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to USS Gorkon – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
(( Library, Deck 4, USS Gorkon ))

Lojah looked at the assembled officers and enlisted crew, a little conscious that they all outranked her, but absolutely overriding that fact with her natural enthusiasm.

Oded: Good morning all, I’m glad you could make it. I thought it would be an idea to get together and maybe share some ideas.

L’rann: ::ears twitching in curiosity:: Ideas on what?

Flannigan: ::his Irish brogue seeping into his words:: Oh, I have ideas! And theories! ::pausing in thought:: But perhaps it is best that you tell us what you are referring to?

Oded: Well, we’re an important resource on this ship. The senior staff rely on us for information on planning missions. And yet we never really see each other. I’m sure we all have different ways of working, and it makes sense to figure out what works, what doesn’t.

There was a confused silence. Lo pressed on.

Oded: Maybe we should start by introducing ourselves?

L’rann: Very well. ::standing and smoothing her uniform before clearing her throat:: Lieutenant Junior Grade L’rann, Operations officer. I also frequently man communications and pilot shuttles.

Flannigan: Petty Officer Cecil Flannigan, shuttlebay technician. I spend my days maintaining the shuttles that all the hotshot pilots break. ::glancing apologetically at L'rann:: Present company excluded, of course.

The introductions continued, some loud and clear, some sullen and resentful. In the history of meetings through time and space, it was ever thus.
Lo finished off with her own introduction.

Oded: And I am Crewman Lojah Oded, Yeoman to the Mission Specialist.

L’rann: I’m not sure what you’re intending with this group. I regularly run across people from different departments in my operations duties.

Flannigan: Yes, is this get-together more socialization or is there some greater purpose?

Oded: Oh, I know we work with other departments all the time, that’s not really what I meant. It’s more… ::she made a vague encompassing gesture:: …us. We don’t work together, yet our roles are very similar.

L’rann: I often shuffle material between departments, or from storage. You’d be surprised how fast scientists and engineers go through things.

Flannigan: ::crossing his arms:: No, I wouldn't. Have you seen the way the department chiefs run through the ship's resources? I have it on good authority that Commander ch'Ranni has wrecked two shuttles in the past six months. And those are just the ones I know about! And there's some strange whoozey-whatzer compound that the Science Chief brought back to the ship for a field test. ::exasperated and grumbling under his breath:: Who knows what kind of fresh hell that's going to cause?

Lo rubbed the ridged bridge of her nose absently.

Oded: That’s not quite what I was thinking. It was more of a ‘help each other’ situation and not ‘grumble about our bosses’ thing.

Cecil grabbed up a copy of a magazine from the table and flicked through the pages with a sigh.

Flannigan: Surely, as our host here suggested, there's a more efficient way for us to go about our assigned duties while also maintaining our own autonomy.

Oded: Yes! Exactly! ::she was thrilled someone else had got it:: We all have different ways of working but a lot of what we do is essentially the same – not so much the piloting shuttles, but the organising, researching, logistics.

Flannigan: ::putting the glossy magazine down in his lap:: Interesting. Now we all have assignments that sometimes require a scope of skills greater than our own. What if we were to create a network where we could post requests for services that we need assistance with?

Oded: Sounds good. We all know different people within our departments, so we can use that knowledge, find out who the best person to speak to is, who is an expert on what, which grumpy Lieutenants to avoid, that sort of thing.

The hybrid nodded enthusiastically as the group started to throw out a few ideas and she jotted them down on her PADD. This was going to take some organising to start with, but it should be a resource that would help out in the long run. And she loved organising things after all.
As the suggestions petered out a bit, Lo cleared her throat – time to throw in a few phrases she’d picked up from that team leader workbook she’d read this morning.

Oded: Okay, so what do we want to see going forward..?


Crewman Second Class Lojah Oded
USS Gorkon

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