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Jo Marshall

Jun 25, 2022, 11:28:02 AMJun 25
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Gorkon

((Personal Quarters, Deck 2, USS Gorkon))


A hand beset with freshly clipped fingernails and small scratches combed through blonde hair as the bearer of both sat on the fringe of the sofa, staring without really staring into the PADD perched precariously on the edge of the coffee table. Words jumbled together, blending from one sentence into the next without the preamble of finishing the former. Sighing deeply, Jo ran the same hand over her face before dropping her chin into her palm and digging her elbow into her knee.


As the figure appeared in the periphery of her vision, Jo looked up to see her partner and felt the familiar dumdum of her heartbeat behind her ribcage, the slow smile dart onto the corner of her lips. Much like the words on the PADD screen, years had merged together, making it difficult to remember when the feeling had started and think about it much less. 


Marshall: Is it good to be home? 


E. Reynolds: Response


Marshall: I'm sorry it took so long. I forget how ample space can be sometimes. We can't just nip to the other side of the quadrant for a stretch without a QSD in the back pocket. 


Not that Quinn hadn't asked or offered to render the speedy assistance when the subject had arisen, but the journey to Bajoran space had been the time Jo really needed to get her head in the game. Combing through reports, reading old archive documents, and trying to find a link between it all was much easier when it was just her and Erin on a runabout, armed with a large display monitor and more tea and coffee than they knew what to do with.


E. Reynolds: Response


Marshall: I can't imagine Tahna and Meg have let them come to much harm. They'd be armed with riot forcefield shields at the edge of the flower beds. 


The conjured image drew a grin from hiding and Jo leaned forward to pluck her coffee mug from the table, finding it dismally empty.


E. Reynolds: Response


The beeping sound of the computer announced the arrival of someone at their quarters' door; the subtle press of fingertips into the door chime sent the delicate tones sweeping through. A mote of anxiety arose in the fair-haired First Officer, riding alongside a gentle frown of confusion at who it could be. Knowing her partner could feel the emotion sliding through her bloodstream, blue eyes glanced her way. 


E. Reynolds: Response


Sirin: =/\= Lieutenant Meidra Sirin. May I enter? =/\=


Rising to her feet, Jo angled an eyebrow at Erin with a quiet smile of apology. For a few months, it'd been just the two of them, then when they'd reach the colony three of them, with visitors an unlikely occurrence. Being back on the Gorkon meant that was a dream state gone almost as soon as it had arrived. 


Marshall: And thusly, the illusion of being alone is shattered. 


E. Reynolds: Response


Marshall: Come in, Meidra. ::As she called out, she stretched a little.:: Tea?


E. Reynolds: Response


As the Vulcan hybrid strode inside the inner sanctum of the XO and the Chief Engineer, Jo had already made a few short steps to the replicator and hit the request for more coffee. Like a switch had flicked, Jo beamed a smile for the scientist and pointed to the replicator.


Marshall: Meidra, good to see you. Do you want a drink? 


Sirin / E. Reynolds: Response


Marshall: Getting used to replicated coffee after having a stovetop is a lesson in luxury. ::She shot a momentary glance to Erin with amusement splashed on her lips before looking back to Meidra.:: You haven't met Erin, have you?


Sirin / E. Reynolds: Response




Commander Jo Marshall

First Officer

USS Gorkon, NCC-82293




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