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Cory Stoyer

Jul 11, 2019, 11:48:27 PM7/11/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Gorkon

((The Collection House, Port of the Admin District, Nassau))

::Malik Jadin was standing outside his business, he called the Collection House.  It sat on the edge of the docks for the Port of Nassau. He thought it was a witty pun for the work that does on inside.  The building and warehouse was a front for a pretty large fencing operation he started since arriving here on he considered a second rate criminal outpost.  But several years of hard work and some things he would not mention, Malik had a very comfortable living on Nassau. He had feelers spreading through the other aspect of the asteroid.  Information was being passed to him to let him know when and where new arrivals of cargo were coming and going. The best part was that he wasn’t part of the Orion Syndicate and did not have to answer to them.::

oO What is going on? Oo

::As the first explosions rocked the area, Malik stepped out of his door and looked around with others to see several shuttles burning.  As he watched the burn, he wondered what it would do for his business. Then his thoughts switched to what it would do for his other business.  The disruption should not hurt him too badly, but it would be a disruption. So with nothing to do, he leaned against the front of the building and watched the chaos unfold.   Malik leaned back in the door and took the Klingon he hired to be the door man / guard to listen for anything unusual and he would be outside.::

oO I wonder if this has anything to do with the random acts of chaos popping up all over Nassau? Oo

::Malik had been watching the chaos for a while now, the nearest shuttle was now a lump of metal and plastic, fires still burning inside with a nice red flickering glow.  He heard something to the right of him near the “Service Tunnels”. That was one of the reasons, he had his shop here. He could move goods into the tunnels. Several being moved out of the tunnels and he glanced over to see what was going on.  There were 2 beings standing and what seemed to be another on the ground. He watched for a moment to see what they were going to do. Lucky the alarms were not too loud in this part of the docks. He was able to catch part of their conversation.::

Namura: Oh, gods...

Sevo: Response

Namura: Commander, what if... what if Tem...

Sevo: Response

oO Commander? Oo

::Now, his interest was piqued.  There should be no reason anyone is called Commander out here.  He knew some of the more grandiose pirates band called their leader, but he usually just laugh at those groups.  Those 2, Malik corrected himself 3 were not pirates. Smugglers maybe, but not pirates. They didn’t seem to notice him.  They were looking…...Malik followed their gaze. Ahhhh….that was their shuttle. He wondered if he could use this to his advantage.  Deciding to Malik wandered over to the pair standing. As he got closer he saw the being on the ground, fallen and rolled onto his back.  Malik saw the face and stopped. He would have recognized it anywhere.::

oO Trellis? Oo

::That meant these 2 were definitely Starfleet.  He held up his hands palms out to the pair.::

Jadin: Good evening ladies.  It seems you are in need of some assistance.

Sevo/Namura: response

::Malik continued to walk toward them, his eyes flickering down to see how Trellis is doing.  Not good. He stopped short of them. He did not want to be shot by them.::

Jadin:  Before I can answer any questions or offer any other assistance, let me help you get your friend inside.  I am sure he would not mind if I helped.

Sevo/Namura: response

::Malik knew that doing this would be the last thing he did on Nassau.  He was supposed to be a very deep cover agent of Starfleet Intelligence.  He was supposed to sit here and slowly made contacts and gather what he could over time.  But that was Trellis Vondaryan on the ground, an old friend and rival. Trellis would have helped him out.::

Jadin:  My shop is nearby, we can go there and see what we can do for your friend.

Sevo/Namura: response

(MSNPC) Malik Jadin

Proprietor, The Collection House


Name classified

Starfleet Intelligence

Simmed by 

Lieutenant Cory Stoyer

Mission Specialist

USS Gorkon


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