; the way he was throwing himself at me; :: pointing to the man:: your drunken show; your...clothes. :: She eyed them down pitifully.  :: You two make terrible spies.

Neathler/Stoyer: Response

Leelou: Now, tell me who you really are, or your friend here becomes vole meat.

Neathler/Stoyer: Response


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