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Samira Neathler

Mar 15, 2019, 3:02:33 PM3/15/19
((Jefferies Tube, Deck 8-9, USS Njörðr))

::A faint idea had formed in Samira's head as how to get rid of the person that held her as a hostage. For now the guy had his attention at opening the hatch above them as she started coughing, which hurt more than she thought it would, to hide any sounds she was making, as her hand felt for the other vials in the medkit and took the one on the most right, placing it in the hypospray. She looked up as Aris seemed to struggle with the hatch. What if her father had been telling her tales, just to keep her busy as he took her with him to Sickbay while he restocked things?::

Aris: What's wrong with this stupid thing...

::Was he fooling her or being genuine? She couldn't tell. Samira made a fist with her right hand, ignoring the acute pain that seemed to have settled in her right arm, figuring out if she could still trust her hand. She hadn’t been totally lying to the man about her arm. Yet she had to try and seeing he was on her right, it was the only option. Behind her back she placed the hypospray in her right hand, as she took a step away from the corner. She walked over and reached with her free hand for the actuator beside the hatch, handing it over to Aris.::

Neathler: Try that.

::Now standing closer to the guy, she took a deep breath, gritting her teeth as she moved her right hand up and quickly pressed the hypospray against the bare skin of his neck while he was focussed on the hatch, pressing the activation button a few times with her thumb.::

::She let out a curse as he swung with his arm against her burned arm and she let go of the hypospray which was now on its way to one of the lower decks, grabbing the rungs with her left hand, preventing to fall down herself.::

Aris: You... you stupid fool...

::The next moment she felt her back slammed against the wall, his face only a few centimeters away from her own, the Andorian blade pressed against her throat. If looks could kill, she would not even have seen the rage on his features anymore.::

Aris: Do you... Do you have any IDEA... I should---

oO Wrong vial. Oo

::It was the only thing that went through her mind as he pressed the blade cutting into her skin. She tried to push him away with her left arm when suddenly his eyes rolled up towards the ceiling, the pressure on her throat diminished and she grabbed him as he went through his knees. Struggling she managed to lay him down on the small platform. Staring at him not sure if he was out or not.::

Aris: Never meant to... to...

Neathler: ::Frowning.:: Never meant to what?

::Samira leaned in closer trying to make out what he was saying, yet also looking for the blade he should be holding. Yet when he started to convulse she leaned back, afraid he might still be able to push her towards the gap leading to the lower deck. When it kind of stopped, she kneeled down next to him, spotting the blade in his right hand, seeing blood at the edge of the blade, as she grabbed the weapon away from him, putting it aside her.::

Neathler: What didn't you mean?

::Doubt started to enter her mind. Had she done the wrong thing? She saw his eyes staring at her as he tried to say something. Yet nothing came out as he clenched his jaws. She lay her hand on his shoulder.::

Neathler: Talk to me.

::He was grasping for breath as pink foam spewed out of his mouth, his head smacking on the deck a last time before his eyes closed. The actuator falling out of his hands towards the gap, balancing as if the thing hadn't made up its mind yet whether it would fall down or not.::

::Her attention went back to the man, surely she hadn't killed him, did she? She checked for a pulse in his neck, there it was, faint but it was there, he was just out cold. Slowly Samira sat down next to him in the confined space. Yet moved again as her hand touched the cold blade. She retrieved the phaser he had tucked away earlier and disabled it. Why did she suddenly start to care whether she had killed him or not? He certainly didn't have any second thought of killing others. He even left his companion out there alone, helpless.::

::The bit of doubt that had seeped in her mind quickly disappeared. Using the blade she cut a few straps of his shirt and managed to tie his hands with it in case he'd wake up. She tucked away the phaser in the medkit and even managed to put the ushaan-tor in there too. Getting up however Samira had to hold on to the wall as the room started to spin. She had to get out of the tubes, the confined space and lack of oxygen was getting to her. She looked up, with some luck she could just squeeze through the gap in the hatch above her.::

::She started climbing, struggled but managed to get through the gap when she heard a sound coming from the Jefferies Tube, she originally had came from. She hesitated for a second, but then continued her climb. What if it were those other kidnappers who had shot Orson? About halfway up she had to stop, catching her breath before she continued. Finally reaching the next junction, trying to figure out which tube would lead to a corridor.::

::She picked the one on the left, dragged herself further until she reached a hatch which refused to open. This was not what she needed. Her mind, lungs and body kept screaming: get out, get out. She made sure nothing was locking the hatch in its place, before she turned and used her legs to beat open the hatch. With a thunderous and most welcoming sound the hatch fell to the deck below. And so did Samira as she crawled out of the tube.::

::Not even aware what deck she had reached or where she was, she had her back against the wall as she slid down and sat down on the cold, upside down ceiling. Her whole body shivering, feeling exhausted, drained and hurting, she pulled her knees up against her chest, her head leaning backwards, her mind void of any thoughts, closing her eyes.::

Assistant Security/Tactical Officer
USS Gorkon
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