Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds - To Protect and to Serve (Part II)

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Quinn Reynolds

Apr 19, 2019, 2:21:46 PM4/19/19
to Gorkon (IC)
((Brig, USS Gorkon))

Frorr: I was only expecting the one, sir.

::Those were the first words out of the Bolian Brig Chief's mouth. She was looking at Johns with an unhappy expression, blue fingers drumming on the edge of the room's main control console. Only one of the Gorkon's two brig cells was lit and ready for an occupant, because no one had anticipated the situation they were now in.::

Reynolds: I know, Chief. So was I. Just put them in the same cell for now. 

::Her lips pursed, the SCPO glanced toward her console, then toward the security officers holding the two under arrest. She gestured toward the cell with a flick of a sturdy, cobalt wrist.::

Frorr: Scan indicates no contraband. Forcefield's off. Cuffs off once they're inside.

::Sienelis and Johns were shepherd inside, the former downcast and compliant, the latter still practically vibrating with anger. Thankfully, there were no more incidents, and the snap-hum of a forcefield indicated that the two detainees were now securely detained. Somehow, that pressed down on Quinn's shoulders even more, and she was about to make her exit when the Mazarite started issue orders.::

Kotanne: Reeves, I want you stationed inside— 

::Frorr straightened like a rod and started to bristle, while Quinn had no intention of allowing the man to finish his sentence.::

Reynolds: No. You've had your chance to throw your weight around, Commander, now this is mine. This is *my* brig and *my* ship, and I will not tolerate any interference its operation by you or your officers.

::Kotanne paused, a surprised huff exhaled past a smile, and he was clearly searching for some valid means to protest. She continued on, with no intention of giving time or opportunity dream one up.::

Reynolds: If you wish to interview Lieutenant Sienelis, you can let me know and I will arrange a conference room with all the appropriate recording materials and remote communication for her lawyer. In the meantime, I'll see that quarters are arranged for the three of you. ::She paused and then delivered her final two words in a curt, final tone.:: That's all.

::The smile still cloyed at his lips, and he finally acknowledged the dismissal with a dip of his head.::

Kotanne: Admiral.

::Kotanne jerked his head toward the door, and he, Reeves and Couzins made their exit. Quinn waved away the Gorkon's two security officers as well, leaving Frorr to run her brig as she saw fit.

Reynolds: Thank you, Chief.

Frorr: Thank *you*, sir.

::Quinn nodded, pausing to look toward the cell and its two occupants. She had nothing to say, and instead exhaled a sharp breath through her nose, shaking her head as she turned on her heel, making for the exit with the intention of heading straight to her ready room. Her mind was running at a hundred kilometres an hour, and she needed to corral her thoughts and make some kind of sense of the situation. Everything was a mess, and she had no idea how it had reached this state — which bothered her more than almost everything else.::


Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
Commanding Officer
USS Gorkon
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