Lladre and Mirovan - Just a Nudge

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Quinn Reynolds

Sep 9, 2018, 7:45:12 PM9/9/18
to Gorkon (IC)
((Bridge, USS Gorkon))

::It was quiet, except for the gentle snores of one of the unconscious crew. They had been dragged from their stations, stacked by the viewscreen at the front of the bridge, where they were out of the way. Someone had clearly had some fun with the task; some officers were cuddling one another, others had been posed in childish ways, and some were just happily drooling on the shoulder of a comrade.

::But not everyone was asleep; in the space in front of the central chair, a waist-high device had been set up. It resembled three primitive, fat gas canisters, except for the bass hum it emitted, and the series of monitors that crowned it. Two women were peering at the data that streamed across them, and the blonde Trill was doing so from the captain's chair. She was reclining, legs crossed, as though she owned the ship and everything upon it.:: 

Lladre: They're a libidinous lot, aren't they? Create a gritty, high-stakes scenario where they're damaged individuals with a dark and terrible past, and all they want to do is f—

::The woman — who had not that long ago been known as Kudrem Kian — trailed off and looked up from the monitor with a smirk. Ana smiled back at her in shared amusement. The Dokkaran woman no doubt found the animal focus on sex quite hilarious, what with being a sentient plant and all.::

Mirovan: We are trying to encourage their baser impulses. That is unfortunately one of them.

Lladre: ::She huffed.:: Well, it's inconvenient and *very* annoying. They're supposed to be getting the ship's command codes out of that woman. They're not going to do that lusting at one another.

::Some of them had seemed quite promising, to start with. Some fury, some violent tendencies, a desperate desire for revenge… but they were all too loyal to (or afraid of) their "captain". It was a frustration that the dream state could only be created with broad brush strokes — goals set, scenario created — with the dreamers filling in the blanks. It led to situations like this, with Starfleet officers putting a captain in charge and following him like the sheep they were.::

Mirovan: Mmm. ::She paused, gesturing at the screen with a milk-pale, slender finger.:: In addition, the joined Trill are proving to a be problem—  

Lladre: ::Dryly,:: Story of my life.

Mirovan: —as they're experiencing corporeal bleed, due to their unique neurophysiology. I can increase the intensity of the field to counteract it, but it does risk permanent brain damage to both symbiont and host.  

::Face impassive, Lladre locked her gaze with the Dokkaran woman. Ana was almost monochrome: white hair, anaemic skin… the only splashes of colour were her pale pink lips and translucent blue eyes. She really was very fond of the mild-mannered, desert-witted woman. They had been friends for a very long time, through several hosts, and she was one of the few people Lladre would ever inconvenience herself for.::

Lladre: I fail to see how that's a problem.

Mirovan: I thought you might say that.

::She leaned over the console, her long hair falling over her shoulders as she worked to stop the reality bleed the two joined Trill had been experiencing. Through the fine, ghostly strands, the green lights of a device secured to her upper neck blinked and shone. They were all wearing one, protecting their brains from the dream state the neurogenic field was casting over all the other occupants of the ship. 

::Well, everyone apart from that annoying Ferengi and Rodulan, but they were taken care of.::

Mirovan: That just leaves the lack of interrogation. The Admiral is starting to realise that there's nothing to be afraid of.

::Lladre paused, tapping a finger to her lips in thought. That was going to make things difficult, and there was no way they'd get the information out of her in time, if she thought she was safe and secure as a captive.::

Lladre: There must be some way we can manipulate the situation. Nudge someone toward shattering that belief. 

Mirovan: Actually, yes… There is something we could try.

::Ana smiled, pointing to another part of the screen, and Lladre immediately caught on to her idea. She beamed back, basking in the glow of a good idea, and nodded her approval.::

Lladre: Perfect.

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