Blackbird - A meeting at last

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Samira Neathler

Jul 2, 2019, 11:10:09 AM7/2/19
(( The Slims, Nassau ))

::From this vintage point, at a T-crossing, Blackbird had a good view of the surroundings, as there was hardly any building this far in the asteroid. Although if he would have guessed, as more and more people ended up on this desolated rock, he figured it would only take a year, or maybe even half a year until even this part would be filled with barracks and buildings.::

::Sitting on his bike, he heard the roaring of the other bikes coming closer. Yet he only saw one light coming his way. He kept the engine running, so he could do a quick escape, in case those people turned out not to be trusted anyway. The bike in front of him slowed down, he could barely make out the hybrid and one of the darlings waved at him hesitantly.::

Fortune: You took us for quite the ride!

Blackbird: Where’s your friends?

::He followed her gaze to the other dark street, the roaring sound getting nearer, and there was the light of the other bike approaching them. Once he confirmed only two people were on the other bike, he switched off the engine of his own vehicle, lowering his scarf.::

Fortune: So, have we proven ourselves? ::She grinned at him.:: Or do you have more riddles for us?

Blackbird: Riddles? I value my life. On this rock nothing is certain.

Marshall/Smith/Cayne: Response

Fortune: ::The woman nodded at him again panting, as if she had run instead of taken a motorcycle ride.:: We've got a way...we just have to get on over there.

Blackbird: Just like that? I don’t know even know who you are. For all I know you’ll take me straight to one of the highest Syndicate’s bosses.

Marshall/Smith/Fortune/Cayne: Response  

::He laughed, not a joyeus laugh, more hollow or empty.::

Blackbird: Of course you haven’t shot me yet. I know first hand that the Syndicate pays more when spies are delivered alive. They like to torture spies, you know. Get more information out of them before they deliver the final blow.

::He eyed the foursome for a moment, it was obviously the male wasn’t in the lead. Maybe the oldest of the four? He shook his head, no it wasn’t her either. The talkative one? He wouldn’t bet on it.::

Marshall/Smith/Fortune/Cayne: Response

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