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Aaron Schimmel

Jun 23, 2022, 6:20:43 PMJun 23
to SB118 Gorkon (IC)

(( Phaser Range, USS Gorkon))

Ayiana was currently undergoing her phaser requalifications with Pira, who was preparing the target practice portion of the test. Without warning, she hit the start button, and the targets dashed to-and-fro. In the end, Ayiana came out with a reasonably good hit ratio.

sh’Qynallahr: In the field, one doesn’t often have much warning before shots are fired. It was perhaps mean of me to pull that move on you. I certainly didn’t enjoy it when my academy instructors pulled it on me.

Sevo: Oh, I know that well. I remember as much with Toran, but while I *remember* his skill and reflexes were much better than mine, it's different trying to reproduce it. Different body. 

sh’Qynallahr: I can’t claim to know what that’s like. Only one life and all that. You mentioned muscle memory kicking in. That is a good instinct to hone.

Sevo: I do think I’m a bit more experienced than a scientist ought to be, thanks partly to Toran, but mostly to my own experiences in Starfleet. It’s like being thrown in the deep end of a pool when you barely know how to tread water.

sh’Qynallahr: Perhaps you are more experienced than the average scientist, but I would argue you are as experienced as you need to be. ::Her antennae flicked toward the Trill:: Everyone leads a different path, even within the same vocation.

Sevo: So what’s next?

sh’Qynallahr: Another test on the targets, I’ll give you fair warning this time.

Sevo: Promise?

sh’Qynallahr: You did well on your last bout. I feel you would have done much better if I hadn’t surprised you with the sudden start.

Sevo: Fair enough.

sh’Qynallahr: Ready to go again? ::She waited a moment for the Trill to ready herself before holding up her PADD dramatically:: Alright, 3…2…1…Begin!

She tapped the same button as before, activating the range and beginning the training program. As before, the targets multiplied and began darting around the range. Some lit red, indicating they were active targets, some turned green, indicating they should not be shot. 

Sevo: Stepped up the level, I see? :: Ayiana said quickly between shots. ::

sh’Qynallahr: Response

Ayiana’s eyes were quicker than her hand, and she missed a few Reds, unfortunately striking a Green as it quickly moved into the path of the beam. Just for emphasis, the range belted out a nasty sound to emphasize how wrong her shot was.

Sevo: I just killed a civilian, didn’t I?

sh’Qynallahr: Response

A few more shots, most of which hit their marks, and no more Green hits, and the test ended with a beep. Her score flashed in the air along with her percentile.

Sevo: Not bad, wouldn’t you say?

sh’Qynallahr: Response


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