[JP] V.Admiral Reynolds & Cmdr. Marshall - Stars in the Sky (Part II)

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Jo Marshall

Jul 20, 2022, 5:36:45 PMJul 20
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Gorkon

((Saucer Section Outer Hull, USS Gorkon))

Reynolds: And finally, I have some promotions to announce. ::She smiled.:: It’s been our collective pleasure to watch Tahna Meru go from strength to strength, blossoming into an exceptional member of this crew. She has shown the quick thinking, dedication, and aptitude of someone more senior, and so I’m delighted to promote her to lieutenant, with all the associated duties, rights, and responsibilities of that rank.

The air exploded with cheers and whoops, hands brought together in celebration of the young Bajoran’s achievement. The two crimson-shouldered officers joined in, Quinn beaming at the new lieutenant, while Jo whistled in loud, enthusiastic approval. 

Reynolds: Since joining the Gorkon, Alieth has shown us all an impressive array of skills and capabilities. She is resourceful, adaptable, and determined, and balances these traits with respect and compassion for others. Whether dealing with the mundane or the extraordinary, she exceeds the expectations of her rank, and so it’s my pleasure to promote her to lieutenant commander, with all the associated duties, rights, and responsibilities.

Explosions continued for the newly minted Chief of Science; claps and hollers into the distant sky. Throughout her posting on the Gorkon, Alieth had earned the right to that third black pip on her collar, and could wear it proudly. Each victory had won and made a more rounded officer for it. 

As the cavalcade of celebration died down once more, Jo sensed the time was nigh. Bittersweet and momentous all the while. With a smile and a deep exhale, she clasped her hands in the small of her back. 

Marshall: Lieutenant Commander Samira Neathler, would you please step up?

The pair waited as the ship’s second officer made her way onto the stage. With Jo on one side, and Sami on the other, Quinn gave each a small smile before returning her gaze to the crew assembled in front of them. It was time for a passing of the torch, a move from one era into another, and she was excited for all of them and the opportunities which lay ahead.

Reynolds: Commander Neathler has served the Gorkon as our Chief of Security and Second Officer for a while now, and distinguished herself daily in her role. It’s my very great pleasure to announce that she’s moving into the post of First Officer, and I have no doubt she’ll continue to shine in her new role.

From the front, Jo led the applause, bringing her hands together in pride and celebration at the changing of the guard. She clapped Samira on the shoulder, remembering the cautious Ensign coming on board during one of their most tumultuous times, planting her boots on the ground and set off running.

Marshall: Congratulations, Sami. Incredibly well deserved.

Reynolds: Very much so. 

It took some time for the jollification to die down, overwhelming delight in evidence at the success of their comrade. The trio—commanding officer, and first officers, former and new—waited for it to run its course. Eventually it did, though Quinn suspected as soon as they stepped off the podium, the celebrations would continue for the rest of the evening.

Reynolds: All right, that’s enough from me for one night. ::She smiled and gestured forward, toward the bar, dance floors, buffet tables and seating.:: Go forth and enjoy yourselves.

It didn't take long for Jo to swing by the roaming stewards, stealing a couple of glasses from waiting tray tables, and passed one over to Quinn. Lifting the glass for a toast, of sorts, between the two of them, the blonde smiled. 

Marshall: What're we toasting? Always looking forward to the next adventure?

Reynolds: And to coming home afterwards.

She lifted her drink, bubbles fizzing through the fruit juice inside, and tapped it against her friend’s. A set of cheers swallowed up the soft chime of glass against glass, and Quinn grinned as she glanced that way, seeing a small gang from security celebrating their former chief’s promotion to First Officer.

Marshall: Who knew home would end up being a Sovereign class starship orbiting Palanon? ::She clicked her tongue and chuckled.:: Sure could've done with a heads up on that one.

Reynolds: All part of the adventure. 

Marshall: There and back again. That's catchy. 

Reynolds: And totally original, I’m sure.

She breathed out a chuckle and took a sip of her drink, glancing across the hull and at the people standing upon it. Congratulations were flowing freely toward the award recipients,the Sienelis’ and their baby had a small, cooing gathering around them, and some wise souls were beating an early retreat toward the buffet table. 

Reynolds: Come on, I know Walter wants to welcome you back. ::Her smile turned wry.:: Even if he won’t admit it.

The response came with a soft laugh and a roll of the eyes, a happy smile masking turmoil beneath. Looking out over the gathered crowds of colleagues, friends, and found family, Jo knew it wouldn't be long until those anxieties were quelled. 

But until then, it was good to be home. 



Vice Admiral Quinn Reynolds

Commanding Officer

USS Gorkon



Commander Jo Marshall

Chief of Operations

USS Gorkon, NCC-82293


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